Egyptian Officials Are Pissed Off About an Alleged Nude Photoshoot on the Great Pyramid

Egyptian authorities are not very happy with a video taken by Danish photographer Andreas Hvid, who climbed what appeared to be the Great Pyramid of Giza, took a video of himself and a female friend what was euphemistically termed a “naked embrace,” and then uploaded it to YouTube in the past week, CNN reported on Saturday. Read More >>

Big Mysterious Sarcophagus Opened, Sucks

It’s been quite the month for Indiana Jones-inspired madness, after a sealed 2,000-year-old sarcophagus was discovered in Alexandria, Egypt, on 1 July. Nobody knew what was inside, but some feared that the black granite coffin might be cursed. Those fears were put to rest on Thursday, when the sarcophagus was finally opened. It was full of human bones and sewage. Read More >>

Uber Manages to Dodge Ban in Egypt Over Taxi Driver Lawsuit, for Now

Ride hailing service Uber and competitor Careem will not be banned in Egypt after a court overturned a judicial decision to pull the companies’ licenses, allowing both companies to continue operations there for the time being. Read More >>

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Photos From an Abandoned Resort Town Show How Terrorism Destroyed Tourism in Egypt

Once a crowded holiday resort town, Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt is now a hauntingly empty. Before the Arab Spring in 2011, about 15 million tourists visited the North African country each year. But after several terrorist attacks major airlines suspended flights and foreign offices around the world warned of terrorist threats, Egypt is not such a popular spot any more. Read More >>

How a Street Artist Secretly Painted an Urban-Scale Mural in Cairo

All over the world street artists have become famous by surreptitiously adding swabs of paint or wheatpaste to city walls. But the most remarkable thing about a new mural in Cairo is not only its size — it covers about 50 buildings — it’s that the artist managed to do it in a place that’s not known for encouraging creative expression. Read More >>

Egypt Sends Eight Museum Staff to Trial Over Botched King Tut Repair

Last year, it came to light that the blue and gold braided beard on King Tut’s burial mask was knocked off during a botched cleaning attempt then hastily glued back on using epoxy. Now, Egypt’s decided that more than just poor Tut’s head must roll over the debacle. Read More >>

Facebook Page Administrators Arrested in Egypt Over Fear of Uprising

As the fifth anniversary of Egypt’s 2011 uprising approaches, Egyptian officials have arrested the administrators of 47 Facebook pages that are run by members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Read More >>

A Week After India Banned It, Facebook’s “Free Basics” Shuts Down in Egypt 

Facebook’s “Free Basics” program in Egypt has been shut down, according to Facebook. It’s unclear why the new free internet service stopped working, but the news arrives a week after the Indian government temporarily banned the programme in the wake of on-going net neutrality concerns. Read More >>

There Are Strange Hot Spots On Giza’s Great Pyramid, And No One’s Quite Sure Why 

Well, that didn’t take long. Only a few weeks after a team of scientists began a project using novel scanning techniques to analyse Egypt’s major pyramids, they’ve discovered strange temperature anomalies—but it’s still unclear what’s causing them. Read More >>

Egypt Wants to Build a Second Cairo… in Just Seven Years

1,100,000 units of housing. 6,200 miles of boulevards. 2,000 schools. £30 billion. Egypt is planning a sparkling new capital outside of Cairo, and it wants to do it fast. Read More >>

Egypt is Building a New Pyramid 

Egypt, a country in the grips of a severe housing crisis, announced a glitzy new development this week—and it's a throwback either to Vegas or to ancient Egypt. Or maybe a little bit of both. Read More >>

Archaeologists Discover Mythical Tomb of the God of the Dead in Egypt

A reproduction of the mythical Tomb of Osiris as described by Egyptian lore has been discovered in the necropolis of Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, on the West Bank at Thebes, Egypt. The complex includes a shaft that connects to multiple chambers, including one with demons holding knives. Read More >>

Egypt’s Oldest Pyramid is Being Destroyed by the Company Hired to Fix It

Saqqara, in Egypt, is the oldest stone complex ever built by humans—and within it sits the oldest pyramid in Egypt. It's a piece of irreplaceable history that's been crumbling for 4,600 years. But according to local news reports, it's currently being destroyed by the company hired to "restore" it. Read More >>

The Ingenious Way the Ancient Egyptians Should Have Built the Pyramids

More than 4,000 years ago, a minority of ancient Egyptians set a majority to work building some of the oldest human-made structures in the world. It seems like we've been debating about how they did it ever since: Water? Animal labour? Magic? A team of researchers thinks they've found the best explanation yet. Read More >>