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Bots on Wikipedia Wage Edit Wars Between Themselves That Last For Years

Revision wars on Wikipedia amongst human editors is an all-too-common occurrence, but new research from the UK shows that similar online battles are being waged between the site’s software robots. Read More >>

List of Dead Famous People is 2016’s Most Edited Wikipedia Page

The Wikimedia Foundation has put together a list feature all about itself, revealing the most heavily edited Wikipedia pages of 2016. Unsurprisingly, the list of the famous dead of 2016 topped the chart, with more than twice as many page edits as the second placed article. Read More >>

Star Wars: All the Changes Made to the Original Trilogy in Lucas’s Post-Post-Production

No film has ever been revisited and reworked as much as the original Star Wars, with George Lucas for some reason motivated and allowed to forever return to it to remix, re-edit and rework for new generations of kids. And here, to bridge and unite generations once more, is an easily digestible compilation of what's been changed. Read More >>

Reddit Removes r/technology From Homepage in Bizarre Internal Mod Battle

Reddit has oddly decided to punish a part of itself, removing the Technology section from its list of default categories that are recommended to everyone. It's a punishment for the section's moderators, who were found to be making life easy for themselves by using keyword filters. Read More >>

Wikipedia UK Boss Quits Over Porn Storm

The boss of the Wikipedia charity who found himself at the centre of a bizarre porn photo and editing scandal has resigned from Wikimedia UK, to help smooth over the cracks opening up within the Wiki world. Read More >>

Bondage Porn Links Earn UK Wikipedia Charity Boss a Ban

The boss of charity Wikimedia UK, which distributes around £1m a year in donations received by the site, has been banned from editing articles, after controversially adding porn photos to listings and being rumbled using multiple accounts. Read More >>