iPhone 6S Plus Teardown: Bigger, Heavier, Slightly Smaller Battery

We’ve already seen inside the iPhone 6, and now iFixit has torn apart its larger sibling, too. This is what lurks within the iPhone 6 Plus. Read More >>

iPhone 6S Teardown: Smaller Battery, Heavier Display, Kinda Repairable

With the arrival of the iPhone 6S in eager hands around the world today, iFixit has already torn the new phone apart. Here’s what’s inside. Read More >>

23 Things You Can Do in iOS 9 That You Couldn’t Do in iOS 8

It may have come to your attention that there’s a fresh version of iOS in town. But aside from a font change, what’s different about this new edition of Apple’s mobile OS? To help you navigate around iOS 9, we’ve listed all the tricks that it can do that were beyond the capabilities of iOS 8. Read More >>

iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus…iPhone 3GS? Which iPhone is For You?

It may be called the iPhone 6S, but this is actually the ninth generation of iPhone. CHOICE! Rose gold, space grey, normal or plus sized, Apple has options coming out of every corner of its Cupertino campus. Not as much choice as Google's Android offers, of course, but that's another conversation entirely. It's the Lord's own annual iPhone day, so let's keep the focus there. With so many iPhone choices now available when factoring older models, picking the one for you can be complicated work. Read More >>

RIP iPhone 5C

Apple announced a lot of shiny new things in today's press conference, but there's one big change that quietly happened behind the scenes. While we were listening to Tim Cook's underlings brag about how great Apple's tech is for medical professionals the iPhone 5C was silently killed off. Read More >>

Apple Pencil: The Stylus Steve Jobs Warned Us About

This afternoon we met the iPad Pro, a giant iPad that’s aimed at professionals. With it comes the Apple Pencil: A stylus that Phil Schiller called “one of the most advanced technologies we’ve ever created.” Read More >>

13 Facts You Might Not Know About the iPhone

If you've somehow missed the news, later today Tim Cook will take to a stage in California to unveil a new iPhone to the world. Whether it's the predictable iPhone 6S,  6C and other assorted updates, or a more exotic iPhone 7, this launch has got us feeling all nostalgic. Read More >>