Textbook Specialist Aims for Digital-Only Near-Ish Future

Educational book publisher Pearson is about to expend less effort and resources on printing enormous textbooks, as it's pivoting to offering primarily digital options that it thinks are way better anyway. Read More >>

Government Plans to Make Fat Kids Run Around in Circles More Often

The government has some bad news for that sad sack of flab currently three-screening itself to obesity-related death in front of Netflix, a PS4 and whatever the hell TikTok is when it's at home, as increased funding for in-school and after-school physical education could see the kids of the nation forced to perform one whole hour of exercise-related activity every day. Maybe that huge imposition will finally get the youth to rebel against the political elite. Read More >>

Only Rich Babies Will Be Able to Afford Childcare if Funding Continues to Be Shite

The national scheme that allows for parents of three and four-year olds to benefit from 30 hours of free childcare per week isn't being sufficiently funded, leading to low income families missing out, according to MPs. Read More >>

Graduate Who Has Been Trying to Sue a University for False Advertising Gets a Payout Somehow

If you meandered through your university years following your passion for underwater basket weaving, and are inexplicably struggling to get a job, you can now start pointing fingers at everyone but yourself for your lack of foresight. Read More >>

Review Says Tuition Fees Should be Cut to [Still Loads of Money]

The latest review into our educational system has said that tuition fees for university study should be capped at a lower level, proposing a limit of £7,500 per year on the cost of earning a degree that won't be used for anything unless you turn out to be a teacher. Read More >>

Starbucks Will Fund Your Degree With Only a Few Massive Caveats

Starbucks is doing something nice for its UK employees who fantasise about doing something more with their lives than building your stupid hot drinks and heating up your stupid paninis all day, with the chain offering to pick up the staggeringly high modern cost that is studying for a degree. Read More >>

‘Why Go to School When the World Is Burning?’ We Asked Students Why They’re Striking For Climate Change

The school climate strike movement that has roiled Europe and Australia for months on end is about to land on U.S. shores. A handful of climate strikers across the country have been building momentum for months, but students will be walking out of class on Friday across the U.S. to protest inaction on climate change. Read More >>

Kids of the 1980s Imagined the Year 2020 With Robot Butlers, Bubble-top Cities, and Nuclear War

Earlier this month we looked at predictions from kids at the turn of the 20th century. But what about more recently? Say, from the 1980s? Well, you’re in luck, because today we have predictions about the future from kids in 1984. And some of them are as dark and terrifying as you might guess for kids who were experiencing ever-present anxiety about the Cold War. Read More >>

High School Principal in China Fired for Running Secret Cryptocurrency Mining Operation

Eight cryptocurrency machines reportedly drained electricity from a Chinese high school for nearly a year before the principal was busted, and later fired, for running an Ethereum-mining operation. Read More >>

Parents Want Their Kids to Tell Them About Homework and Tidying Up

As reported by the BBC, communications app ClassDojo has carried out research to determine the top 10 phrases parents most want to hear come out of their darling children's mouths. ClassDojo surveyed a panel of 1,000 parents to find out the things they'd most like to hear from their school-age children – and the results are mostly about being tidy, doing schoolwork, and generally being perfect little angels. Of course, practically no child in the history of the world has ever uttered any of these sentences. Read More >>

Bolt is Sphero’s Most Advanced Robot Yet, and it’s All About Education

Back in January Sphero announced that it was renewing its focus in educational robots, rather than cute toys that weren't selling as well. The Bolt is the first Sphero bot to be released since that news, and there's plenty of educational focus packed into that tiny motorised ball. Read More >>

Can YOU Answer Today’s GCSE Maths Questions?

This post originally appeared in June 2016.

Can You Answer Today’s A Level Maths Questions?

Today is A Level results day in England and Wales, and no doubt there are going to be lots of people who do spectacularly well and get all the grades they need to go to University. Only to drop out after a year and try to form a bike-share start-up . It's also bound to kickstart that same conversation we have every year, with some miserable old people complaining that exams are too easy these days and kids are lucky they get to do coursework and get extra time because of everyone's shared anxiety. Read More >>

A Top Medical University in Japan Has Been Lowering Women’s Test Scores For Years: Reports

A leading medical university in Japan wanted more male students—so it’s reportedly been lowering the entrance exam scores of female applicants for years. Read More >>

This Kit Uses a Motion-Sensing Wand to Teach Kids Code – No Hogwarts Required

Kano’s first product was a computer that kids could build as easily as a Lego set, helping to demystify the technologies we obsess over. The company’s next product is a buildable, motion-sensing wand that swaps spells for simple programming making it easy for kids to conjure up magical interactions with a flick of the wrist – and hopefully learn a thing or two about coding in the process. Read More >>