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Watch a First-Time Hang Glider Hang On for Dear Life After Realising He’s Not Strapped In

If you’ve ever been on the fence about trying an extreme sport like hang gliding, this video will have you keeping your feet firmly planted on terra firma. On his first day of a holiday in Switzerland, YouTuber Gursk3 decided to try hang gliding, but the excursion didn’t go exactly as planned. Read More >>

A Spare Tyre Made From Countless Rolls of Duct Tape Is Surprisingly Durable

Spare tyres aren’t cheap, and do you really want to spend all that money on something you might never actually use? Not when 20 rolls of duct tape can apparently be used to make a remarkably functional spare tyre, as the mechanics at YouTube’s Life OD discovered. Read More >>

A Four-Year-Old Boy Used Siri to Save His Unconscious Mother’s Life

When a young boy identified only as Roman couldn’t wake up his unconscious mother, he did what any astute, technologically-adept four-year-old would do: He used his mother’s finger to unlock her phone, and then asked Siri to call emergency services. The boy’s actions saved his mother, but the incident exposes some dark and dangerous flaws in our increasingly landline-less world. Read More >>

Salt Water Is All You Need to Power This Lamp for 80 Hours

Hurricanes, earthquakes, elected officials—there are plenty of legitimate reasons to prepare for the end of civilisation as we know it, and if the world’s supply of batteries ever runs out, you’ll be glad you had this emergency LED lamp tucked away in your doomsday shelter. Read More >>

Don’t Expect Amazon’s Alexa to Help You in a Life or Death Emergency

If you need the weather forecast, sports scores, or just want to hear your favourite playlist, the Alexa virtual assistant on Amazon’s Echo can help you out. Where Alexa doesn’t have your back, however, is when someone is breaking into your home, and you need to call the police for help, as Steve Hogarty discovered. Read More >>

Download This Free Simulator App that Teaches You How to Survive Airplane Emergencies

Prepare For Impact started life as an unsettling Oculus Rift virtual reality demo that simulated what it was like to be inside a plane during an emergency landing in water. But its creators have since expanded the project into a free app that simulates countless ways your next flight could go wrong. Read More >>

There’s a Scarily-Graphic Tube Disaster Simulation Going Down in London This Week

London Underground carriages buried in rubble, people covered in blood and emergency crews working together to rescue as many of them as possible. It may look and sound like a scene from a movie or terrible nightmares, but this is genuinely happening right now. Read More >>

Watch This Absurd 10-Minute Video on How to Land a Plane In an Emergency

Tim Morgan, a commercial pilot with years of experience, has created a ten minute video he claims will help anyone safely land a 737 in an emergency. The notion that someone could plop down in a cockpit, with zero experience, and pilot a 737 to a safe landing is ludicrous, but that doesn’t make this video any less fascinating. Read More >>

Police, Fire and Ambulance Services Should Cohabitate, Says Report

England's emergency services should be forced to buddy up and start sharing control rooms to help speed up emergency response times, so says a report looking at ways the police, fire and ambulance teams could work better. Read More >>

Robotic Critters Make Excellent Rescue Dogs

DARPA’s BigDog is a four-legged robot that’s too noisy for covert ops on the battlefield. But a different beast-inspired bot from Italy could have use elsewhere: Its legs allow it to trek through tough terrain in disasters, and springs up if it gets knocked over. Read More >>

Nearly 2,000 Obese People Rescued From Their Own Homes by Firefighters

UK firefighters have a new thing to worry about and spend their time doing, with stats showing that around 2,000 obese UK civilians have needed rescuing from their own houses by the fire services. Including many that weren't even on fire. Read More >>

The Police’s Advice for Christmas 999 Calls is Ludicrous

London's police force has issued its annual time-wasting appeal, asking the people of the big city not to phone 999 over Christmas unless something approximating an actual emergency or real crime is taking place. Read More >>

Earthquake-Proof Beds Might Be the Scariest Part of a Natural Disaster

The worst way to experience an earthquake has to be waking up in the middle of the night to all that chaos. So a Chinese inventor has revealed a new and improved version of an earthquake-proof bed that supposedly helps you survive a worst case scenario — but at what cost? Read More >>

This Simple Metal Tube is Packed Full of Emergency Supplies

After the massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan a few years ago, the nation has a renewed focus on ensuring its residents are prepared for emergencies. And design studio Nendo’s contribution is this non-descript metal tube pre-packed with vital supplies. Read More >>