Google Wants to Use AI to Track Pollution from Every Power Plant on Earth

Satellites are our eyes in the sky or, er, in space. Now, a coalition of groups is turning to satellites and AI technology to help monitor emissions from all the world’s power plants. Read More >>

Porsche Accused of Cheating Emissions Tests to Cut UK Road Tax

The scandal of carmakers fiddling their emissions tests has moved on to Porsche, which is accused of gaming its participation in the UK's output categorising system by fudging a test where its cars were allowed to pull away in second gear. Read More >>

Mercedes Recall Wants 3m Diesel Cars Back for an OS Update

The software handling the emissions of Mercedes cars needs a tweak, they say, so 3m of the cars sold across Europe need to go back to the garage to have someone plug something in, swear a few times, glance at a calendar of a lady, and refresh the cars' software. Read More >>

VW Says it Didn’t Break any UK Laws, so no Compensation for Anyone

Volkswagen's UK boss Paul Willis was interrogated by the parliamentary transport committee yesterday and was in remarkably bullish form for the boss of a globally shamed company, claiming that there won't be any compensation for UK VW owners because they didn't actually break any laws here. Read More >>

Patents Show That Oil Companies Could Have Lowered Emissions Far Earlier Than Originally Thought

Oil companies have known about the effects of carbon dioxide emissions from cars far longer than many originally thought, according to recently released documents. Read More >>

London’s First Fully-Electric Buses Are Damn Expensive

The world’s first fully-electric double decker has just been revealed, and five models will start running on Route 98 between Willesden and Russell Square next month. Each big red monster will be able to travel 180 miles on a single charge, so they won’t need to be take off the roads at any point during the day. They’ll instead be powered back up overnight. Read More >>

Air Pollution Kills 5.5 Million People Every Year Worldwide

The smog hovering over many major cities is not just an unhealthy inconvenience. Breathing that air is killing millions of people. A recent study in Nature estimated three million people died annually due to air quality. That number may be closer to 5.5 million premature deaths per year, according to a new study being presented today at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Read More >>

The Well Responsible for LA’s Colossal Gas Leak Didn’t Have a Safety Valve

Engineers don’t know exactly what caused the gigantic natural gas leak outside LA that’s the atmospheric equivalent of the BP oil spill. But they suspected it might be aging infrastructure since the pipes are over 50 years old. Turns out that the well hasn’t had a working safety valve since 1979. Read More >>

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China’s Smog Makes Headlines But India’s is Much Worse

The red-alert issued by Beijing has been lifted as shifting weather patterns improved air quality for the first time in weeks. Although the world’s focus was on China’s skies, a dense smog is currently rendering India’s cities unrecognisable — and it’s far more dangerous. Read More >>

VW Bosses Knew of Petrol Problems a Year Ago, Says Source

An unnamed source speaking to German paper Bild am Sonntag claims top brass inside Volkswagen knew there was a gulf between stated and actual CO2 output long before it was made public, with the paper's source claiming it may have been aware some petrol cars were cheating tests up to a year ago. Read More >>

Oh, We May Have Lied About Fuel Consumption and CO2 Too, Says Volkswagen

Volkswagen has added another 800,000 vehicles to its suspect data list, with the carmaker announcing that a new fiddle -- this time involving CO2 levels and possibly also including cars with petrol engines -- has been uncovered. Read More >>

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The Port of LA’s Big Tech Upgrade Worked So Well it’s Hitting it 2023 Emissions Goals

Most of the imported goods Americans possess find their home through the Port of Los Angeles, one of the largest ports in the world, and now, one of the biggest environmental success stories on the planet. A new study shows that due to major upgrades started a decade ago, the port is almost 10 years ahead of its emissions goals. Read More >>