Easyjet Collaborates on Electric Passenger Jet

A company promising the eco dream of electric flight says it might have a model ready, oh, within about ten years or so, with budget flier Easyjet helping steer the development on the commercial side of things. Read More >>

Nissan Leaf
Energy Companies Are Already Planning to Limit Electric Car Charging

The futuristic electric car utopia is under threat before it's even arrived, as one UK electricity supplier warns that charging points may have to be time-delayed to avoid the commuters of the country smashing the grid to pieces when they all plug their e-cars in to charge at 6:25pm every evening. Read More >>

Electric MotoGP Races are Coming by 2019

The organiser of the MotoGP bike racing series is about to embrace the electric movement, revealing a plan to introduce a standalone electric bike event to run alongside the petrol MotoGP tournaments from the 2019 season. Read More >>

Bentley’s EXP12 Speed 6e Has Two Chairs and an Electric Motor

Bentley has a new car to show us, if concepts count as cars -- the EXP12 Speed 6e. The 'e' meaning electric, the '6' meaning it has six... wheels. Read More >>

Shell is Bringing Electric Chargers to UK Garages This Year

Petrol enthusiast Shell will soon start letting electric vehicle owners recharge at some of their UK service stations and forecourts, as it foresees a future in which more money is made from selling coffees to stressed dads while they endure a 30-minute charging break than from flogging boring old refined oil. Read More >>

EU Carmakers Team up to Triple Tesla’s Charging Power

BMW, Volkswagen, Ford and Daimler are planning their own European supercharger network to help refill the electric cars of the future, with the current plan, the invention of technology permitting, being to create a grid of 350 kilowatt chargers -- that's nearly three times the charging capacity of the Tesla cars' supercharger. Read More >>

Honda’s NeuV Electric Concept Has Feelings and Can Drive Itself

Honda's decided that the Consumer Electronic Show is where electric self-driving cars belong, so that's where we'll see the NeuV for the first time in January. It's described as being an "EV commuter vehicle equipped with artificial intelligence" so even when travelling alone there will be someone to argue with about what sort of music to listen to. Read More >>

The Classic Vespa Scooter Is Finally Going Electric

There’s not much info aside from “we promise it’s coming,” but Vespa has finally revealed it’s making an electric version of its iconic scooter. Read More >>

All-Electric Bike Hire Scheme Launches in Exeter

The city of Exeter has launched the first city-wide electric bike hire scheme in the UK, with the five hire sites of today -- including one at Exeter Central train station -- hopefully increasing to eight by early next year. Read More >>

This 1970s ‘Flux Capacitor’ is the World’s Fastest Road-Legal Electric Car

A modified version of an electric car originally built in the UK back in the 1970s now claims to be the fastest EV in the world, thanks to a racing enthusiast who replaced the car's original 8hp power unit with a more modern version capable of outputting some 800bhp. Read More >>

Black Cab Clones Expected After Judge’s ‘Not Distinctive Enough’ Ruling

A court struggle over the launch of unofficial variants of London's black cabs has been decided in favour of those that want to create their own versions of the jellymould taxis, with a judge finding that the shape of the car's shell isn't distinctive enough to be trademarked. Read More >>

Aston Martin to Cut Jobs and Go Electric/SUV

Posho carmaker of the super rich Aston Martin has announced a restructuring, revealing that it'll be cutting jobs in the UK to a fairly large degree -- while also investigating the weird world of the electric car and the urban SUV. Read More >>

Tesla’s Model X is Finally Here: The Stuff We Didn’t Already Know

Tease much? We’ve known Tesla’s SUV was coming since 2012, back before the Mayan apocalypse. It has finally arrived, and we were at the grand unveiling outside of the Tesla factory in California. A lot of information has already been released in the lead-up, but we wanted to find out the things we didn't already know and to attempt to rub my face on this sweet-looking vehicle. Read More >>

Here’s How to (Maybe) Get a Free Tesla Model X

Tesla has jumped on the affiliate sales bandwagon, and is offering people the chance to bag $1,000 in commission per sale should they convince, force or trick a friend to buy one of the company's electric cars by clicking on a link. Read More >>

A UK Guide to the Best Electric Bikes

Want to keep up with the MAMILs but can't dedicate enough time to getting fit? You want an one of the best electric bikes then, for all the fun of cycling but without quite so much in the way of sweaty lycra to peel off at the end of the day. Read More >>