You Soon Won’t Be Able to Play EA’s Official Tetris Game on Your iPhone

In a stark reminder that you rarely actually own anything you buy digitally, Electronic Arts’ iOS Tetris games will not only be disappearing from the App Store on April 21, but the games themselves will no longer be playable on iPhones and iPads – even if you paid for them. Read More >>

Belgian Gaming Commission Decides Battlefront II-Style Loot Boxes Are Gambling, Wants Them Banned

Electronic Art’s Star Wars Battlefront II, one of the biggest video game titles of the year, debuted to disaster in recent weeks after both consumers and the gaming press revolted against the full-priced game’s reliance on microtransaction-fuelled, pay-to-win loot boxes. At launch, the title prevented players from accessing key features of the game like playing as Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader without either gruelling grinds or shelling out extra cash to help bypass its confusing internal economy. Read More >>

Congratulations to EA for Posting the Most Hated Comment in Reddit History

While Reddit sometimes overstates its value as a space for authentic conversations online, the massive community-driven website has served as a kind of town hall where everyone from everyone from Elon Musk and Barack Obama to a dildo manufacturer have responded to questions from completely un-vetted strangers. Sometimes it goes well. For Electronic Arts, the new owner of the most hated comment in Reddit’s history, not so much. Read More >>

EA Adds Women’s Teams to FIFA 16

In news that some might argue should have happened years ago, Electronic Arts has announced that it's adding women's international football teams to FIFA 16. Read More >>

EA Man Claims Xbox One and PS4 are a Whole “Generation” Ahead of PC

Well that's one way of putting the PC Sim City mess behind you. The aggressive posturing about the power of the next-generation of home consoles comes from EA man Rajat Taneja, the game giant's Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, who says Xbox One and PS4 are "a generation ahead" of the best gaming PCs. Read More >>

Bug- “Fixing” SimCity Update Bursts Your City’s Poop-Pipes

As if SimCity players haven't had enough of putting up with EA's always-on DRM nightmare of a game, there's now a new form of excrement to deal with thanks to a bug that breaks the city's sewers and introduces many more problems than it's supposed to fix. Read More >>

Sim City-Sufferers Earn Themselves a Free Game and More Apologies

Those who've spent the last few days trying, failing and trying again to play the new Sim City on PC are about to be rewarded for their patience, with publisher EA dishing out an unspecified free PC game as consolation. Read More >>

Sim City Temporarily Pulled From Amazon US Amid DRM-Fueled One-Star Review Rampage

There's an almighty fuss surrounding EA's newly launched Sim City update, with the PC game's always-on internet requirement leading to delays and queues when trying to connect to a server to play the thing -- and causing Amazon US to temporarily suspend sales as users vent their one-star fury. Read More >>

EA Caught Disgracefully Rehashing and Reselling Last Year’s FIFA for Wii

It's always been a bit of running joke to claim game publisher Electronic Arts flogs the same sports games to punters every year, changing the strips a bit and updating the player rotas to earn itself an easy £40. Only this year, that's exactly what it's done with the Wii version of FIFA 13. Read More >>

Game Giant EA Is Up For Sale at Around £4bn

Electronic Arts, the enormous game publisher that satisfies our annual lust for football, driving and war simulations, is up for sale. It's yours if you can trade in enough old copies of FIFA to raise approximately £4billion. Read More >>

EA Turning Battlefield 3 Into Sports Celeb “Reality Show”

Mega publisher Electronic Arts is about to take video games into a very weird new place, thanks to new reality TV show production Battlefield 3: Operation Gridiron. Read More >>