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Nissan Leaf 2018: Tokyo Launch Unveils Sleek Design, Better Range & Self-Parking

The Nissan Leaf - the world's most popular all-electric car - got a major upgrade at a bustling event in Yokohama, Japan this morning. We elbowed our way through the massive crowd of excitable dudes in suits to bring you the latest about one of the most promising mainstream EVs yet. Read More >>

When It Comes To Electric Cars People Are Ignoring Science And Listening To Idiots

Apparently some 23% of people think that electric cars are no better at reducing carbon emissions than diesel or petrol-engined vehicles. And 22% don't believe they are better at improving air quality. Read More >>

The Government Plans to Ban All New Petrol and Diesel Cars and Vans by 2040

The days of the good old trusty internal combustion engine, which revolutionised transportation but also maybe helped usher in a looming environmental apocalypse, may be numbered. Read More >>

Morrissey to GM CEO: Vegan Cars

Speaking on behalf of floppy-haired environmentalists everywhere, casually racist angst man Morrissey urged General Motors to offer vegan-friendly versions of its hybrid and electric vehicles on Monday. Read More >>

Elon Musk Explains How Trump Could Actually Help Tesla

Addressing concerns that the incoming Trump administration could threaten green businesses like Tesla, CEO Elon Musk assured shareholders that eliminating zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) credits could actually improve the company’s competitive advantage. Read More >>

German Lawmakers Vote to Ban the Internal Combustion Engine 

The modern internal combustion engine first came from Germany and now Germany wants to put a nail in its coffin. The Bundesrat has passed a resolution to ban the ICE beginning in 2030. Read More >>

Renault’s Zoe Has the Longest Range of any Mainstream Electric Car

Petroleum-based fuels can't last forever, that's a well known fact. But adoption of electric cars hasn't been all that high. Renault hopes that its new Zoe will help things along, offering a 250-mile range that it hopes will break down any fears drivers have of running out of juice. Read More >>

Siemens Wants to Electrify the Roads to Charge Electric Lorries

Engineering giant Siemens would like to blend today's technology with a very old form of powering road vehicles, proposing to electrify the roads with overhead power lines to allow lorries to recharge themselves as they fly down the motorways -- then revert to battery power when turning off to make their deliveries. Read More >>

Dyson’s Electric Car Could Take on Tesla Thanks to Solid-State Batteries

A couple of months back, a government document accidentally revealed that Dyson has started work on its own electric vehicle. The company’s great with vacuum cleaners, hairdryers and all manner of home electronics, but an actual vehicle? Dyson may actually have what it takes, according to the experts, thanks largely to Sakti3, a battery company Dyson gobbled up last year. Read More >>

Dyson’s Quietly Working on an Electric Car Part-Funded by the Government

Government documents that ordinary people weren’t supposed to be paying any attention to have revealed that Dyson has received £174 million in funding for the creation of an electric vehicle. The National Infrastructure Delivery Plan, which you can find here, has now been updated to remove any references to the plans, but the Guardian managed to save a copy of the section before it went walkies. Read More >>

Here’s a Good Look at How All-Electric Race Cars Work

Formula E is the most exciting race series that you’ve barely heard of: it’s much like Formula One, but driven in all-electric vehicles on street circuits completely free of random rules and politicking. If you want to know more about how the cars work, this video is a great primer. Read More >>

ces 2016
All the Coolest Tech From CES 2016

Even before we trekked out to the desert for the Consumer Electronics Show, we had a good idea that CES would be flush with smart cars, televisions, virtual reality, and a bunch of weirdness. We were right! But as always, there were some surprises in store. Read More >>

Faraday Future Will Challenge Tesla With This Crazy Electric Batmobile Concept

Officially cementing CES as the next great auto show, Faraday Future unveiled its electric car concept platform that the company hopes will let it compete with the likes of Tesla.... and possibly Wayne Enterprises, because the FF-O1 is clearly something right out of Batman’s garage. Read More >>

Build an Incredibly Simple Electric Toy Car With Just a Battery and Two Magnets

You no longer need billions in the bank and a secret dream to take over the world like Elon Musk to build an electric car. If you can find a pair of round magnets and a AA battery that isn’t already dead, you can build this incredibly simple electric vehicle that would get Jezza Clarkson hot under the collar. Read More >>