5 Things We Learnt About ProPilot Park From Backseat Driving the New Nissan Leaf

Last week, Giz UK went to Tokyo for the launch of the brand new Nissan Leaf. It's an interesting time for electric vehicles, with Tesla heating up the market and all the big manufacturers eyeing a piece of the pie. Read More >>

Scotland Wants to End Petrol and Diesel Car Sales 2032

If there's one thing that unites the rest of Europe, it's a mutual dislike for England and the English - particularly those countries that are currently stuck with us like Scotland. While the Westminster announced plans to end sales of new petrol and diesel cars by 2040, Scotland thinks it can manage that feat eight years earlier. Read More >>

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Royal Mail is Launching New All-Electric ‘Green’ Vans

What with transporting and delivering letters and parcels all over the country, Royal Mail isn't the most environmentally friendly of operations. But the postal service looks to be making a change in that regard, because today it started trialling new all-electric delivery vans. Read More >>

Elon Musk Is Working on Some Kind of Self-Driving Bus

Sure, an affordable electric car can go a long way towards helping us achieve energy independence and wresting ourself away from fossil fuels. But if Elon Musk really wanted to solve our transportation problems, he’d be designing an electric bus. If his comments at a conference today are true, Musk is doing exactly that. Read More >>

Wireless Charging for Electric Cars Is Nearly Useful

On the list of first-world problems, not being bothered to plug in your Tesla is very near the top. Luckily for lazy Model S owners, the US Department of Energy is on it. Read More >>

Six Electric Car-Share Programmes Better Than a Billion Teslas on the Road

Tesla is finally taking the wraps off the Model 3, its first mass-market electric vehicle (EV). The car is expected to push EVs into the mainstream and reduce carbon emissions around the world. The only downside? Many cities don’t have enough charging stations to support widespread adoption of such vehicles. Read More >>

London’s First Fully-Electric Buses Are Damn Expensive

The world’s first fully-electric double decker has just been revealed, and five models will start running on Route 98 between Willesden and Russell Square next month. Each big red monster will be able to travel 180 miles on a single charge, so they won’t need to be take off the roads at any point during the day. They’ll instead be powered back up overnight. Read More >>

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Elon Musk is Probably Our Best Hope Yet For Moving Beyond Fossil Fuels

As the leaders of 196 countries negotiate a carbon emissions goal for the planet to prevent an environmental apocalypse, the real work will fall to the companies that will need to deliver change to consumers. And, arguably, no single person is doing as much to help change our energy consumption as one Elon Musk – founder of PayPal, man behind SpaceX and revver of Tesla's engines. Read More >>

France Plans to Market an Electric Car for Under £5,000

At the climate talks in Paris, the French government has announced a global competition that aims to create a small electric car that would sell for under €7,000, the equivalent of just under £5,000. Read More >>

NASA’s Ten Engine Electric Drone Goes From Chopper to Aeroplane and Back

Space missions get all the hype, but NASA Aeronautics is doing some pretty cool stuff, too. Their ten engine, unmanned electric plane, for instance, has just successfully transitioned from hover mode to wing-borne flight and back again. Read More >>

This Boris Bendy Bus Lookalike is the World’s Largest Battery-Electric Vehicle

If when you think of electric vehicles you picture tiny lightweight cars designed to maximise their battery life, BYD Motors is about to blow your mind. At the recent 2014 American Public Transportation Association Expo in Houston, the company revealed a new articulated bus that it's claiming is the world's largest battery electric vehicle. Read More >>

This Cart Proves That Electric Cars Could be Powered by Radio Waves

They've been proven to be far more energy-efficient than their petrol-powered equivalents, but limited range, long charging times, and high costs have prevented electric vehicles from really catching on. Researchers in Japan, though, may have come up with a breakthrough to overcome some of those obstacles by powering an electric car using short-range radio waves. Read More >>

It Only Takes This Electric Bus 15 Seconds to Charge at Every Stop

Because battery technology still relatively sucks, electric vehicles like buses that have to run all day long usually stay tethered to a spiderweb of overhead cables. But as an alternative to that costly infrastructure, researchers at the EPFL have developed an electric bus that can recharge itself at every stop in as little as 15 seconds. Read More >>

Beating the Congestion Charge: 10 Planet Friendly Cars

Transport for London has recently announced plans to increase the congestion charge to £11.50. Combine this with the fact cars now have to produce less than 75g/km of CO² and commuting by car could get pretty expensive. Compiled below is a list of the greenest, cleanest running cars to help beat the congestion charge and save money in the long run. Read More >>