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Man Concludes ‘World’s Longest’ Trip in Electric Car

In an epic road trip spanning more than three years, 33 countries, and roughly 59,000 miles, on Sunday Dutchman Weibe Wakker set what is believed to be the record for the ‘world’s longest trip’ by an electric car. Read More >>

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Man Charged For Parking Non-Charging Car In A Charging Space With No Charger

A 72-year-old pensioner has received a fine for parking his non-electric car in an electric car charging space which didn't yet have a charger. Read More >>

Kia is Bringing the e-Niro First Edition, and its 282 Mile Range, to the UK Next April

Like a lot of car companies Kia has seen that there's a lot of good that can come out of electric cars. It has for a while now, since there are fully electric cars available, but there's a new one coming next year. It's already available in other parts of the world in a different form, but Kia is bringing the new e-Niro to the UK next April. Dubbed the e-Niro First Edition, it's designed to offer superior range to other electric vehicles, as well as plenty of room for all the stuff you might need a car for. Read More >>

VW is Going to Help Install 2,500 EV Chargers in Tesco Car Parks

It's 2018, electric cars are a thing, and they're affordable. But some people don't like that the charging points aren't as common as the common petrol station. Especially since it take more than five minutes to re-energise the car. But plenty of work has been done to improve the state of car-charging infrastructure, even if none of it seems to have affected Jeremy Clarkson, and the latest move will see 2,500 of the things hit Tesco car parks up and down the country. Read More >>

Former Tesla Employee Charged With Embezzling Over £7 Million From Musk’s Company

A former Tesla employee was charged by a federal grand jury today of embezzling roughly $9.3 million [£7.15 million] from Elon Musk’s electric car company over the course of two years. The indictment comes as the result of an FBI inquiry. Read More >>

The Plug-In Hybrid Grant is About to Be Slashed

If you've been trying to decide between a hybrid and an electric, the government's just basically made the decision for you: the financial incentives for buying a hybrid are to be slashed. Read More >>

The UK Loves Electric Cars, But it’s One of the Worst Countries for Charging Infrastructure

Electric cars are pretty popular in this country, especially amongst the youth who are least resistant to switching from a petrol pump to a plug socket. But echoing what we've heard before, it seems the UK isn't really ready to handle a steep uptake in electrical vehicles. Or at least it's not if a new report is to be believed. Read More >>

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This Entire Stadium Can Run On Car Batteries

Last Friday, the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam was descended upon by a frothy, screaming crowd of thousands, absolutely champing at the bit to see the new car battery tech that had just been installed inside. Read More >>

BP Buys 6,500 Electric Car Charging Points

Some people within petrochemical giant BP are looking to a time when they stop selling drilled out oil for a living and shift electricity at the forecourts instead, as it's paid an unspecified amount of money to buy UK electric car charging network Chargemaster. Read More >>

EV Charger Rollout Needs to Speed Up Because Apparently We Like Electric Cars a Little Too Much

At the moment there are 16,500 electric car chargers dotted around the UK, letting EV owners top up their batteries away from the charger they likely have installed at home. Unfortunately it seems the British people are taking too electric cars a little too quickly, because a new report claims the current rollout speed won't be able to keep up. Read More >>

500 BMW i3 Batteries Have Been Added to a Welsh Wind Farm

It's a well known fact that lithium ion batteries degrade over time, and there are some EV naysayers that love to point this out whenever the topic of electric car batteries comes up. It's true, eventually there will be a point where those batteries won't be all that useful for driving - for a variety of reasons. But those old batteries aren't scrapped, they're put to use elsewhere. Nissan's been connecting old batteries to solar panels and installing them in homes, and a bunch of BMW i3 batteries have just been installed at a Welsh wind farm. Read More >>

BMW is Bringing Wireless Charging to Cars Later This Summer

There's been a lot of talk about adding wireless charging features to cars, though the main focus has been to try and figure out how they can charge up as you drive around. But you have to start somewhere, and BMW has confirmed that it will be starting to produce its inductive charging pad in July. Read More >>

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UPS Copies Royal Mail, Deploys Fleet of Electric Delivery Vans Across London and Paris

Last year Royal Mail started trialling new 'green' (actually red) delivery vans powered by electricity, in conjunction with Oxfordshire-based EV company Arrival. Following the success of that trial UPS is doing the noble thing of copying Royal Mail and deploying it's own fleet of electric delivery vans, also with the help of Arrival. The only difference is it will be deploying them in both London and Paris. Read More >>

Born Again? Where Old Electric Car Batteries Don’t Go to Die

Japanese car companies dream up fantastic ideas if you’re looking for something brilliant, but borderline bonkers that’ll grab the headlines. Driving a full-size real-life remote control GTR, Nissan’s mindblowing sports rocket ship, for example, might seem like a ludicrous concept but we got a chance to do just that late last year. And, it works. The car is unmanned, loaded with tech and capable of going full out. The only difference is you’re not in the car itself. Read More >>

The New Nissan Leaf Proves Range Anxiety Is Bullshit

One day, 2018 might be looked back upon as the year that everything changed for cars. Every car maker is now hard at work building electric vehicles to replace their carbon-spewing predecessors. Tesla’s Roadster has literally been launched into space. And perhaps most importantly: Nissan has released a new version of the Leaf, a vehicle which might represent an unarguable move into the mainstream for EVs. Read More >>