Eminem’s Publisher Sues Spotify, Says It Pretended It Didn’t Know Who Held Rights to ‘Lose Yourself’

Rapper Eminem’s publisher is suing Spotify, claiming that the music streaming giant is infringing on hundreds of his copyrights as well as “challenging the constitutionality of a recently passed music licensing law,” the Hollywood Reporter wrote on Wednesday. Read More >>

Artist Draws Eminem Out of Spaghetti, Because Memes Never Die

Despite critical and commercial success and a storied career, the two words that have followed Eminem the longest are “mom’s spaghetti”, from his Academy Award-winning song Lose Yourself. Bait-and-switch text memes were built around it. A re-edit of the song replaced just about every noun in Lose Yourself with “spaghetti”. Despite being a somewhat old meme, Google trends suggests “mom’s spaghetti” has been slowly gaining popularity over the past five years. Now fine art feels the need to pile on. Read More >>

Eminem’s Re-Releasing The Slim Shady LP On Cassette

Are you ready to party like it's [find out what year this came out in on Wikipedia]? Great. Then you'll be needing the reissued copy of Eminem's The Slim Shady LP, which has, for some reason, been put back out again on cassette tape format. Read More >>

Eminem’s New Album is Your ‘Angsty White Boy’ Deal of the Day

Even though he's got a voice like a 20 year old moped with a dry engine, there are still a lot of Eminem fans out there. As some of you know, he's back and he's ready to take names and numbers, as well as thoroughly and absolutely hate every human on the planet. Read More >>