Microsoft Confirms Investigation Into Whether Russians Bought Pre-Election Ads Through Bing

The sprawling inquiry into the extent of Russian attempts to purchase ads on the US internet before the 2016 federal elections has expanded to yet another digital giant, with Microsoft confirming that it has launched an internal investigation into whether it sold such advertisements via its Bing search engine. Read More >>

Young People Aren’t Excited About Voting for Old People

The young people of the land still aren't particularly bothered about the prospect of voting for the least horrid of the selection of old men standing to be declared as important in their constituency, with data showing that the number of 16-17-year-olds who are registered to vote in future ballots when they come of cross-putting age is decreasing. Read More >>

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Heavy Dump Trucks Are Protecting Clinton and Trump From a Terrorist Attack

Just when we thought today’s historic election couldn’t get any weirder, it appears that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are being protected by an army of dump trucks. Law enforcement say the trucks — which are loaded with sand — are forming a barrier to minimize an attack with explosive devices. Read More >>

Election Rules Explained For All You Disinterested Youth Voters

We're in a national purdah, don't you know? That's the awkward period in the run up to an election, where local governments are restricted from introducing radical proposals, lest the political landscape change in a few months and everything has to be undone. So no Ukip candidates can sneakily declare war on Bulgaria while everyone's attention is focused on the kitchen fittings of potential national leaders, for example. Read More >>

UK Should Embrace E-Voting, So the Kids Can Endorse Nigel Farage Without Leaving the House

The Electoral Commission has suggested that the UK ought to embrace full electronic voting like we're some sort of forward-thinking democracy instead of a lethargic old Shire horse that's ready for death, claiming that a move to a radical online voting option may stop voter turnout figures dwindling ever lower. Read More >>

The UK’s Friendly Neighbourhood Pirate Party Trains Its Guns on Scotland and Manchester

Following Sweden and Germany’s lead, we have our own branch of the Pirate Party attempting to swashbuckle its way into power here in the UK; now it’s drawing a broadside on May’s local elections in both Scotland and Manchester. The Pirate Party UK aims to fight anti-piracy laws (and ACTA); reduce copyright to just 10 years, and allow non-commercial file sharing -- hollywood, the BPI and their lawyers are really going love them. Read More >>