Social Media Post Mocking a Dementia Patient Doesn’t Violate Patient Privacy Law, Court Rules

A nurse’s aide is legally in the clear after posting a hatefully-captioned photo of an Alzheimer’s patient at a nursing home. After the patient’s husband William Furlow sued for personal injury, the State of Minnesota Court of Appeals in the U.S. has ruled that posting an image of a patient does not qualify as sharing private health records. The selfie, taken in a mirror with the patient in the background, announces: “This little shit just pulled the fire alarm and now I had to call 911!!! Woohoo". Read More >>

Even the Most Minimal Exercise Can Drastically Improve Your Health, Yet Another Study Finds

We know that regularly getting some exercise, no matter how little, can keep you alive longer. But new research out Monday suggests that even an hour’s worth of walking per week can help older adults with ailing knees avoid painful, isolating disabilities down the road. Read More >>

Offline Old Folk Telephone Randoms for Local News

An MP for one Essex constituency says his office has been besieged by phone calls from elderly local folk since the last regional newspaper covering the area closed, as members of the offline elder generation battle to stay informed of hyperlocal issues when all they have now is a landline and a TV. Read More >>

Japan Is Tagging and Tracking Elderly With Stickers

The oldest country in the world is taking new steps to keep their wandering elders in check: adding barcodes their thumbnail and toenails. It’s creepy, but potentially life saving. Read More >>

Over-65s Being Overcharged, Poorly Treated and Ignored by UK Energy Companies

Old people are being taken for a ride by energy suppliers, according to new research from Ombudsman Services and Age UK. Hundreds of thousands of our beloved grannies and granddads are being overcharged and receiving crap customer service, but aren’t complaining about it due to either not wanting to kick up a fuss, feeling intimidated, or simply being ignored. Read More >>

3d printing
The First Cheap 3D Printed Food is Delicious Nursing Home Mush

Go to the canteen of a nursing home and you'll see elderly residents noshing on puréed food. It's necessary for patients for whom chewing is difficult, but it's not very palatable. A German company is seeking to change that by making 3D-printed, easy-to-chew food that actually tastes good. Read More >>

107-Year-Old Man Dies… in Police Shootout

Monroe Isadore, from Arkansas in the US, managed to live to the impressive old age of 107, only to end it all after going berserk at police and getting himself shot. Read More >>

Facebook’s Oldest User is a Whopping 101 Years Old

Yesterday Facebook announced their oldest registered user, Florence Detlor from California who is an astounding 101 years old. Not only that but she is also the oldest person to visit Facebook HQ in Silicon Valley. Read More >>