Drama Over How Eels Navigate Highlights Problems in Science Publishing

You might see science as splashy headlines and a barrage of new results—but in the background are people with emotions and ambitions, politics, and a system that promotes publishing novel findings above all. A new paper on eel navigation highlights some of these systemic troubles. Read More >>

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I’m Not Sure Who Won This Octopus vs Eel vs Human Fight

Hot damn. A snorkeler in Hawaii stumbled on this underwater scrap between an octopus and a terrifying moray eel and it looks like it’s going to be a tangled fight to death. Read More >>

How Bad is it, Really, to Have Rivers Full of Coked Up Eels?

This is no longer a purely theoretical question, thanks to the modern world. Giving a liberal dose of cocaine to an eel turns out to be far worse for the eel than it is for us. Read More >>

There is Technically No Such Thing as an Electric Eel

There are, however, electric fish: eight-foot long, 600 volt, mouth-breathing, alligator-killing fish. Read More >>