Researchers See Drive Distance Pricing as Way of Filling Electric Cars’ Fuel Duty Hole

The Institute for Fiscal Studies may sound like it's the government but it isn't, so don't worry too much if you're thinking about making a cheap Hyundai electric car your next car. The IFS does, however, carry some clout, so its idea that future taxation of road use should cover "distance driven" is hitting the desks of people important enough to make it happen. They could pass this idea off as their own 2019 general election policy, and also 2020 and 2021's general election policy too. Hey, it's like James O'Malley never left. Read More >>

Smart Cars Bin the Engines and Go Full Electric

The sort of people who own second small cars that fit in the boot of their main car for use in cities are going to have to face up to things being different from now on, as premiere very small car brand Smart is embracing an all-electric future and deleting all internal combustion options from the catalogues. Read More >>

Tesla’s Model 3 Fuels Huge UK EV Sales Growth

The arrival of Tesla's Model 3 in the UK has caused quite a stir in pure electric car world, with sales of battery-only vehicles rising by a staggering 377 per cent year-on-year for the month of August thanks to Elon's globally hyped new motor. Read More >>

Homemade Car/Motorbike Hybrid Caught on Motorway

Some sort of homemade motorised vehicle was caught trundling down a motorway by police in Bedfordshire, who clearly thought they'd have to turf the owner out and make him or her get a taxi home while the recovery team came out to tow the weird creation to a nearby dump. But no, this amazing and seemingly taped together vehicle was deemed roadworthy and allowed to continue, bread flapping in the wind and all. Read More >>

UK Electric Car Sales Rocket in Their Own Little Way

Car sales data for the month of July is predictably all over the place, with sales of diesel-engined models continuing to plummet and recording a 22 per cent year-on-year decline; but pure electric vehicles have exploded, sort of, and recorded a 158 per cent increase over 2018's new owner numbers. Read More >>

London’s Transport Bosses Want E-Scooters Legalised ASAP

The head of Transport for London is urging the government to hurry up and either make electric scooters fully legal or have them barred from entering the country altogether, with TfL asking the Department for Transport to end the modern paradox of the popular personal transportation phenomenon that's illegal to actually ride anywhere. Read More >>

Londoners Granted Permission to Continue E-Scooting Around Insulated Bubble

The only place in the UK where it's legal and encouraged to ride an electric scooter about the place among the normal people has been granted an extension to continuing making it so, with the Bird scheme in London's Olympic Park given permission to extend its self-contained public trial of the powered scooter rental scheme. Read More >>

Government Bungs Land Rover a £500m Promise to Guarantee EV Production

The government is vaguely state-aiding Jaguar Land Rover's ambitions to build its future EVs in the UK, and is to guarantee a loan of £500m in order to reassure investors and the buyers of its middle-aged-people-carriers that the carmaker is not going anywhere. Especially not down any drains or being sold to Sports Direct. Read More >>

This Time Next Year We’ll Be in a Crowd-Funded Three-Wheeler EV, Rodney

Electric car fans around the world are racing to back the latest quirky EV, say the makers of the Nobe 100, and that must be true as the crowd-funding campaign is currently sitting on a target of £64. Read More >>

Mini Electric Revealed Ahead of 2020 Launch

After years of concepts and design misdirection, BMW has finally revealed the final retail form of its pure electric Mini. And it's going to be called the Mini Electric with a corresponding yellow E hidden on the bodywork detailing, lest you forget and try to flood it with petrol in the Asda car park. Read More >>

Nissan Demos an All-Electric Ice Cream Van

There's to be no more gassing kids as they queue for a £4 Feast in Nissan's dream of the near future, as it's using today -- a day that people whose job is to be on the internet all the time are calling Clean Air Day – to demonstrate a concept all-electric ice cream van. Read More >>

Halfords Bashes Out the Ebikes for Under £400 Now

Halfords has applied the insane price crash algorithm to its in-house electric bike range, and is now selling an entry-level assisted bicycle for just £398. Obviously it'll be a bit rubbish for that money, but rubbish enough to live with and not hate and be embarrassed by? That's the key question we all face when making buying decisions. Read More >>

Home-Charging Electric Car Daisychainers Risk Electrocution/Fire Etc.

Electric car owners are taking risks. As well as basing their hopes, dreams and personalities on an emerging transport format, they can also be guilty of potentially dangerous practises when it comes to home charging their lovely, blue-accented new vehicles. Read More >>

Tesla UK Model 3 Priced From £38,050

The UK Model 3 virtual showroom has gone online today, revealing that Tesla's official UK RRP for the supposedly affordable electric car is £38,050. That's for the cheap one with the lowest spec everything that only comes in black. Read More >>

UK Tesla Model 3 Orders Open Next Week

Tesla's smaller and more affordable EV is going to seem a little more tangible in the UK next week, when the online configuration and ordering systems for the Model 3 are to be switched on for Musk/EV enthusiasts in this part of the world. Read More >>