Lime and Bolt Abruptly Yank E-Scooters From Multiple Markets Across the Globe

Electric scooter company Lime is laying off more than 10 per cent of its workforce and pulling its scooters from roughly a dozen major global cities, while its competitor Bolt has yanked its e-scooters from city streets in multiple US markets, Gizmodo has learned. Read More >>

E-Bikes Riskier to Ride Than E-Scooters and Bikes, Study Suggests

People riding electric-powered bikes are more likely to risk serious injury than those on conventional bikes and motorised scooters, according to a recent study. But e-scooters have their own unique health risks, too. Read More >>

You Lost How Much on Scooters?

Lime, the company whose business model is buying thousands of electric scooters and just sort of leaving them there in the hopes people will ride them, is on track to lose $300 million (£233 million) this year. Read More >>

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Oktoberfest E-Scooter Debacle: Hundreds of Drunken Riders Lose Their Driver’s Licenses

German police reportedly reprimanded hundreds of revellers driving e-scooters under the influence of alcohol during the Munich Oktoberfest. Read More >>

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Being Drunk and Helmet-less Is a Recipe for E-Scooter Disaster

The e-scooter craze has been convenient for some, annoying to others, and painful or even deadly to an unlucky few. A new study out Thursday seems to highlight some of the (perhaps obvious) common factors behind e-scooter accidents: being drunk or otherwise intoxicated and not wearing a damn helmet. Read More >>

The Boosted Scooter Is a Blast

Electric scooters are dangerous. It seems like you can’t go a day without seeing a scary story in the news reminding the world of this fact. People die riding these things. So it wasn’t surprising when Boosted emphasised safety in announcing its new e-scooter. The £1,600 Boosted Rev has three brakes, wide handlebars, fat tyres, and a bombproof frame. It also has a top speed of 24 miles per hour, which as I learned after two weeks riding the Rev, is as thrilling as it is terrifying. Read More >>

At Bird, the Word Is Not Bird: It’s Layoffs

It’s been a rough month for electric scooter startups. Read More >>

Lime Scooters Face Suspension in Auckland Amid Reports of Unexpected Braking and Rider Injuries

After having to pull its entire fleet of electric scooters from multiple cities in Switzerland amid reports of unexpected braking, Lime is facing a similar problem in New Zealand. Auckland officials announced Friday that the city has temporarily suspended Lime’s license following reports of rider injuries. Read More >>

Uh Oh, Uber Might Be Thinking About Self-Driving Scooters and Bikes Now

Uber – the company that had to pull its self-driving cars off the road for most of 2018 following a lethal accident that allegedly came after warnings of routine accidents – is hiring for a programme that may work on self-driving “micromobility” devices, TechCrunch reported on Sunday. Read More >>

Uber May Be Eyeing an E-Scooter Aquisition of Bird or Lime: Report

The leading ride-share company may be eyeing an acquisition of one of two leaders in electric scooter rentals, according to a new report from the Information. In what the report said could amount to a “multibillion-dollar deal,” Uber has reportedly launched discussions to buy either Bird or Lime. Read More >>

Lime Launches Global Recall of Some E-Scooters Over Reports They Can Break While Being Used

Just weeks after Lime said it pulled some of its electric scooters from the streets of major cities over their alleged potential to catch fire, it has now issued a global recall of some of its scooters over claims that they can break apart during use. Read More >>

Fight Between Lime and Segway Over Alleged Flaming Scooters Is Getting Heated

The heat is on in an apparent fight between two e-scooter companies after Lime said earlier this week that some of the batteries made by one of its manufacturers, Segway Ninebot, could catch fire. Now, Segway is squaring up against the allegation, suggesting instead that Lime doesn’t understand how batteries work. Read More >>

What’s NIU? Could The Electric Scooter Solve Britain’s Congestion Problems?

One of the biggest trends in technology at the moment is the slow march towards electric cars. One day, in what will hopefully be the near future, we’ll hit a tipping point where most new cars aren’t powered by fossil fuels, but by clean electricity. This is going to be great news for the environment — both in terms of climate change, and in terms of air quality in cities. Read More >>

Electric Scooter Road Test: One Week Commuting With the Mad Emicro One

The electric revolution is upon us, folks, as Edison might have said in 1896, but now that bottled lightning energy has taken to the streets. There are electric car charge points springing up around the UK like techno mushrooms, and the range of e-vehicles on offer has rocketed too. Read More >>