Stamps Celebrate Elton John’s Miraculous Hair Journey

Elton John's hair is the star of a new series of stamps from the Royal Mail, which chart the star's progress from thinning 1970s dad aesthetic to full-head 2000s boyish fluffiness via the mysterious 1980s hat period. Read More >>

The Elton John Lewis Christmas Ad Is Here To Make You Cry

In a Christmas tradition that's rapidly grown to rival the appearance of the Coca-Cola truck, the John Lewis Christmas ad for 2018 has now dropped. Tissues at the ready. Read More >>

Do You Love Pianos and Whales Equally and Find it Hard to Choose Between Them?

There's a company called Whaletone. It makes electric pianos shaped like whales, complete with lids that open to create a bizarre dorsal fin effect. If you're super-rich and have a new basement that needs filling with expensive things that are bigger and better than the things your neighbours have, here you go. Read More >>