You Can Now Make and Receive Mobile Phone Calls With Alexa on EE

You're not going out, you need to communicate, and the phone is charging all the way across the room. Urrrgh, that's a pain. What if there was someway you could make a mobile call without having to physically handle it? Now you can without being with Vodafone, thanks to a partnership between EE and Amazon. Read More >>

EE is Giving All its Pay Monthly Customers Six Months of Free BritBox

EE has all sorts of perks these days, many of them involving free subscriptions to streaming services that you may or may not have any interest in. Well now there's another one which will be great if you like watching classic Doctor Who or binging Downton Abbey non-stop: BritBox. Read More >>

EE’s Opened Up Moto Razr Pre-Orders, So We Finally Know How Much it’ll Cost in the UK

Moto Razr is a new kind of foldable phone, taking on the classic characteristics of a flip phone instead of the tablet-like designs used by Samsung, Huawei, and Royole. It's just been revealed that the phone is set to arrive very soon, and you can go ahead and pre-order one from EE right now. And it ain't cheap. Read More >>

EE’s January Sales Saves You up to £340 on Pay Monthly Plans

Now that Christmas is out of the way, it's time to treat yourself and EE is helping you do just that with a range of deals on smartphones and accessories. Read More >>

EE Joins the Ranks of Network Operators Bringing 4G to the London Underground

EE boss, Marc Allera, confirms that EE will be joining O2 and Vodafone in the London Underground 4G trial. Read More >>

EE Switches on 5G in More Towns and Cities, Making for a Total of 50 to End 2019

EE's most likely last 5G switch on of the year sees six new towns and cities added to the already lengthy list of places the network covers. Read More >>

Get a Google Pixel 4, iPhone 11, or Galaxy S10 on One of These Super Cheap EE Tariffs

Forget smelly toiletry sets and other miscellaneous tat. Get someone - or yourself - a brand new phone instead, and put Santa to shame. Read More >>

EE’s Christmas Deals Will Give You All the Data You Can Eat

After a stonking amount of Black Friday deals and some early bird Christmas offerings, EE is back with more savings on SIMs and handsets. Read More >>

Black Friday
EE Unveils Its Actual Black Friday Deals

EE has three more Black Friday deals for you today, which is fitting because today is the big day. Read More >>

EE’s Boosted Data for Black Friday, Offering 60GB for £20 a Month

Networks want you on their plans, because they know people will get cosy and are far less likely to leave once they're signed up. Three has been at it for the past few weeks, and now EE is offering boosted data to try and get you to sign up. Read More >>

EE Launches Early Black Friday Deals, Ready to Join its Other Early Black Friday Deals

When Black Friday begins to mean a period that's almost a month long, the phrase begins to lose most of its meaning. So having multiple launches of 'early' Black Friday deals is the norm, and EE has just announced some new ones to go with the early Black Friday deals that we first heard about last week. Read More >>

EE Is Giving Away a Free Nintendo Switch or Big Ol’ Telly With Choice Android Phones

You've only got until Monday to take advantage of EE's early Christmas offer of a free console or TV. Read More >>

EE’s 5G Network Expands to 14 New Towns and Cities

EE's 5G rollout continues and its eager to let you know how much more coverage it has than Vodafone. Read More >>

EE is Already Rolling Out its Early Bird Christmas Deals

It's never too early to grab a bargain, even if they're Christmas bargains and we're only in November. Read More >>

EE Expands Its 5G Service Throughout London and a Handful of Key Locations Across the UK

EE customers waiting for 5G to hit their vicinity are in luck with the network's coverage expanding over the next few weeks. If you're not in the list of locations, then we're not talking about you. Read More >>