The English Defence League Gets KO’d By Anonymous

It looks like #OpEDL is still in full swing. Hackers affiliated with Anonymous have apparently taken out the English Defence League's site in revenge for what they saw as the EDL hijacking the public's disturbed and outraged reaction to the murder of soldier Lee Rigby in South London in May. Read More >>

Anonymous Publishes Names and Addresses of Supposed EDL Members

Hackers claiming to be part of the Anonymous gang have published personal details of people it claims are EDL members and supporters, with a message from Anonymous saying it's about to start a "systematic and comprehensive desiccation" of the inflammatory racist group. Read More >>

English Defence League Gets Hacked…Again!

Whoops, looks like the English Defence League should think about some slightly better security. The far-right political action group was hacked (again) this weekend, losing control of their entire website for a good 24 hours, and still haven't got control of their domain back. Read More >>

The Best Video of Mars Landing, Period

I've seen interpolated videos of the historic Mars Curiosity landing before, but this one is much more amazing than all those. It was painstakingly done in four weeks. "A labor of love", as Bard Canning says. It's truly feels like being aboard the ship. Read More >>