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Edward Snowden Investigation Declared Inactive by UK Police

The whistleblower is off the hook for now, according to the London Met. Read More >>

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Judge Rules Edward Snowden Can’t Profit From His Book Because It Wasn’t Cleared by NSA and CIA

Edward Snowden will not be allowed to profit from sales of his book Permanent Record, after a federal judge in Virginia ruled Tuesday that Snowden should have sought approval from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and National Security Agency (NSA). It’s not clear if Snowden, who was previously a CIA employee and contractor for the NSA, will appeal the ruling. Read More >>

US Department of Justice Sues for All of Edward Snowden’s Book Profits

Just when he thinks he’s out, they pull him back in. On Tuesday, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) announced new legal action against exiled National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden. The DOJ hopes to recover any profits he makes from the sale of his new book. Read More >>

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US Government Alleges Edward Snowden Is Talking With Russian Spy Agencies

The US House Intelligence Committee released a report today detailing the US government’s version of what Edward Snowden did in the lead up to 2013. And while it contains a bunch of interesting allegations, the most serious claim is that Snowden is actively talking with Russian intelligence agencies. Read More >>

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Jack Dorsey to Ed Snowden: Help Me Fix My Shitty Company

Involuntary expat Edward Snowden spent part of his afternoon today in a live Q&A with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Posted by the @pardonsnowden account, the video was ostensibly part of a campaign to, well, pardon Snowden. Dorsey thought this would be a good opportunity to ask for some user feedback on his microblogging platform from a man trapped in Russian. Read More >>

Edward Snowden Isn’t Right About Everything

Today, Edward Snowden is wrong about almost everything. Yes, he’s a patriot, and yes, I believe that what he did in 2013 to reveal dangerous elements of our surveillance state was important and commendable. But Snowden is completely oblivious to the challenges that we face as we move into the year 2017—a perilous time for America, to say the least. Read More >>

Need Tech Support? Call Snowden

While in exile in Russia, Edward Snowden has been kind enough to offer some fellow Twitter users with the tech support they so desperately need. Or at least, he’ll give you a hand if you have a significant online presence. Read More >>

The Snowden Review: Too Much Humping, Not Enough Hacking

Last month, Edward Snowden’s lawyer told me that Oliver Stone’s new Snowden biopic “tells a true story”. After seeing it, I can confirm that it’s plays like an accurate portrayal of the events leading up to and following the whistleblower leaking a trove of National Security Agency documents to journalists. It’s in there, injected with decorative bullshit. Read More >>

US Congress Can’t Review Snowden Film So Reviews Snowden Himself

This week, Oliver Stone plans to bring the story of NSA leaker Edward Snowden to a wider audience with the US release of Snowden, their new You’ve Got Mail remake. Sadly, the US Congress has yet to issue an official review of the movie, but the House intelligence committee released the next best thing yesterday with its report on Snowden himself and...wow. Read More >>

The Snowden Movie Might Actually Be Worth Seeing

Reviews for the new Oliver Stone flick, Snowden, have begun to trickle in from the Toronto International Film Festival and it may come as a surprise that some critics are into it. Read More >>

Edward Snowden’s Latest Leak: His Terrible Music Video

Think back on the last two weeks of your life. Have you felt like part of your soul was missing? Have you noticed an eery silence ringing in your ears? Did you wake up in a cold sweat at 3:28 am last night and scream, “GODDAMMIT EDWARD, YOU GAVE US A SINGLE, BUT WHERE IS THE MUSIC VIDEO?” Read More >>

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The Official Snowden Trailer is Here and it’s Unnervingly Sexy

We saw the first teaser for Oliver Stone’s upcoming true-to-life spy thriller Snowden almost a year ago. But the first official trailer gives us a more complete look at what Oliver North has done to the true story of this decade’s most infamous whistleblower. Read More >>

GCHQ Spies Collect Too Much of Our Data For Their Own Good

Edward Snowden has shown that he’s still an almighty pain in GCHQ’s backside by leaking a document that describes the spy agency’s approach to data-collection. The ‘Data Mining Research Problem Book’ is essentially a top secret manual designed to help spies, well, spy. Read More >>

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Edward Snowden Sneaked Into CES on a Pair of Wheels

He’s the world’s most wanted techie, yet he still managed to make an appearance at the world’s biggest gadget orgy. Edward Snowden didn’t quite pull a Jose Mourinho, smuggling himself to Vegas in a laundry basket, but caused a stir as his familiar face appeared on a screen attached to Beam, a robot on wheels. Read More >>

The Government Wants to Charge Us £25m a Year to Take Away Our Privacy

Home Secretary Theresa May has unveiled the draft Investigatory Powers bill, which outlines exactly how much of our communications spies and police officers will be able to listen in on. As suspected, the government will force Internet and phone companies to store the records of the sites visited by every UK citizen for 12 months, allowing the man to see exactly what we've been getting up to. Read More >>