EE Launches ‘Golden Sim’ Competition, Offering Big Prizes to Customers

If you're an EE customer, you might want to get in on its latest promotion: dubbed the Golden Sim competition, it's a digital treasure hunt available only to existing EE mobile customers. Read More >>

Here Are The Best iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max UK Contract Deals

The day is here: the day that iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max can be pre-ordered. If you're lucky and act fast, you'll be able to get your hands on Apple's latest handset next Friday, 21st September, when it officially releases. Read More >>

Here’s All Of The UK Networks That Will Be Selling The iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR

Announced yesterday, the successor to the iPhone X is just around the corner. The iPhone XS, and its bigger brother, the iPhone XS Max, will be available from next Friday, 21st September. Pre-orders start for the handsets tomorrow, 14th September. The cheaper new iPhone, the iPhone XR, will be available on 26th October, with pre-orders starting on the 19th. But some UK networks are letting customers pre-register their interest right now. Read More >>

EE is Converting 3G Airwaves to 4G For Better Connections

Today, mobile network EE has announced that it will be converting its 3G airwaves into a 4G signal that will allow for higher mobile internet speeds and better reliability for its users. Read More >>

EE’s Newest Flexibility Perk Lets You ‘Upgrade Anytime’

Phone contracts that come with a phone last a full two years, meaning you're typically stuck with the same handset until renewal time. Recently networks have been offering perks that let you upgrade after shorter periods of time, and EE is the newest. It has launched a new 'Upgrade Anytime' system that lets you upgrade your phone whenever you like. Read More >>

EE’s Going to Start Delivering Your Phone the Day You Order it, and Have Someone Set it Up For You

Same day delivery is fast becoming a thing, to the point where it probably won't be long before free next-day delivery option isn't going to be anywhere near good enough for some types of people. The latest company to jump on the same-day delivery bandwagon is EE, meaning you'll get your shiny new phone as quickly as two hours after you order it. Read More >>

EE Fixed a Bug That Could Have Let Hackers Gift an Unlimited Amount of Data

Back in June EE announced that it was going to let customers start gifting their unused monthly data to family members, giving it a new lease on life and preventing it from going to waste. But it seems that system had a pretty critical bug that would have let customers add an unlimited amount of data to an account without having to pay for it. As ever, the first we got to hear of it was after it's been fixed. Read More >>

EE’s New ‘Flex Plans’ are Basically 30 Day Contracts With Some Extras

Most networks offer some sort of 30 day rolling contract, letting you sign up for a pay-monthly contract without actually having to commit to a particular network for more than 30 days at a time. EE is no different, but from tomorrow those 30 day plans are getting a name change. It's introducing new 'Flex Plans' which sound like regular rolling monthly contracts with some extras thrown in. Read More >>

The World Cup is Taking People Off the Internet, Says EE

The internet is a big part of our life, and people do spend an awful lot of time online, mainly on our phones but also on the old fashioned computer. Just like you are while reading this. But the internet isn't everything, and there are ways to pull people off the web and do real things in the real world. Like watching football. Read More >>

EE’s Fibre Max Broadband Offers up to 300Mbps Speeds, Plus Extra Mobile Data

EE might be best known for mobile services and Kevin Bacon, but being part of BT means it has plenty of other telecoms services to offer. Broadband is one of them, and now the company has just announced a new pair of ultra-fast packages. The best part? You'll also end up with extra mobile data to use every month. Read More >>

EE’s Letting You Use the Same Number Across Multiple Devices

We're in a time where plenty of devices have cellular connectivity, letting them access the internet using mobile phone signal. Phones, obviously, tablets, watches, laptops, and so on. The problem is they all need a new SIM card with a different phone number, which can be a pain. To fix that problem, EE's taking it upon itself to launch new 'smart number' technology that lets you use the same number across multiple devices. Read More >>

EE’s Launching a Proper 5G Trial in London This October

Now that networks have purchased their first allotments of 5G spectrum, things are gearing up for the launch of the network proper sometime before the end of 2020. But before the networks can launch 5G services, they have to test them out. So the 5G trials are coming, and following on from O2's promise to turn the O2 arena into a 5G test hub sometime in the next 6-7 months, EE has announced its own trial will start in October. Read More >>

EE Now Lets You Give Your Unused Data to Family Members

Given how much networks like to charge for mobile data, it can be irritating to get to the end of the month and find you've got some left over. Some networks let you keep hold of it to use later, like Sky, though EE's taking a new approach. It's offering people the chance to give away that data to other members of their family. Read More >>

EE Hits Back at O2’s ‘5G Lite’ Comments

Yesterday we brought you news that O2 had made some comments about the upcoming launch of 5G, specifically dismissing any possibility that it would be launching 5G services before the year 2020. While not mentioning it by name, the network took a swipe at rival EE by claiming any 5G services launching in 2019 would be '5G lite' - referencing the fact EE parent company BT announced its intention to launch its first commercial 5G services next year. Well EE has some thins to say about those comments. Read More >>

O2 Dismisses the Notion of Pre-2020 5G as ‘5G Lite’

Earlier this month BT and EE, which are more or less the same thing these days, announced that they had plans to launch commercial 5G services in the UK sometime before the end of next year. It was pretty surprising, since nobody expected the UK to get 5G before 2020, and now O2 has dismissed the whole notion. According to the rival network anything launched before 2020 won't be the full-fat 5G everyone expects. Read More >>