The £90,000 Arc Vector is High-Tech and Goes Like the Wind, But it Costs Silly Money

Modern petrol-powered motorcycles are quick off the mark no doubt, but a growing number of new electric models could be set to push the boundaries further. Two-wheels and plenty of battery power, combined with a lightweight design means the instant burst of torque you get from a battery and electric motor configuration is perfect for bikes. Which is exactly why the Arc Vector is getting a lot of attention. Read More >>

Sinclair C5: The Next Generation

Grant Sinclair, who shares a name and some DNA with his uncle Sir Clive Sinclair, would like to revolutionise cycling in a way that his uncle failed to do so with his C5 back in the 1980s. It's a sort of spiritual successor to the electric tricycle called the Iris eTrike Extreme, yours for £3.5k at the end of this year. Read More >>

Electric Scooter Road Test: One Week Commuting With the Mad Emicro One

The electric revolution is upon us, folks, as Edison might have said in 1896, but now that bottled lightning energy has taken to the streets. There are electric car charge points springing up around the UK like techno mushrooms, and the range of e-vehicles on offer has rocketed too. Read More >>

One of Indiegogo’s Biggest Successes is Getting Sued for Fraud 

The supposedly innovative, affordable Sondors e-bike slayed its crowdfunding goal earlier this month, raising over $5 million to become the second-most successful Indiegogo campaign of all time. Now its creator is getting sued for fraud by the company that ran his crowdfunding gambit. Read More >>

Riding an E-Bike Built Like a GoKart is as Fun as it Sounds

What if you could enjoy the benefits of a bike and the benefits of a car at the same time? Sojourn Labs, a Toronto-based startup, is prototyping a new kind of vehicle built to bridge the gap between bikes and cars, aiming for that happy medium of convenience and safety. The basic idea: A hybrid combining the exercise and eco-friendliness of a bike with the comfort, storage, and safety of a car. Fair enough. I had to test it out. Read More >>

How it Feels to Ride an Electrified Boris Bike

If you've ever ridden a Barclays 'Boris' Bike (or Citibike, or any similar bike-share bicycle) you know: those suckers are heavy. And, if you've ever ridden up anything near an incline, you know that heavy bikes absolutely suck on hills. Wouldn't it be great to just push a button instead? Read More >>

Everything This Electric Bike Needs Is Crammed Into Its Front Left Fork

It's usually pretty easy to spot an electric bike coming down the road. Besides the lack of pedaling, they also feature over-sized frames packed with batteries, or bulbous hubs on the side of the wheels for the electric motor. But not Electrolyte's e-bikes. All of the required components — including the battery, electronics, and electric motor — are hidden away inside what looks like nothing more than a sturdy shock absorber. Read More >>

Specialized Turbo Test-Ride: Holy Crap This E-Bike Is Amazing

E-bikes are much-maligned by the cycling community and non-riders alike. They're for lazy people. They're so ugly and clunky looking. But Specialized has come up with an answer for both crowds. You will want to hate the Turbo. You will fail. Read More >>

lightning review
Galvani Electric Bike Review: Commuting, But Less Sweaty

Bikes are great -- cheap, light, easy to use, and super-duper-eco-friendly. But they're also tiring. I mean, all that pedalling. It's exercise. It sucks. So an electric bike, which gives you a subtle helping hand, would seem to be the best of both worlds. Read More >>