Scottish Island Has Electricity All Day Now

The internationally renowned knitwear hotbed that is Fair Isle is in the news today, and not because someone's bought a bespoke jumper for £200. It's because the island is finally luxuriating in an uninterrupted, 24-hour electricity supply. Read More >>

Rest in Peace, Cat That Broke Into US Substation and Blew Out Power to Thousands

A cat that broke into an electrical substation and unfortunately perished after coming into contact with high-voltage equipment was responsible for a power outage that affected some 7,500 Entergy customers in New Orleans in the US state of Louisiana on Monday morning, the Advocate wrote. Read More >>

2018 UK Dyson Award Winner Ticks all the Dyson Award Boxes

An invention that involves all of James Dyson's favourite things has scooped the UK leg of the company's design award challenge, with two men and their innovative omnidirectional wind turbine winning global publicity for their tiny spinning generator concept. Read More >>

Nation’s Lights Kept on for 55 Hours Without Burning Coal

All those turbines you see along the motorways seem to be doing the job, as the UK set a new record for powering itself without the need to fall back on burning coal for electricity generation. Read More >>

Energy Company Wakes You up When Electricity is Cheap

A new energy provider is promising to pass on the minute-by-minute fluctuations of the wholesale electricity market to the likes of us, meaning we'll be able to put the washing machine on and toast the week's toast at the most efficient time -- and perhaps even receive a rebate for doing so. Read More >>

Stupid Woodpeckers are Destroying Electricity Poles

A bunch of stupid woodpeckers who live in East Anglia are being blamed for masses of damage that's been caused to electricity poles, with the local power company saying that around 6,000 poles have had nest holes drilled into them in the last year. Read More >>

The UK Just Produced Over Half Its Electricity Without Burning Anything

Some people don't like renewable energy, but those people all own oil wells or mines of some sort. For the rest of us an increasing amount of energy from sources like wind and solar is nothing but good news. After all, who doesn't want to tap into the unlimited amount of solar, wind and wave power we can access? Read More >>

Today Will Be The First Working Day Without Needing Coal Power Since The Industrial Revolution

Brilliant news for anyone who doesn't want to swim to work in a few decades time: Britain is slowly but surely kicking its dirty coal habit. The National Grid tweeted the rather exciting news that today could be the first working day in Britain since the Industrial Revolution that we've gone without needing to generate any coal power: Read More >>

Electric Car Brownouts Coming Soon to a Street Near You

Some people running the maths ahead of the anticipated electric car boom have some bad news for the electrified streets of the near future, claiming that having as few as six EVs charging themselves up at the same time on the same road could trigger localised power shortages. Read More >>

Network Rail Says Our Trains Should be Batterified

The boss of Network Rail has had a great idea for a way to save the cost of electrifying the chunks of the UK's railway network that haven't been converted -- battery powered trains. Read More >>

Rogue Smart Meters Give Customers 3,000,000 Per Cent Bill Increases

People putting the heating on even though it's spring had a nasty shock over the weekend, after a group of smart energy meters issued by supplier SSE went mad -- and gave subscribers gas bills in the tens of thousands of pounds. Read More >>

Barnsley Village Goes Battery Powered

40 homes in Oxspring, near Barnsley, are taking part in a pioneering trial that'll see them fitted with batteries to run their homes, using stored energy generated by local rooftop solar panels. Read More >>

Shooting a Tesla Coil Gun is Some Real Ghostbusters Shit

There’s nothing I want to do more in life than to shoot a Tesla coil gun. Seeing those bolts of electricity fly out of that death ray-looking weapon is basically all I’ve ever dreamed about since I’ve watched Ghostbusters, and this Tesla coil gun is the closest thing to a real-life Proton Pack that I’ve ever seen. Read More >>

This Map Shows How Depressingly Reliant We Are On Fossil Fuels

Electricity is an amazing thing when you think about it. The hassle of generating it, the faff of transmitting it, and the challenge of making sure that it is always working. Yet we hardly ever actually think about it, because it is always just there. But now a fabulous new map shows us what is going on behind the scenes. Read More >>

Now You Can Call 105 If You Get a Power Cut

Power cuts are always annoying, but it isn't always clear what to do. Should you wait it out and hope the lights flicker back to life? Or should you head out, risking life and limb in the darkness, in pursuit of a functioning civilisation? Read More >>