Potential Electric Truck Maker Plans UK Hydrogen Fuel Network

Electric transport startup Nikola -- you can see what it has done there and it's rather cringeworthy -- claims to be on the cusp of creating a hydrogen fuel network, and is saying it'll have an EU-wide network of 50 stations ready in time for the launch of some actual physical lorries by 2022 or so. Read More >>

Green Number Plates for EVs Arrive This Autumn

The government has approved its old plan to stick green bits on the number plates of electric cars, helping drivers feel additionally special and also making it easier for local authorities to identify zero emission vehicles and allocate special bits of road for our non-polluting vehicles of the future. Read More >>

Germany Orders All Petrol Stations to Fit EV Charge Points

Germany is having a big go at pushing adoption of all-electric cars, as it's about to require all normal liquid fuel stations to install EV chargers so the local equivalent of Jeremy Clarkson may no longer complain about range anxiety, and may instead focus full-time on penis anxiety instead. Read More >>

UK Car-to-Grid Trial Launches for 100 Super-Engaged Nissan EV Owners

Using the spare battery power in your car to run your home electrics for cheap during peak times has long been foreshadowed as a thing of the near future, and now it is. For real. But only for 100 Nissan Leaf owners. Read More >>

Don’t Forget Electric Bikes When Hurriedly Terraforming the Roads, Says Energy Think Tank

If you are a bit sad about the prospect of the clean air disappearing from our cities when life returns to normal it might be time to consider an electric bike, as one clean energy research centre says switching from car to e-bike for commuting could save 0.7 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere each year. Per person. Read More >>

UK New Car Sales Nearly Halved in March

Registrations of new cars in the UK for March reached predictably apocalyptic and generational lows, as you don't really need a lease on a new SUV when you're not even supposed to be walking to the newsagent for a Mars bar and a milkshake. Registrations of all new cars plummeted 44 per cent year on year, with diesels suffering an unimaginable 62 per cent fall in deliveries. Read More >>

Electric Car Co2 Emissions Myth ‘Busted’ to Jeremy Clarkson’s Presumed Disbelief

The age-old debate about if the manufacture and charging of electric cars ends makes them worse for the environment than your dad's '02 diesel Volvo that he's planning on driving until he's buried in it has been ended, hopefully, with researchers finding that in 95 per cent of cases EVs are indeed greener over their entire lifespans; even taking into account the days there's no wind or sun and they're charged by a northern coal plant being lit and stoked up by some old bloke come out of retirement for the day. Read More >>

One London Street Solves EV Charging Dilemma

This is a bit of a PR stunt and is in no way happening anywhere other than along one privileged road right now, but it does at least show it's possible to charge electric cars when they're all nose-to-tail down a residential road, as occupants of London's Sutherland Avenue have all been sorted with an entire street's worth of lamppost electric charging hardware. Trip hazards be-mostly-gone. Read More >>

UK’s EV Grant Chopped by £500

The government is continuing with its bundle of various grants for buying new electric vehicles, although some tweaking to the formula sees the £3,500 current incentive reduced to £3,000. Read More >>

National Express Promises a Full Zero Emission Bus Fleet by 2030

Bus and coach specialist National Express has said it will stop buying diesel buses and coaches from literally right now, as it foresees a time in the near-ish future when every bus and coach it operates is full electric, or hydrogen, or pedalled by people down below paying £1 to transit between our major cities. Read More >>

Giving One Town Electric Buses is Today’s World-Saving Initiative

The Department for Transport would like to be considered the pioneering good guys of today, as it's revealed a weird sort of regional lottery from which one lucky town will benefit from enough money to revolutionise itself with a fleet of all-electric buses. Read More >>

E-Scooters Solve Nothing, Says European Environment Agency

The grim flood of crappy e-scooter hire schemes we're about to see enabled will not do anything for the environment or the cleanliness of our grey city air, because the people likely to impulse-hire one for a ten-minute laugh would've walked or got the train or bus instead, had the thing not been temptingly dumped in a tangled pile of metal in some urban doorway. Read More >>

UK-Based Electric Van Maker Suddenly Needs to Actually Make 10,000 of Them

The geniuses behind electric vehicle startup Arrival have pulled off an almighty win, managing to convince delivery giant UPS to order 10,000 of the (potential future) carmaker's all-electric delivery vans – despite Arrival having not yet built anything at all. Read More >>

Government Puts £3.4m into Wireless Electric Taxi Charging Scheme

Nottingham City Council, the government's Future of Transport department and a basket of companies all with an oar in the future of electric mobility are preparing a wireless charging scheme in Nottingham, where a small fleet of taxis will be kitted out with wireless charge units for six months to see if it makes EVs more palatable to pro drivers. Read More >>

Aston Martin Abandons Production of Full Electric Rapide

Or the Aston Martin Rapide E to give it its proper attribution, what was to be the carmaker's first entry into the EV market. Production is said to have been cancelled, due to Aston's financial woes and a need to get all (Welsh) hands to the machines to churn out an SUV to save the day. Read More >>