Brilliant Staircase Design Stores Extra Energy to Make It Easier to Climb Later

Do you deliberately avoid visiting friends who live in multi-story buildings without a lift? No one would fault you—having to climb even just a single flight of stairs is like being forced to workout against your will. But thanks to engineers at Georgia Tech and Emory University, stairs might one day do all the hard work for you. Read More >>

Will This Manually-Powered Lift Replace Stairs One Day?

A team of designers from the Rombaut Frieling Lab in Eindhoven, Netherlands, have created what they believe is the perfect hybrid between stairs and lifts: an unusual contraption called the Vertical Walking that lets people move between floors with minimal manual effort. Read More >>

The World’s Largest Elevator Can Lift 6.7 Million Pounds of Ship

There are a lot of logistical problems that pop up when you build a 600-foot structure like the Three Gorges Dam in China’s Hubei province. For example, how do ships navigate the sudden extreme difference in water heights on either side of the dam? That’s an easy one. You just build the world’s largest elevator capable of lifting 6.7 million pounds of boat and water. Read More >>

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This Lift Moves Both Horizontally and Vertically

Willy Wonka’s glass elevator is real! Well, sort of. Read More >>

How Would a Real Space Elevator Work and Is It Even Possible to Build?

Kurzgesagt ponders the question of whether space elevators can be built and answers it as only they can. Read More >>

Miniature Home Lift Could Replace Stair Lifts and… Stairs

This amazing idea is the concept of UK-based company Terry Lifts, which wants to do away with stairlifts and perhaps even the outdated concept of stairs themselves by creating a simple and cheap lift you could put in the corner of a room. Read More >>

This Super Tall, Super Thin Tower Was Built Just to Test Elevators

How do you design a new type of elevator without installing it in an existing building? It’s a chicken/egg question that engineers have long struggled with; even abandoned mine shafts have even been used to test new technology, in years gone by. Read More >>

Trapped in an Elevator? In Japan, At Least You’ll Have a Toilet

You’re on an elevator. An earthquake hits. It’s scary. The power goes out, and now you’re stuck. And you gotta go, bad. Luckily, Japan is putting emergency toilets on elevators to prevent such nightmares. Read More >>

The Quest to Build an Elevator to Space

Forget buying a stairway to heaven. Serious people are trying to build an elevator to space. Read More >>

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Broken Lift Catapults Unfortunate Rider Through the Ceiling

A man sustained serious head injuries after an out-of-control lift exploded up 31 floors in 15 seconds, shooting him through the roof when it came to an abrupt halt at the top. He hurt himself, but didn't die so it's OK to laugh a bit as long as you also feel a bit bad for doing so. Watch this, then take the stairs forever. [io9] Read More >>

The Tallest Lifts on Earth are Being Tested in an Old Mineshaft

Jeddah's Kingdom Tower will be taller than any other structure ever built. At more than half a mile tall, this elevator will require feats of engineering that, until now, have been the stuff of science fiction. Like the world's tallest, longest, and fastest lifts—which are being developed in a mineshaft in Finland. Read More >>

Who Invented the Lift?

The history of the lift, if you define it as a platform that can move people and objects up and down, is actually a rather long one. Rudimentary lifts are known to have been in use in ancient Rome as far back as 336 BC, with the first reference of one built by the talented Archimedes. Read More >>

China Has Commissioned the World’s Fastest Elevators

This week, the Japanese tech giant Hitachi announced a contract to build two of the fastest elevator in the world for a forthcoming skyscraper in China. Seems innocuous enough, right? But buried within the press release are a few fascinating details that illustrate how China's skyscraper boom is affecting the global economy—including the fact that it bought a whopping 60 per cent of all elevators sold in 2013. Read More >>

Ride an Outdoor Elevator to a Walkway in the Sky

If you've ever walked around in a hilly city, you've probably done your share of avoiding uphill paths. Hills have a way of carving dividing lines into a city. In Pamplona, Spain, two neighbourhoods separated by elevation could be connected by this striking new outdoor lift, or elevator. Read More >>

Microsoft’s Building Smart Elevators That Know When You Want to Get On

Smartphones, smartwatches, smart home appliances. Why not smart elevators? That's the question Microsoft asked—and then answered, by putting a Kinect camera in an elevator, training it to recognise when people want to get on, and teaching it to open the doors automatically when needed. Smart, indeed. Read More >>