Scottish Wind Power Bails Out Your Southern Air Conditioners

Scotland and its array of on and off-shore wind turbines hit a new record for renewable energy production in the first half of 2019, with enough power generated to fully run all the daisy-chained chargers and cheese chilling fridges of 4.47 million homes. Read More >>

E.ON Puts Everyone on a Renewable Tariff for Nothing

Electricity provider E.ON has switched all of its UK subscribers to a 100 per cent renewable tariff, leaving its 3.3 million customers happy in the knowledge that no coal was harmed in the charging of their smart devices. Read More >>

Government Plans Tax Attack on Home Solar Installs

The tax enforcers at the HMRC are proposing a massive increase in the tax payable when purchasing a home solar and battery combo, with the existing 5 per cent VAT rate possibly rising to 20 per cent in the near future. Read More >>

Supermarket Fridges Are a Surprise Grid Power Battery Buffer

Tesco and a team of energy experts from the University of Lincoln have had an idea right out of the pages of a very boring straight-to-Kindle science fiction novel set about seven months into the future. They think supermarket fridges could be engineered to provide the equivalent functionality of a massive battery to smooth out fluctuations in demand across the energy grid. Read More >>

Scotland Builds Giant Super Battery

Scottish Power is about to corner a significant amount of the UK's lithium stocks, as it's preparing to build a huge battery rated to store up to 50 MW of power. Read More >>

It Was Another Bad Weekend for the Coal Merchants

Hot on the heels of the last bit of warm weather we had came another bit of warm weather this weekend, but this is not a retrospective weather forecast. It's your regular update on the state of coal-fired power generation in the UK, which hit a new record low over the bank holiday. Read More >>

Hot Weekend Shuts Down the Coal-Fired Power Stations

The UK ran on not-coal-generated forms of electricity for the longest period since our best method of power generation was the water wheel and pulling things up rivers with horses, with the coal-fired power stations left smouldering and offline for 90-straight hours over the warm long weekend. Read More >>

Electric-Only Forecourts Selling Premium Solar Power Planned

Sustainable energy supplier Gridserve thinks that what electric car owners really need is a garage all to themselves where no one's hands smell a bit of diesel, hence the imminent coming of the Electric Forecourt® – a garage with no petrol. And comfy chairs exclusively for EV owners. Read More >>

Indian Scientists Measure 1.3-Billion-Volt Thunderstorm, the Strongest on Record

Scientists in India observed the highest-voltage thunderstorm ever documented with the help of a subatomic particle you might not hear much about: the muon. Read More >>

Scottish Island Has Electricity All Day Now

The internationally renowned knitwear hotbed that is Fair Isle is in the news today, and not because someone's bought a bespoke jumper for £200. It's because the island is finally luxuriating in an uninterrupted, 24-hour electricity supply. Read More >>

Rest in Peace, Cat That Broke Into US Substation and Blew Out Power to Thousands

A cat that broke into an electrical substation and unfortunately perished after coming into contact with high-voltage equipment was responsible for a power outage that affected some 7,500 Entergy customers in New Orleans in the US state of Louisiana on Monday morning, the Advocate wrote. Read More >>

2018 UK Dyson Award Winner Ticks all the Dyson Award Boxes

An invention that involves all of James Dyson's favourite things has scooped the UK leg of the company's design award challenge, with two men and their innovative omnidirectional wind turbine winning global publicity for their tiny spinning generator concept. Read More >>

Nation’s Lights Kept on for 55 Hours Without Burning Coal

All those turbines you see along the motorways seem to be doing the job, as the UK set a new record for powering itself without the need to fall back on burning coal for electricity generation. Read More >>

Energy Company Wakes You up When Electricity is Cheap

A new energy provider is promising to pass on the minute-by-minute fluctuations of the wholesale electricity market to the likes of us, meaning we'll be able to put the washing machine on and toast the week's toast at the most efficient time -- and perhaps even receive a rebate for doing so. Read More >>

Stupid Woodpeckers are Destroying Electricity Poles

A bunch of stupid woodpeckers who live in East Anglia are being blamed for masses of damage that's been caused to electricity poles, with the local power company saying that around 6,000 poles have had nest holes drilled into them in the last year. Read More >>