Tim Cook: Steve Jobs Once Spent Millions on a Textbook ‘to Show What Was Possible’

This morning Fortune published a lengthy interview between its executive editor Adam Lashinsky and Apple’s own turkey bacon-wanter, Tim Cook. Did Tim say some highly questionable things? Let's find out. Read More >>

Robots Will Take Over the Classroom in 10 Years, Apparently

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buckingham, Sir Anthony Seldon, has made a grand statement to say that traditional teachers will be all but redundant in the next ten years. Instead, the brunt of their work will be carried out by "intelligent machines". Read More >>

There’s a New World Record for the Most Number of Kids Coding in One Day

"My dad does high tech coding at Envato (that's is where he works)! I've always wanted to code like him it Looks so cool! I know HTML tags all of them! My dad knows all tags AND IT IS SO COOL!!!🙀😱😎😮😯" - One very happy Moonhack participant. Read More >>

Theresa May’s Former Adviser Has Slammed University Tuition Fees as an “Unsustainable Ponzi Scheme”

If you want to go to university in the UK you have to pay for it, unless you're Scottish studying in Scotland. That means getting a loan from Student Finance to pay for everything. The government being the government thinks this is a wonderful idea, but one of Theresa May's former advisers has dubbed the current system an 'unavoidable ponzi scheme'. Read More >>

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These Animated Vintage Textbooks Would Make School Feel Like an Acid Trip

Secondary school is that boring stepping stone in life between primary school (when you have "play time" twice a day) and college (where you can skip class without getting in trouble). But wouldn’t getting your GCSEs be far more enjoyable if the minimalist covers on your textbooks were turned into trippy animations you could stare at through every class? Read More >>

Evolution Will No Longer Be Taught in Turkish Schools

Claiming that evolution is “debatable, controversial, and too complicated for students,” Turkey’s board of education has decided to stop teaching Darwinian natural selection in its schools. The move has infuriated the country’s secular opposition, but it could embolden other countries to do the same. Read More >>

Scottish School With One Pupil Needs a New Teacher

The Scottish school of Foula Primary is after a new teacher, and it shouldn't be too much like hard work as from next term there's only going to be one child attending. Read More >>

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Make Your Game of Thrones Knowledge Even More Pretentious With This Harvard Course

Harvard University, one of the most prestigious schools in the world, is now tricking students into learning medieval mythology by watching Game of Thrones. And Fox News says college doesn’t prepare kids for the real world. Read More >>

This AI Will Watch You Study And Can Tell If You’re Not Listening

A school in Paris will be the first to implement a system that studies the faces of students who study remotely using their webcam. The goal is to use artificial intelligence to determine how engaged students are - basically if they are listening or not. Read More >>

iPads in Schools are not the Nightmare Dad Imagines

iPads in primary schools are not the learning-ending, gateway into adult iTunes dependency, Apple brand loyalty and sedentary health crisis trigger that dad thinks they are, with a survey of young kids in Northern Ireland finding that the key skills of children rose across the board after the tablets were introduced. Read More >>

Tomorrow’s World Returns to Teach Kids About Science

The BBC is bringing back its teatime science brand Tomorrow's World, although we won't get to see Howard Stableford experimenting with graphene, self-driving cars or wanking machines. The hallowed TV science name is being used to head up a strand of educational programmes that'll appear on TV and in a handful of iPlayer exclusives. Read More >>

Universities to Offer Two-Year Degrees That Still Cost the Same

The government's educational people have had an idea about how to make the prospect of university more appealing to some -- getting it all over and done quicker. Universities will soon be allowed to offer full degree courses that can be completed in just two years instead of the usual three, letting the youth get out of education and into low-paid service jobs for overseas tech unicorns that use nothing they've just learned even quicker. Read More >>

Anti-Hacking Lessons are Coming to the School Curriculum

The government is hoping that the youth of the nation might one day end up doing more with technology than holding YouTube in front of their pale, expressionless faces for 16 hours a day, and is putting £20m into a new tech programme to educate kids in the ways of cyber security in the belief that we might end up with some talented future keyboard warriors. Read More >>

5 Cool Skills to Pick Up on a Lunch Break

If you often get the feeling there just aren’t enough hours in the day, then the lunch break your bosses should generously afford you could be one opportunity to make more of your time (and it beats listening to co-workers talking about sports you don’t watch). Give yourself thirty minutes a day five days a week and you could be well on your way to being a polymath by picking up one of these five skills. Read More >>

Teachers Test Body Cameras to Calm the Craziest Kids

A trial of body cameras is being operated by a couple of schools in England, with teachers using the threat of their behaviour being recorded and potentially used as evidence to try to calm down the most disruptive of children. Read More >>