EE’s Letting You Use the Same Number Across Multiple Devices

We're in a time where plenty of devices have cellular connectivity, letting them access the internet using mobile phone signal. Phones, obviously, tablets, watches, laptops, and so on. The problem is they all need a new SIM card with a different phone number, which can be a pain. To fix that problem, EE's taking it upon itself to launch new 'smart number' technology that lets you use the same number across multiple devices. Read More >>

EE’s Launching a Proper 5G Trial in London This October

Now that networks have purchased their first allotments of 5G spectrum, things are gearing up for the launch of the network proper sometime before the end of 2020. But before the networks can launch 5G services, they have to test them out. So the 5G trials are coming, and following on from O2's promise to turn the O2 arena into a 5G test hub sometime in the next 6-7 months, EE has announced its own trial will start in October. Read More >>

EE Now Lets You Give Your Unused Data to Family Members

Given how much networks like to charge for mobile data, it can be irritating to get to the end of the month and find you've got some left over. Some networks let you keep hold of it to use later, like Sky, though EE's taking a new approach. It's offering people the chance to give away that data to other members of their family. Read More >>

EE Hits Back at O2’s ‘5G Lite’ Comments

Yesterday we brought you news that O2 had made some comments about the upcoming launch of 5G, specifically dismissing any possibility that it would be launching 5G services before the year 2020. While not mentioning it by name, the network took a swipe at rival EE by claiming any 5G services launching in 2019 would be '5G lite' - referencing the fact EE parent company BT announced its intention to launch its first commercial 5G services next year. Well EE has some thins to say about those comments. Read More >>

O2 Dismisses the Notion of Pre-2020 5G as ‘5G Lite’

Earlier this month BT and EE, which are more or less the same thing these days, announced that they had plans to launch commercial 5G services in the UK sometime before the end of next year. It was pretty surprising, since nobody expected the UK to get 5G before 2020, and now O2 has dismissed the whole notion. According to the rival network anything launched before 2020 won't be the full-fat 5G everyone expects. Read More >>

EE’s New ‘Hybrid’ Broadband Merges Fibre With EE’s 4G Network, for Extra Speed and Reliability

EE and BT made a big announcement this morning, with a new 'hybrid' router than links up regular fibre-topic broadband with EE's 4G network. What that means is that this router can use both regular and mobile broadband options, to ensure that you're always getting the best and most stable connection. Read More >>

BT and EE are Aiming to Launch its First Commercial 5G Services Next Year

It may seem like we're quite a long way from enjoying 5G services for ourselves, but if BT gets its way EE's very first first commercial 5G services could start rolling out before the end of next year - a year before government projections had expected the next-gen network to rollout. Read More >>

EE’s Added 4G Coverage to 12,00km2 of Former ‘Notspots’

The BT-owned EE has a commitment to ensure 95 per cent of the UK landmass is covered by 4G by 2020, and seeing as how that deadline is coming up fast it's been doing a lot to fill in the so-called 'notspots' and get the people in them connected. Over the past year its managed to add an extra 12,000 square kilometres to its network, but what's more some of those areas didn't actually have mobile signal to begin with. Read More >>

EE’s Boosting Data Deals for PAYG Customers, Including New Mobile Broadband Plans

EE's decided it's going to do its Pay As You Go customers a solid, offering a few extra little perks that it says are designed to offer more flexibility, value, and control over how much money you're spending. That means new mobile broadband plans and data rollover on PAYG voice plans. Read More >>

EE 4G Data Services Are Down, Reportedly [Update: Now Fixed]

Uh-oh - it looks like engineers at EE could be in for an annoying day as reports are coming in via social media that EE's 4G network appears to not be working in some parts of the country. Read More >>

EE Wants Your Home Broadband to be 4G and Will Screw a Thing to the Wall to Help

EE has rolled out its 4G Home Broadband product across the whole country after (what it says was) a successful trial in rural Cumbria, promising maximum speeds of (up to**) 76Mbps for everyone -- and you can even have an external antenna fitted now if your internal 4G signal isn't quite strong enough. Read More >>

EE Announces Another Round of January Sales Offers

If you're in the market for a new smartphone, you've not lucked out of the January sales just yet: EE has just announced another wave of discounts, offering reduced prices on contracts and the latest handsets. Read More >>

EE Wants to be the Network You Leave Your Kids With

Mobile network EE has teamed up with a thing called Internet Matters to teach both parents and kids about mobile technology safety, and is hoping this is enough to supercharge the sales of iPhones and SIMs for kids this year. Read More >>

EE is the King of British Mobile Speeds, but it’s Got Some Competition from Three

When you're looking at switching networks, there are a lot of things to consider. Price, perks, signal range, speed, and so on. You need to make sure you get the best package for your needs, after all. If you're mostly concerned with downloading fast, fast, fast, OpenSignal's latest report might be of interest. It found that EE dominates that category, but in some regions there's some serious competition from Three. Read More >>

EE is Launching the Hawk, a £150 Budget Smartphone

Last week we reported on rumours that EE was launching a brand new smartphone aimed at people shopping on a budget. Now we have confirmation that this is true. Not all the rumoured details were accurate, but the EE Hawk is heading our way. Read More >>