Astronomers Spot Unprecedented Flashes From Our Galaxy’s Black Hole

An attempt to prove Einstein’s hallmark theory of gravity revealed something even freakier: an unprecedented flash from the black hole at the centre of our galaxy. Read More >>

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Einstein’s Theory of Gravity Passes Enormous Test on a Galaxy

It would be hard to overstate how resilient the theory of general relativity has been. In its hundred-plus-year history, it’s managed to predict things far beyond the capabilities of 1910s experiments, and it withstands every new test scientists throw at it. Read More >>

We Might Be a Tiny Bit Wrong About Mercury’s Orbit 

It turns out we may have Mercury’s orbit wrong. Not by much, but by enough that a future mission can measure it, test Albert Einstein’s landmark theory of general relativity, and further refine its mathematics Read More >>

Scientists Used Galaxies as Magnifying Lenses to See Individual Stars Billions of Light-Years Away

When you look up into the night sky, you see lots of stars—but all of them are members of our own Milky Way galaxy. With the help of some spacetime-warping science, though, our eyes can now peer much deeper into distant space. Read More >>

Einstein’s Theory Passes a Massive Test

The most basic physical laws you’ve learned—those drafted up by Isaac Newton in the 17th century—don’t work for everything. Once you try to applying them to really fast things moving nearly at the speed of light or things heavier than stars, they start to fall apart. That’s where Albert Einstein’s expanded theory of motion and gravity, the theory of general relativity, comes in. Read More >>

That Photo of Einstein Sticking His Tongue Out Just Sold for a Lot of Money

The image of Albert Einstein sticking his tongue out is something we're all familiar with. But now, one lucky patron of the arts finally owns one of the first prints of the physicist having a grand ol’ time—at an auction on July 27th, the image sold for $125,000 (£95,000). The buyer’s identity has not been revealed. Read More >>

Scientists Just Observed an Effect of Gravity on Tiny Particles For the First Time

Bad news: humans will probably never explore the area around a black hole, at least while you’re alive. That’s mostly because most black holes are too far away, and even if we could travel to them, it’s unlikely we’d survive their gravitational pull. That means that if we want to study the wacky effects extreme gravity might have, we’ve gotta get creative—which is exactly what an international team of physicists have just done. Read More >>

Scientists Weigh a Star Using Gravity, Proving Einstein Wrong by Proving Him Right

Albert Einstein’s theory of gravity, called general relativity, is probably the best physics theory ever formulated. It just keeps working, often for things Einstein himself didn’t believe, like the accelerating expansion of the universe. Scientists only just proved some of its crazy predictions, like gravitational waves. Read More >>

Someone Bought Einstein’s Smelly Leather Jacket for Over £100,000

Christie’s has auctioned off the well-worn leather jacket of Albert Einstein. You may know him as the Nobel Prize-winning mathematician who figured out the essence of the universe almost a full century before science could prove him right. But he also had great fashion sense. Read More >>

Physicists Prove That ‘Spooky Action at a Distance’ is Real

Entanglement is one of the strangest aspects of quantum mechanics, whereby two subatomic particles can be so closely connected that one can seem to influence the other even across long distances. Albert Einstein dubbed it “spooky action at a distance,” and two new experiments have now definitively shown that the phenomenon is real. Read More >>

Four Typefaces That Let You Write Like Einstein and Other Famous Thinkers

The art of handwritten script is lost on most of us keyboard-attached slobs. But over the past few years, a small group of designers have dug into the archives of famous thinkers and artists to bring their script into the digital world. You too can write like Einstein, even if you can’t think like him. Read More >>

Tonnes of Albert Einstein Documents are Now Freely Available Online

On Friday Digital Einstein went live, bringing with it a treasure trove of Einstein letters, correspondences, postcards, and notes detailing the life of one of the world's greatest thinkers. As The New York Times reports, these are The Dead Sea Scrolls of physics and you can read them today for free. Read More >>

A Forgotten Einstein Model of the Universe Describes the Big Crunch

Way back in 1931, Albert Einstein visited the US for three months. Inspired by meetings with Edwin Hubble, he began thinking about the universe differently, writing a paper in four days to get down his thoughts—and now, those scribblings have been translated into English for the first time. Read More >>

If Einstein Had Never Been Born, Would We Still Have Nuclear Weapons?

Albert Einstein and his equation E = mc2 are famously connected to the modern atomic age. But as nuclear historian Alex Wellerstein writes in this counterfactual account of history, the great physicist mattered than you'd think in the invention of the nuclear bomb. Read More >>