2016’s New Temperature Record Proves Climate Change Is Moving Disturbingly Fast

New data presented yesterday by the NOAA and NASA shows that global temperatures hit a record high for the third straight year in 2016. But while the El Niño weather system was cited as a contributing factor, the researchers say an overarching global warming trend is indisputable. Read More >>

Scientists Have No Idea When the Worst Coral Dieoff in History Will End

The US National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has released an update on the state of the Earth’s coral reefs, and it’s bleak to say the least. For the third year in a row, many reefs around the world will be exposed to hotter-than-normal temperatures, placing them at risk (again) for catastrophic die-offs. Read More >>

A Bizarre Avocado Crime Wave is Sweeping Through New Zealand

The now-dead El Niño weather system wreaked serious havoc upon the world's food supply, from poisoning shellfish to obliterating stone fruits. Now the avocado is at risk. In Australia and New Zealand, a double whammy of massive fires and heavy rains wiped out avocado crops, causing a shortage of the trendy brunch staple. Growers would have been able to manage, if it weren’t for a sudden and skyrocketing avocado demand. Read More >>

Good Lord the Largest Cyclone Ever Recorded in the Indian Ocean Is Very Large

It’s been a wild six months for megastorms. In October 2015, Hurricane Patricia became the most powerful ever measured, with winds topping 200 mph before being downgraded near the coast of Mexico. In February 2016, there was Winston, the most potent cyclone recorded in the Southern Hemisphere, which made landfall on Fiji. Now meet Fantala, the strongest storm measured over the Indian Ocean. Read More >>

A Nightmare Is Unfolding In the Great Barrier Reef

If scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef is on your bucket list, you might want to book tickets soon. This week, marine biologists dropped some horribly depressing news: the Great Barrier Reef is dying. The world’s largest reef is in the midst of a widespread coral bleaching event, and scientists aren’t sure whether it will fully recover. Read More >>

Why Scientists Think the Planet is Heating Up So Fast Right Now

Wasn’t it just yesterday that we learned January was the hottest month in recorded history? Not anymore. The official numbers aren’t in for February yet, but meteorologists are already calling it: last month destroyed January’s global temperature record, adding another 0.2 to 0.3 degrees Celsius to the planetary thermostat. Read More >>

El Niño Made a Mysterious Warm “Blob” in the Ocean Disappear

Two years ago, a huge, inexplicable hot patch of water appeared in the Pacific Ocean, and stayed right through the seasons — until now. Referred to among scientists as “the Blob”, it’s finally gone away, taken by the weather system known as El Niño. It may only be a matter of time, though, before the Blob lives again. Read More >>

This Storm-Powered Wheelie Bin is the Comical Side of Climate Change

It was a little behind schedule, but El Niño (the knock-on effects of which are linked to the flooding in the north of the UK) delivered its wrath upon California yesterday, flushing the state with the first of many punishing rainstorms. And you know what happens in punishing rains. Trash cans take to the streets. By themselves. [@BradWalsh] Read More >>

New Climate Study Warns of More Frequent El Ninos in the 21st Century

A study published today in the journal Nature Climate Change warns that climate change will cause a dramatic increase in El Nino weather events during the 21st century. Formerly happening once every 20 years or so, we can expect an El Nino once every 10 years. Read More >>