Rogue Smart Meters Give Customers 3,000,000 Per Cent Bill Increases

People putting the heating on even though it's spring had a nasty shock over the weekend, after a group of smart energy meters issued by supplier SSE went mad -- and gave subscribers gas bills in the tens of thousands of pounds. Read More >>

Barnsley Village Goes Battery Powered

40 homes in Oxspring, near Barnsley, are taking part in a pioneering trial that'll see them fitted with batteries to run their homes, using stored energy generated by local rooftop solar panels. Read More >>

Shooting a Tesla Coil Gun is Some Real Ghostbusters Shit

There’s nothing I want to do more in life than to shoot a Tesla coil gun. Seeing those bolts of electricity fly out of that death ray-looking weapon is basically all I’ve ever dreamed about since I’ve watched Ghostbusters, and this Tesla coil gun is the closest thing to a real-life Proton Pack that I’ve ever seen. Read More >>

This Map Shows How Depressingly Reliant We Are On Fossil Fuels

Electricity is an amazing thing when you think about it. The hassle of generating it, the faff of transmitting it, and the challenge of making sure that it is always working. Yet we hardly ever actually think about it, because it is always just there. But now a fabulous new map shows us what is going on behind the scenes. Read More >>

Now You Can Call 105 If You Get a Power Cut

Power cuts are always annoying, but it isn't always clear what to do. Should you wait it out and hope the lights flicker back to life? Or should you head out, risking life and limb in the darkness, in pursuit of a functioning civilisation? Read More >>

The “Smart Energy” Revolution Keeping Britain’s Lights On

The boss of the National Grid thinks that better managing our existing network of power generation might help us avoid the menace of the electricity blackouts we're constantly being warned are on the way, with an "internet of energy" making us less reliant on massive new generation infrastructure. Read More >>

Energy Regulator Puts a Price Cap on Electricity Bills to Protect Poorer Consumers

Energy regulator Ofgem is finally done with two years of meetings and group emails on what to do about public fury aimed at the profits made by the energy suppliers, with one of its big ideas being the introduction of a price cap for PAYG meter users that it says will save the average user around £75 per year. Read More >>

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Running a Current Through a Steel Chain Turns It Into a Bad Ass Electric Whip

I don’t know what compels a person to run an electric current through a steel chain and then prance around with the glowing fire links of metal like it’s some sort of skipping rope. But I’m glad such a person exists, because it’s pretty damn cool to see the steel chain transform into this fiery red hot whip that can pop off lightning sparks. Read More >>

This 1970s ‘Flux Capacitor’ is the World’s Fastest Road-Legal Electric Car

A modified version of an electric car originally built in the UK back in the 1970s now claims to be the fastest EV in the world, thanks to a racing enthusiast who replaced the car's original 8hp power unit with a more modern version capable of outputting some 800bhp. Read More >>

This Magazine Predicted the Electric Haircut of Tomorrow

Tech-enthusiasts of the 1920s were obsessed with turning everything electric. They wanted electric mixing bowls, electric dishwashers, and even electric haircuts. It may seem like an obvious idea today, but back in the 1920s, an electric haircut was straight out of science fiction. Read More >>

British Gas to Offer Free Weekend Electricity to Smart Meter Users

British Gas customers have been given a great reason to save all of their cooking and vacuuming duties for the weekend, with the energy company offering free electricity to smart meter users. Read More >>

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A Simulation of What 100,000 Volts Does to Human Flesh

Besides shooting an actual human or a pig carcass, the best way to determine the efficacy of a projectile — like a bullet – is with ballistic gel, which has almost identical density and viscosity to human muscle tissue. But how does it fare against extraordinary voltages? According to this experiment caught on video, the short answer is: not well. Read More >>

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Pumping Electricity Through a Drill Bit Makes it Melt into a Fiery Mess

Electricity is powerful and astonishingly noisy. But why does electricity make this steel drill bit go up in flames? Read More >>

How Did This Escaped Chimp Not Get Zapped Into Oblivion?

In a scene eerily reminiscent of Rise of the Planet of the Apes, an escaped chimpanzee sought refuge on the power lines of a Japanese suburb. The chimp was eventually subdued after a frantic two-hour police chase, but you have to wonder: why didn’t he get zapped by the power lines? Here’s the answer. Read More >>

Lake District Power Plant to Generate Power from…Cheese

The debate over how we should generate the electricity we need is often hugely controversial. Do we really need to frack for oil? Is nuclear the answer, or just more problems? So it is perhaps welcome news that a new energy solution has emerged. Cheese. Read More >>