It Looks Like EE’s About to Launch a Budget All-Glass Smartphone

It's been a while since EE launched a smartphone under its own brand, rather than carrying everyone else's, but that might be about to change. According to sources speaking to Engadget, EE should be launching a new all-glass budget smartphone very soon. Read More >>

EE Is Broken: Calls To Other Networks Are Not Working

If you're on EE you might have noticed that your phone has been playing up a bit today. Well that's because EE has confirmed it's suffering from problems that are preventing users from calling other networks. Read More >>

A Lot of UK Apple Watch Owners are Struggling to Activate LTE Connectivity

LTE on watches is nothing new, but now Apple's done with the Apple Watch Series 3 so a large number of people have suddenly decided it's worth having. The problem is that a large number of them can't actually activate the LTE connectivity on their expensive wrist computers. Read More >>

EE Rolls Out Enhanced HD Voice Calling to iPhone 8 Users, With Others to Follow

EE, the phone network that likes to be first with new stuff, has today announced "Enhanced HD Voice", which, as the name suggests, is voice calling enhanced with HD. Read More >>

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus: All The UK Network Deals Announced So Far

Unveiled earlier this week, the iPhone and iPhone 8 Plus will be available to buy from 22nd September. You can already preorder them from a number of retailers though — and if you're thinking of trading in your now-archaic iPhone 7, here are the deals that UK networks have announced so far. Read More >>

Cellular Apple Watch Series 3 Will Cost £5 a Month on EE in UK

We're all still reeling from the announcements Apple threw at us last night. Along with the iPhone 8, iPhone X, and new Apple TV, the company also announced a new series of Apple Watches. Read More >>

You’ll Have to Go to EE if You Want to Make Calls on Your Apple Watch

Apple just revealed that the third iteration of the Apple Watch will make calls (just like the three-year old Samsung Gear S), so you can pretend you're Dick Tracy and (hopefully) not look like a huge twat in the process. Read More >>

EE is Switching Off Some of its 2G Airwaves and Using Them to Make 4G Stronger

EE has announced this morning that its current 2G airwaves will be upgraded into 4G, giving their network an even bigger and faster reach. Read More >>

EE’s Launching Mobile Broadband, But it Isn’t Going to be Cheap

The idea of proper land-line rivalling broadband is a dream many of us hold dear, and it seems like networks are finally starting to take notice of the potential demand. Companies like Relish offer mobile broadband in limited areas, and Three introduced its own plan earlier this year. Now EE is moving in with its own deals, but don't expect them to be generous and cost-effective. Read More >>

EE Threatens Ofcom With the Lawyers Over Spectrum Auction

BT's EE mobile division is about to send a scary letter to Ofcom, threatening it with court action over a ruling that future mobile spectrum sales should be capped for some networks. Read More >>

EE TV’s Set Top Box Now Has (Some) Alexa Voice Controls

"Voice controls are the future!" declares science fiction, as it stands on a table in triumph. "You'll be able to control all your devices with your voice, without the inconvenience of a remote control!" That's the dream anyway. Read More >>

EE’s Being Accused of Throttling Roaming Data, Meaning You Could Have To Pay More On Holiday

Just over two months ago was the momentous day when the EU's ban on obscene roaming charges came into effect. That meant anyone, regardless of which network they were on, could use their allowances within the EU without being charged extra. Unfortunately EE customers are accusing the network of some shenanigans, because they're reportedly getting pathetically slow speeds. Read More >>

How Good Is Your Mobile Network? Official Results Give Thumbs Up To EE

EE, it seems, is the best all-around mobile network in the UK, winning in most of RootMetric's performance tests. It was only in call handling that it was beaten by both Vodafone and Three. EE was the overall winner, Three came second, Vodafone third and O2 last. Although O2 is likely to be disappointed, the BBC also points out that it has the smallest portion of the UK radio spectrum to work with, and a large customer base. Read More >>

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Ofcom Wants To Let You Dump Your Mobile Provider By Text

Switching mobile networks isn't especially hard right now, but Ofcom wants to make it even easier and even more suitable for those of us who hate speaking to human beings on phones. The proposed system will allow you to dump your current mobile provider by text. Your jilted provider will then text you a code, which you can give to your new bae to pick up an exciting new relationship. Read More >>

The Really Blue Google Pixel Finally Comes To The UK

Remember October 2016? The world seemed like such a different place. The US was on track for its first ever female president, none of the Brexit tech price rises had kicked in yet, and George Michael was still with us. Read More >>