This Tricorder-Like Device Can Tell if Your Brain Is Bleeding

Following a head injury, patients typically undergo a CT scan to rule out brain bleeding. A new head worn device that scans the brain’s electrical patterns has shown tremendous promise in clinical trials, presenting an inexpensive way for physicians to make a potentially life-saving diagnosis. Read More >>

Brain-Computer Interface Sends Thoughts Across Internet via EEG Scanners

You may soon be able to send your anonymous internet hate messages directly to the brain of your intended victim (if you can trick her into putting the required headset on first), thanks to scientists successfully testing the brain-to-brain transmission of words. Read More >>

Samsung Is Working on Mind-Control for Its Tablets

Samsung's got no shortage of alternate control methods up its sleeve. You've got your eye scroll and your air gestures, but how about full on mind-control? Samsung's messing with it, but it probably won't be coming to consumer devices very soon. Probably. Read More >>