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This Trippy Music Video Is Made of 3D Fractals

What you’re watching isn’t organic, but a computer-generated visualisation of complex mathematics. It’s a three-dimensional fractal. Read More >>

Radiohead Secretly Hid an Old Computer Program in the Anniversary Edition of OK Computer

“Ancient” is a very relative term when talking about computer history. By the looks of it, however, Radiohead hid a computer program on the tape that comes with the 20th anniversary edition of OK Computer, and making it work feels like time travel. That’s because you’ll need an ‘80s-era, 8-bit computer, the ZX Spectrum, to run it. Read More >>

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Dude Turns His Weird Cat’s Meow Into an Awesome Electro Track

“Cat music” is a funny YouTube search, filled with lullabies for kittens and clips of cats singing. But what happens when you take a cat’s meow, cut it up, and turn it into a club banger? Great things, my friend. Great things. Read More >>

Gorgeous Minimoog Cutaway Poster Hides 28 Electronic Music Pioneers Inside It

Design shop Dorothy has a new cutaway schematic print that reveals the inner working of the Minimoog analogue synthesiser that’s been a distinctive part of electronic music for decades. But you won’t find transistors or electronic components inside—just 28 electronic music pioneers hidden like a Where’s Wally book. Read More >>

Someone Made a Rube Goldberg Machine for Techno Beats and It’s Magical 

Hacking records is old hat in the music world. But have you ever wondered what happens when you hack everything you can find into a whirling tower of techno-making mechanical marvels? See above. Read More >>

This DIY Device Turns Your Table Into a Psychedelic Music Maker

It's not so simple to become an electronic musician. The equipment is expensive. There's not a good how-to book. It's sometimes a little unclear what exactly electronic music is. That's why the Contact musical interface is so intriguing. Read More >>

Discover Musical Instruments Everywhere With This Tiny Synthesiser

London-based duo Dentaku have made digital instruments out of beer bottles, text messages, and colour-sensing robots. But, for their latest trick, Yuri Suzuki and Mark McKeague want to let you make music. Meet Ototo, a tiny synthesiser that lets you make almost anything—from oranges to origami—into an instrument. Read More >>

Trent Reznor Explains Just How Far Electronic Music Has Come

Nine Inch Nails frontman and music genius Trent Reznor gave a fantastic interview to the Fader, and it sums up just about everything about the state of electronic music and how we listen to it. Read More >>

All DJs Are Glorified Button Pushers

We all hit play. It's no secret.  When it comes to "live" performance of EDM (ED: electronic dance music)… that's about the most it seems you can do anyway. It's not about performance art, it's not about talent either (really it's not). In fact, let me do you and the rest of the EDM world button pushers who fuckin hate me for telling you how it is, a favour and let you all know how it is. Read More >>

The First Issue of Time Out Magazine Listed an Electronic Music Gig Way Back In 1968

Time Out is one of those magazines you probably dip in and out of, but did you know the first issue, published in 1968, had an "electronic music" section? Yes, while Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull were the headline acts that August, Time Out's listed just one "computer music" event for that fortnight -- a concert of taped music from the Experimental Music Studio, situated in the University of Illinois. Read More >>