Five People, Including Stephen Elop, Make the Microsoft CEO X Factor Shortlist

Microsoft is believed to have whittled its shortlist of Ballmer replacements down to just five, with former MS employee and Nokia manager Stephen Elop making the cut and proceeding to next week's live elimination dance-off to become the new Microsoft CEO. Read More >>

Nokia’s “First” Tablet Will be Windows 8, But What of the Rest?

Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop has said the company is looking to "broaden its portfolio" in the future, with the long anticipated move into tablets perhaps about to happen. Way after everyone in the world has already bought one and then upgraded it to a better one six months later, but still. Read More >>

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Is Microsoft Shoehorning Nokia Branding Into Bing Maps On BlackBerrys and Others?

We already knew that part of Microsoft and Nokia’s “special relationship” included the integration of Nokia’s superior mapping technology into Bing Maps. But now Stephen Elop seems to be suggesting that Microsoft’s actually going to go whole-hog and will bung Nokia branding into Bing Maps somewhere. Read More >>