Ben & Jerry’s Needs You! To Vote Today and They’re Giving You Free Ice Cream to Do It

It's voting day here in the UK as we participate in the European elections although we  have no idea how much our votes are actually going to matter what with Brexit still floating over our heads. To get people motivated to actually give a shit, American ice cream maker Ben & Jerry's is rewarding voters with a free scoop of ice cream at one of its Scoop Shops. If that news alone is enough to get you to drag your arse to the polling booth, you probably shouldn't be voting in the first place. If anything, we'll send you an ice cream to keep you at home. Read More >>

Facebook’s Physical War Room Is Already Empty, But It Says ‘War Room Tactics’ Will Continue

Facebook’s so-called “War Room,” the office it set up with some monitors and staff to supposedly fight propaganda and disinformation during elections or at least fight the perception it wasn’t doing that, has been shuttered – in that form, anyhow. Read More >>

julian assange
Ecuador Tried to Get Julian Assange Out of Their Embassy By Making Him a Diplomat to Russia

The government of Ecuador, whose embassy in London has served as a refuge from UK authorities for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange since 2012, has been growing weary of their guest for quite some time. According to a Friday report from Reuters, it even went so far as to try and name him to a diplomatic position in Russia but backed down after Britain refused to grant Assange diplomatic immunity. Read More >>

cambridge analytica
US Hired Cambridge Analytica’s Parent Company to Undermine Terrorist Recruiters Online

New details have emerged regarding the no-bid US State Department contract awarded last year to SCL Group, the parent company of the now-defunct data analysis firm Cambridge Analytica. Read More >>

Guy Who Gave Cambridge Analytica All That Facebook Data: Actually, My Data Sucked

Cambridge University psychologist Aleksandr Kogan, the scientist whose app “thisisyourdigitallife” harvested tens of millions of Facebook profiles for disgraced and now-shuttered election data firm Cambridge Analytica, wants everyone to know that his data set is not responsible for the way the 2016 US elections went down. Read More >>

cambridge analytica
UK Authorities Order Cambridge Analytica to Give US Voter All the Data It Has on Him

UK authorities have ordered Cambridge Analytica, the sketchy election firm at the centre of a data scandal involving at least 87 million Facebook users, to hand over all of the information it acquired on a US voter in a move that could potentially open the floodgates for others to know what information the firm stockpiled on them. Read More >>

Facebook Boots Yet Another Company’s Account for Extensive Ties to Cambridge Analytica

Facebook has booted AggregateIQ, the Canadian election consulting firm that built data tools for sketchy election firm Cambridge Analytica, this week on the grounds that it may have received some of the extensive data on 87 million Facebook users the latter company received through a partnership with an app. Read More >>

Here Is Facebook’s Dubious Plan to Prevent Its 2016 US Election Catastrophe From Happening Again

Pressure has been mounting on Facebook and its leadership to make big privacy changes in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal—in which it lost control over extensive data on what it now says are 87 million users—and after weeks of hedging and minor tweaks around the margins, the company has begun to make other concessions like vaguely committing to EU-style privacy rules. On Friday, in what feels like a ploy to reassure the public they’ll have a plan on the related issue of foreign election interference before the 2018 midterms, Facebook detailed how it will make political advertising more transparent. Read More >>

Facebook’s Plan To Fight Election Interference Includes Weeding Out Fake Memes and Videos

Facebook has started fact-checking photos and videos, as a part of a larger plan to prevent foreign agents from using the platform to spread propaganda and influence elections. Read More >>

Twitter Alerts Nearly 680,000 Users They May Have Been Duped by Russian Accounts

Twitter admitted on Friday evening that its investigation into suspected Russian meddling in the 2016 US presidential elections had turned up what it believes were over 50,000 automated accounts linked to the Kremlin—and that it had identified 677,775 other accounts that “followed one of these accounts or retweeted or liked a tweet from these accounts during the election period.” Read More >>

Microsoft Confirms Investigation Into Whether Russians Bought Pre-Election Ads Through Bing

The sprawling inquiry into the extent of Russian attempts to purchase ads on the US internet before the 2016 federal elections has expanded to yet another digital giant, with Microsoft confirming that it has launched an internal investigation into whether it sold such advertisements via its Bing search engine. Read More >>

Young People Aren’t Excited About Voting for Old People

The young people of the land still aren't particularly bothered about the prospect of voting for the least horrid of the selection of old men standing to be declared as important in their constituency, with data showing that the number of 16-17-year-olds who are registered to vote in future ballots when they come of cross-putting age is decreasing. Read More >>

election 2016
Heavy Dump Trucks Are Protecting Clinton and Trump From a Terrorist Attack

Just when we thought today’s historic election couldn’t get any weirder, it appears that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are being protected by an army of dump trucks. Law enforcement say the trucks — which are loaded with sand — are forming a barrier to minimize an attack with explosive devices. Read More >>

Election Rules Explained For All You Disinterested Youth Voters

We're in a national purdah, don't you know? That's the awkward period in the run up to an election, where local governments are restricted from introducing radical proposals, lest the political landscape change in a few months and everything has to be undone. So no Ukip candidates can sneakily declare war on Bulgaria while everyone's attention is focused on the kitchen fittings of potential national leaders, for example. Read More >>

UK Should Embrace E-Voting, So the Kids Can Endorse Nigel Farage Without Leaving the House

The Electoral Commission has suggested that the UK ought to embrace full electronic voting like we're some sort of forward-thinking democracy instead of a lethargic old Shire horse that's ready for death, claiming that a move to a radical online voting option may stop voter turnout figures dwindling ever lower. Read More >>