The National Trust Burys Cadbury’s Eggs For Good

Health campaigners and religious sorts have long found it odd that the National Trust encourages the consumption of Cadbury-brand chocolate eggs each year, as part of a series of nationwide Easter egg hunts it's been organising on its sites for more than a decade. That association is going to end from 2021, though, as the Trust seeks a method not involving chocolate bribery to get the young through its gates. Read More >>

Morrisons Frees the Egg-Layers from Their Cages

Supermarket Morrisons has done a positive thing for the good of the UK's poultry stocks, as it's become the first of the major supermarkets to go entirely free range and end the selling of eggs produced by hens forced to live in cages. Read More >>

Doctors Say We’ve Probably Already Eaten the Easter Eggs We Bought for Others

Easter eggs going on sale in January is one of our many national shames that's being singled out by doctors today, who say the trend for kicking off the Easter buying as early as possible is making us fat. Because the ones we buy in January get eaten during February periods of weakness. And the ones we buy in February are gone by early March. And so on. Read More >>

A Vegan Cream Egg is Set to be 2019’s Next Alt-Food Smash

This is a cream egg not a Creme Egg before you start, as it has nothing to do with the Cadbury option. It's a hand-injected or hand-slapped together independent cream-filled egg assembled by a family team in Cottingham, East Yorkshire, that is now available to buy online for the first time to satisfy the unmet Easter needs of vegans across the country. Read More >>

Waitrose Offers the Bored Posh Diner an Ostrich Egg for £20

If you want something different, are not in a hurry to eat, and don't mind spending £19.99 on one egg, best get to Waitrose. It's ostrich egg season. Read More >>

White £2k Creme Egg Remains Lost in Distribution Chain

Sorry to go mentioning easter in early May when you're trying to forget chocolate exists in order to fit in your video game t-shirts again, but it's to do with that white Creme Egg promotion. Cadbury says no one ever came forward to claim the £2k prize, so all of those ruined eggs that had their skins peeled back were rifled through in vain. Read More >>

Shops Gutted in Hunt for £2,000 Albino Creme Egg

We hate to say we told you so, but, on January 3 in a post titled 'There Are White Creme Eggs in Them There Supermarkets' we correctly hypothesised that the hiding of random white eggs within the foil Creme Egg packaging would lead to mass peeling away of foil and spoiling of normal eggs in the hunt for prize-winning white eggs. And it has. It's in the news. Read More >>

There Are White Creme Eggs in Them There Supermarkets

Cadbury has done a great thing or a silly thing depending on your opinion of the sociopolitical importance of the Creme Egg recipe, with a white-shelled version of the classic January-through-April treat now on sale. Read More >>

The Shape of a Bird’s Egg Can Tell You Something Totally Unexpected

Some of life’s simplest questions get swept under the rug for a long time — after all, the most widespread phenomena often require the most data to understand. Take the shape of the boring egg, for example. You probably thought eggs are was shaped the way they are so they won’t roll out of the nest or something. But a huge analysis shows the real reason eggs have their characteristic shapes may be completely surprising. Read More >>

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Watch Laser-Blasted Easter Eggs Become Animated Spirographs

If you thought the funky tie-dye Easter egg designs you created last weekend raised the bar, you’ve got about a year to try and top what Jiri Zemanek of the University of Prague came up with. His Easter eggs feature looped animated designs that look like a Spirograph has come to life. Read More >>

Get Your Algae Vegan Eggs, Just £8 for a Dozen

Health food chain Holland & Barrett has launched a vegan egg in the UK. Now, how might it have done that? Sucked it all out of the shell and replaced it with soya milk? Rolled some flour into a ball? Read More >>

That Miraculous Spray-On Coating Also Makes Eggs Indestructible

After demonstrating the miraculous protective capabilities of Line-X spray on a watermelon, YouTube’s How Ridiculous wanted to what else the wonder material could protect from a 150-foot drop. Surprisingly, eggs, one of Mother Nature’s most fragile creations, simply bounced off the pavement after the plunge. Read More >>

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Pokémon Go is Secretly Teaching Americans the Metric System

How many kilometres are in a mile? Most Americans have no fucking idea. But the millions of Americans playing Pokémon Go, are quickly finding out. Read More >>

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Injecting an Egg Yolk with Ink Reveals the Embryo Hidden Inside

Here’s an intriguing video showing ink being injected into the “yolk sac artery of 72 hour-old chick embryo to visualise the beating heart and the vasculature”. It’s from Nikon’s Small World in Motion competition which is always a great source for videos that reveal the previously unseen. Watching the ink spread throughout the yolk in this video shows how it’s all connected. Read More >>

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How to Win Your Physics Class Egg Drop Competition

The problem is simple enough. You’ve got a raw egg, and it’s going to be dropped from a high place. You have to build a contraption so that it doesn’t break when it hits. Easy? Maybe. But how do you make it as light as possible? Or as small as possible? Read More >>