The Waterpik ‘Flossing Toothbrush’ Is Being Recalled Because It Might Set Your Bathroom on Fire

A freshly debuted $200 (£152) toothbrush that promises to both brush and floss your teeth is heating up bathrooms for all the wrong reasons. This month, the electric toothbrush and water flosser company Water Pik announced a voluntary recall of all units of its Sonic-Fusion toothbrushes over claims that some of the products have shot off sparks and partially melted while being charged. In at least one case, the toothbrush caused a fire. Read More >>

I Can’t Believe I’m Going to Tell You to Buy This £360 Toothbrush

A regular old manual toothbrush can easily cost just a couple of pounds. You might have one in your bathroom right now, ready to tackle the plaque, and the coffee stains, and the bad breath that make its existence integral for modern living. But in our 21st-century society, it’s easy to spend much more on an electric toothbrush that does the same thing. Why on Earth would anyone want to do this? Read More >>

Desperate Electric Toothbrush Mob Descends on London Rail Station

Hundreds of people lined up at Waterloo station to chase a freebie yesterday, after a promo for a new electric toothbrush caused chaotic scenes. The idea was to let people swap an old electric toothbrush for a new one, a deal that went down rather too well. Read More >>