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Russia’s Mysterious Cyber Treason Case Just Got Even Sketchier

Late last year, top cybersecurity investigators from a private firm and Russian intelligence were arrested in dramatic fashion. One was dragged out of a meeting with a bag over his head. All were disappeared. Details were scare at the time, but revelations from a new Reuters report now only complicate what we know. Read More >>

FBI Now Agrees That Russia Hacked the US Election

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is supporting a CIA assessment that Russia intervened in United States elections, according to a Washington Post report quoting anonymous US officials. Read More >>

CIA Report Concludes That Russia Tried to Help Trump Win

Following President Obama’s order for a full report on “cyber attacks and foreign intervention into the 2016 election,” multiple sources are telling multiple publications that Russia used hacking as a tool to benefit the election of Donald Trump and harm his opponent, Hillary Clinton. A flurry of information has led to accusations of partisanship harming national security. Read More >>

How Much is Facebook to Blame?

Throughout this year’s presidential campaign, journalists have focused, correctly, on the power of Facebook to shape, distort, and ultimately control the news and information that inform and educate voters. They’ve written dozens of stories about the proliferating number of anonymous, low-rent websites that publish bombastic and clearly inaccurate stories designed to spread throughout Facebook’s platform as quickly as possible. Because so many of those stories were so heavily slanted toward the Republican nominee, some of those very same journalists are now beginning to blame Facebook, rather than actual voters, for yesterday’s earth-shaking election of Donald Trump. Read More >>

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Trump’s Troll Army Is Having a Hard Time Voting

Today America will decide whether it wants to preserve the semblance of a democracy America lives in or burn the whole thing to the ground. And Trump’s loudest supporters have been making some rookie mistakes. Read More >>

Oh Great, Bots are Already Screwing With the U.S. Election

An odd thing occurred on the FBI’s Record Vault Twitter account on 31st October, drawing conspiracy theorists out of the woodwork. After months of being almost dormant, the bot-powered account started firing out tweets related to various Clinton scandals. Now, the FBI has launched an internal review to determine how its procedures went wrong. Read More >>

Nigeria and Micronesia Care More About the UK Election Than the British

As the UK makes ready to head to the polls, politicians, pundits and papers are highlighting the issue of voter apathy. It makes sense; as things stand at the moment, the smart money is on another hung parliament with no party gaining a clear majority. Read More >>

Stolen General Election Ballot Papers Prove We Need Online Voting

When I think about online voting, one of the things I wonder about is how a system could be put into place that stops the system being hacked or hijacked. It's a valid concern, but it does sort of happen with the paper vote. Case in point: the 72,300 London ballot papers stolen by thieves. Read More >>

Boris Johnson Soundbite Summarises Tory Manifesto in Seven Seconds

A clip of Boris Johnson arguing with Ed Miliband is doing the rounds of the short-form social sites today, claiming to summarise the Conservative party's policies in one sentence. Here's Boris, blustering his way to quite an unfortunate soundbite: Read More >>

Labour Election Win Will Tank the Economy, Says… Video Game

You know how EA always simulates a World Cup in FIFA [year number] before the tournament, to project which round England will crash out of in underwhelming shame? Someone's done that with the election now, feeding an approximation of Labour's policies into world-running economics simulator Democracy 3. Read More >>

Ukip Targets Women’s Vote With Promise to End “Tampon Tax”

Ukip's had an idea about how to ditch some of its blokey image and get one or two women on its side -- promising to end the tax of women's sanitary things should it ever wangle its way into a position of power. Read More >>

Maybe You’ll Give a Shit About Politics if it’s Done in Lego?

The suits at Bloomberg Business have let what remains of their hair down and had a bit of fun on work time, creating a Lego simulation of the complex current world of UK politics -- and forecasting how the political landscape may look after May's general election. Read More >>

Liberal Democrats’ Website Error Page Lays the Internet Smackdown on Cameron

The new 404 page on the Liberal Democrats' website is really quite something. The day after TV's first general election showpiece, in which the Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg was notably absent, it should certainly raise a chuckle amongst the coalition. Read More >>

650 iPad Airs Set for Delivery to Westminster Gravy Train Station

All of the UK's 650 MPs will be offered a complimentary iPad Air 2 -- and a new laptop -- after the next general election, a quite powerful incentive to continue in the job of being moaned at all day because of the waiting times at the local GP surgery. Read More >>

Government Plans to TXT U About Registering to Vote

The Electoral Commission has come up with a new way to get young people to register to vote -- texting them. Perhaps by the 2025 election it'll be Snapchatting them photos of the genitals of prospective candidates. Read More >>