Calculators Aren’t Turning us into a Nation of Finger-Counting Simpletons

The pendulum of opinion regarding the use of calculators in schools has swung back into positive territory, with a new report finding that they help students of all ages engage with maths and formulate strategies for solving problems themselves -- as long as the teachers integrate them into lessons appropriately. Read More >>

Universities Complain About Spread of Paid Essay Writer Ads

An essay writing company that claims it offers nothing more than assistance and guidance has been given a telling off by the Advertising Standards Authority, which ruled it was guilty of advertising itself as more of a direct homework-doing service than the vague study assistance adviser it is supposed to be. Read More >>

A US Science Teacher Allegedly Fed a Puppy to a Snapping Turtle in Front of Students

According to a Monday report in East Idaho News, longtime science teacher Robert Crosland at Preston Junior High School is in trouble over what Preston School District 201 Superintendent Marc Gee says is a “regrettable circumstance involving some of the biological specimens” for use in Crosland’s classes. Read More >>

The University of Arizona Tracked Students’ ID Card Swipes to Predict Who Would Drop Out

At the University of Arizona, researchers tracked the swipes of its freshman students’ ID cards to predict which students were most likely to drop out. The university sees this surveillance of student behaviour as a way to lower its dropout rate. Read More >>

Proper Degree Yours Online for Just £16k

What appears to be the first full-strength university undergraduate degree taught entirely online is about to be made available by the University of London's Goldsmiths college, which will let anyone study for a three-year BSc in computer science from home. It had to be computer science. Read More >>

Modern Kids Can Barely Hold a Pencil

The young kids of today spend so little time drawing and colouring in that they're arriving at school with fingers too weak to hold pencils properly, with researchers warning that the new generation's love of technology is ruining their fine muscle control and finger dexterity. Read More >>

Teacher Hates His Spoilt Posh Rich Kids

The headteacher of a £30k-a-year boarding home for the offspring of the elite doesn't seem to enjoy teaching them very much, as he's branded his students a bunch of lazy, entitled wannabes who lack the determination to do anything more with their lives than sit back and watch the likes roll in. Read More >>

Online School Offers ‘Nanodegree’ in Flying Cars

There are already a lot of degrees out there that sound a bit made up. But Flying Cars and Autonomous Flight? Get outta town! Read More >>

fake news
The BBC’s New Scheme Will Teach Teenagers How to Spot Fake News

How does one spot fake news? Apparently it's more complicated than checking a different news outlet. Who knew? Obviously the BBC did, because it's launching a brand new scheme to help secondary school and sixth form students spot fake news stories and filter out false information. Read More >>

School Apologises for Foot-Shaming Students

A very worthy and well-meaning social media post from a posh school in Somerset has infuriated parents and drive-by Facebook users, after suggesting there was a link between children wearing nice shoes and their academic performance. Read More >>

GCSE Panic as a Computer Science Task leaks Online

There are leaks everywhere these days. Whether it's the new iPhone, the latest budget, or even GCSEs, there's always something to hit the web ready for the world to see ahead of time. It just happened with the Computer Science GCSE, with one task worth 1/5 of the total marks hitting the net way too early. Read More >>

Former Oxford Student Sues Because They Didn’t Teach Him Right

A 39-year-old former student of Oxford University is taking the educational establishment to court, claiming that a less than stellar degree result earned back in the year 2000 cost him a lucrative career in law -- so he'd like £1m in compensation, please. Read More >>

London Unis Make Millions From Late Library Books

London's selection of universities are sitting on a secret money making scheme, with data showing that they've taken in more than £3m from their students via this clever little hack. The scam? Charging late fees for students returning books. That's somehow netted the establishments millions. Read More >>

Teachers Cheat by Whispering Answers to Lift Pupil Results

The stress of getting decent exam results doesn't only encourage students to cheat — their teachers are doing it too. Read More >>

Tim Cook: Steve Jobs Once Spent Millions on a Textbook ‘to Show What Was Possible’

This morning Fortune published a lengthy interview between its executive editor Adam Lashinsky and Apple’s own turkey bacon-wanter, Tim Cook. Did Tim say some highly questionable things? Let's find out. Read More >>