Nissan Leaf
Young People Bang up for Electric Cars, Old People Not so Keen

A survey asking young people what kind of car they might buy were they to ever have any money has thrown up a massive divide in age-related opinion, with the under-35s much more likely to consider going non-petrol and full-EV than their parents and grandparents. Read More >>

Nissan Leaf
Electric Cars Rocket to Slightly Larger Tiny Fraction of UK Vehicle Total

People with electric cars don't have to worry about fighting other drivers for the charging cables and EV-only parking spaces just yet, as although sales are on the up the proportion of pure EVs on the roads in the UK remains rather infinitesimal. Read More >>

Bentley SUV Goes Semi-Electric and Has a Philippe Starck Charger

Bentley wants in on the electric car scene of today, hence the creation of the Bentayga hybrid -- a plug-in version of its new SUV for the super posh. Read More >>

London’s First Electric Black Cab Hits the Streets

The first customer to take delivery of one of London's new electric taxis has been made a star of, with black cab maker LEVC taking photos and quotes to mark the historic day that Chingford's David Harris got his keys. Read More >>

Electric Cars Could Escape Bridge Tolls – Until They Become Popular

Loads of old people who make decisions within the UK city of Southampton's council department could make a monumental change to the nation's road rules next week, when they rule on whether or not to allow electric cars free passage over a toll bridge. Read More >>

Rolls Royce Prepares Hybrid Electric Jet Engine for 2020

A three-pronged consortium made up of Rolls Royce, Airbus and Siemens is preparing to have a hybrid jet testing the electric flight concept by 2020, with an aircraft known as the E-Fan X hybrid-electric technology demonstrator hopefully ready to fly in a little more than two years. Read More >>

Full Electric Cars Sales Rocket to… 476 in a Month

That new Nissan Leaf has got a lot of work to do, as sales figures for pure, full electric car sales in the UK show that they're not exactly capturing the public's imagination yet. Read More >>

BMW Shows Off Full Electric Mini Designs

We now know what the UK-built electric Mini is going to look like, courtesy of brand custodian BMW. It's a Mini, of course, but with glowly swooshy bits to tell everyone it's got the posh new kind of motor and a battery inside that'd keep a smartphone operational for a decade. Read More >>

Qualcomm Tests a Wireless Charging Road

Mobile tech giant Qualcomm has pulled off an interesting stunt in the world of electric cars, claiming to have created the first wireless-charging bit of road. Read More >>

New Research Shows Electric Brain Stimulation Can Help Memory

Zapping the brain with small bursts of electricity in hopes of improving memory isn’t a brand new concept, but a new study shows that the experimental therapy could be more effective than previous studies indicated. A team of neuroscientist from the University of Pennsylvania are the first to successfully demonstrate that electrical stimulation to the brain can have restorative effects. Read More >>

Startup Tests Car-Charging Lamp Posts in London

A new business in London has the dream of adding electric car chargers to many of the city's lamp posts, meaning that even the people who live in the converted loft up on the fourth floor that doesn't even have any windows (£1,450pm, shared bathroom) can manage to charge their contract hire BMW i3s while they sleep. Read More >>

Should Electric Cars Go Whoosh or Vroom?

Electric car makers have until 2019 to decide what kinds of sounds their vehicles should project to warn pedestrians of their approach, when it becomes compulsory for EVs sold inside the EU to make some sort of vrooming sound. And some developers are already on the case. Read More >>

Easyjet Collaborates on Electric Passenger Jet

A company promising the eco dream of electric flight says it might have a model ready, oh, within about ten years or so, with budget flier Easyjet helping steer the development on the commercial side of things. Read More >>

Nissan Leaf
Energy Companies Are Already Planning to Limit Electric Car Charging

The futuristic electric car utopia is under threat before it's even arrived, as one UK electricity supplier warns that charging points may have to be time-delayed to avoid the commuters of the country smashing the grid to pieces when they all plug their e-cars in to charge at 6:25pm every evening. Read More >>

Electric MotoGP Races are Coming by 2019

The organiser of the MotoGP bike racing series is about to embrace the electric movement, revealing a plan to introduce a standalone electric bike event to run alongside the petrol MotoGP tournaments from the 2019 season. Read More >>