There Were Way More CG Actors in Logan Than You Realised

The ideal of digital doubles—a CG recreation of an actor’s face being used over footage of a real stunt performer—is hardly new in cinema. But the work done on seamlessly integrating them into Logan is nothing short of amazing. Read More >>

Check Out These Wonderful Before and After Deadpool Visual Effects Images

Odds are if you haven’t seen Deadpool yet, you’re going fairly soon. And you should, it’s great. What’s also great about it is what the filmmakers were able to achieve with the limited (by comparison) resources. These visual effects images just scratch the surface. Read More >>

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Star Wars Prop Sale Includes Vader’s Scarred Face

A quite astonishingly well-stocked film and TV auction is set to take place in the UK this September, offering for sale such one-off pieces as Leonard Nimoy’s Spock costume, Christopher Reeves' Superman cape and the actual layer of prosthetic skin applied to poor old unmasked Vader in Return of the Jedi. Read More >>

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This is How the Dragons of Game of Thrones are Made

Pixomondo is one of the digital imaging companies working on Game of Thrones' stunning visual effects. Among other things, they are responsible for bringing Daenerys's terrifying dragons to life. Here's how they do it. Read More >>

Predator Was Nearly Jean-Claude Van Damme in a Lobster Suit

A fantastic collection of anecdotes about the shooting of Predator reveal that Jean-Claude Van Damme was expecting a starring role and wanted to fight Arnie with his martial arts skills, although the makers intended him to be more of a "stuntman" for the cloaking suit effects. Thankfully, everyone came to their senses and the above Van Damme version of Predator never happened. [YouTube] Read More >>

How The Domino Effect Has Shaped History

When younger generations hear the word 'dominoes,' they usually associate it with the famous board game, while others–especially food lovers–might connect it with a delicious pizza. For those who are more politically aware, the word probably brings thoughts of the Cold War and the threat of the spread of communism. In addition, most economists today love to use the word when referring to the debt crisis in the Eurozone. Read More >>

Walking Dead SFX
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What the Special Effects Look Like in the Walking Dead

Unlike other shows who sneakily add special effects without you realising, The Walking Dead is so overtly gruesome and bloody and gore-y that we're completely aware that what we see is being spiced up with visual effects. Still, it's awesome to see how the effects are added. Stargate Studios shows off the reel of effects it worked on for this past season 3 of The Walking Dead. Spoiler alerts, obviously. Read More >>

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Fake Your Own Death this Halloween With an Air Compressor Blood Cannon

Halloween presents a wonderful excuse for a lot of things, one of the best probably being the simulation of murder and suicide for the purpose of terrifying innocent children. It's a bit difficult to pull it off live, but if you're into the idea of making a festively gory flick, an air compressor blood cannon can go along way. Read More >>

It Seems Like All Chinese Restaurants Use This Hilarious Photoshop Trick

CollegeHumor wondered why all Chinese food menus looked the same from all those different Chinese food takeout restaurants that all somehow taste the same and it's so obvious! They all must use the same Photoshop technique! What you know about the peeling laminant and saucy fingerprints filter? Read More >>

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All the Special Effects of Game of Thrones Are Still So Unbelievably Real

After seeing the reel of special effects used for Game of Thrones Season One, I was on high alert to see if anything looked off or weird in Season Two. Could I spot the hidden CGI? Nope. I couldn't find anything. Turns out, pretty much everything was CGI'd and it's amazing because it all feels so damn real. Read More >>

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The Amazing Special Effects of The Walking Dead Are What Make the Show Scary

Just like Boardwalk Empire, The Walking Dead is a fake good show. All the style and swagger, none of the substance. It had its moment during season one but this season has been a snoozefest filled with yawns, farms and not enough walkers. But you know what's still great? The special effects. Read More >>

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The Amazing Special Effects of Boardwalk Empire Are What Make the Show Beautiful

I watched Boardwalk Empire but it's not a great show. It's only fake-great. It wears the clothes, has the style and carries the swagger of a good show but it doesn't hold a candle to the old HBO greats. But you know what is great about Boardwalk Empire? The special effects. I had no idea. Watch the magic. Read More >>

Cheaper Digital Face Transplants For Filmmakers On a Budget

It's a modern filmmaking technique that's been used in big-budget Hollywood features for years now, but a Harvard comp-sci student has developed software that does digital face replacements without the need for a skilled effects artist, reducing its cost. Read More >>