Apple’s Creepy New Emoji Are a Gateway Drug to Furrydom

You knew that there was something different about Apple’s big iPhone event this year when the company introduced Animoji, cute, animated cartoon emoji that would move and speak based on the motion of your actual face. “Oh,” you thought to yourself. “This is... new.” Read More >>

England, Wales and Scotland Get Their Own Flag Emoji

A Cheeto is President of the US, the UK has decided to divide itself in two while continually arguing with itself, and we have newspapers that lie with impunity to push the agendas of their billionaire owners. But never mind, the Welsh dragon now has its own emoji. Read More >>

Lego is Now a Social Network Too

The Lego behemoth would like to take control of the parts of your child's life that aren't spent playing with bricks on the floor, with its Lego Life social network now live for the entertainment and sedation of the under-13 demographic. Read More >>

Stoke up Resentment with Nationalist Emoji

Three new emoji are coming to the next update of the Unicode database, and it's either great news or terrible news depending on your opinions of people who hang flags out of their upstairs windows whenever there's an international football tournament polluting the atmosphere. Read More >>

New Emoji-Based iOS Text Hack Discovered

Sending just three emoji to an iOS device is the new comedy hack in town, as receiving the odd visual message combination can lock up iPhones so badly that they need a restart. If you hate someone enough to want to deprive them of a screen to look at for a few minutes, here you go. Read More >>

The Crying Face Was 2016’s Most Popular Emoji [Crying Face]

Virtual keyboard company Swiftkey has been data mining with or without the consent of its users, and has revealed the most commonly used emoji of 2016 -- and broken it down by UK cities to boot. Read More >>

The Sex-Haver’s Guide to Using the New iPhone Emoji

In the latest iOS 10 update, Apple added hundreds of new and redesigned emoji. The world of the emoji can be difficult to navigate, for sex-havers and virgins alike. Using the incorrect emoji in a message to one of your cooler friends or a potential new lover can leave you humiliated, looking like a fumbling nerd who can’t even send a goddamn text right. So how do you use these new symbols to effortlessly and effectually convey who you are—a person who has definitely had sex before—through the medium of the iMessage? Read More >>

Translation Company Wants/Needs to Hire an Emoji Interpreter

Machines aren't good enough yet for London-based translation company Today Translations, which would like to hire an emoji specialist to ensure that its digital communications don't accidentally offend anyone by, say, having the wrong-coloured face turn up in an incorrect social context and triggering World War III. Read More >>

Go Download Your New iOS Emoji Right Now

Apple on Monday released iOS 10.2 for the iPhone and iPad. There are a number of new features, including the new TV app, but the real reason you want to download iOS 10.2 is for the hundreds of new and redesigned emoji. Read More >>

Marc Andressen Sent Cheeky Texts to Mark Zuckerberg During Facebook Investors Call

Marc Andreessen is under fire after playing both sides of an important decision made at Facebook earlier this year. A new Bloomberg report cites recently unsealed court documents from a lawsuit filed against the company’s board of directors. In the suit, shareholders accuse Andreessen of advising CEO Mark Zuckerberg when he was supposed to be representing the interest of investors. Read More >>

Here’s Some Barely Comforting, Progressive New Emojis

The emoji-powers-that-be at Unicode seem to have their finger on the pulse of the world’s zeitgeist with the latest additions. Many symbols of social progress were approved to be added to the official emoji lineup yesterday and many handy signifiers of what-the-hell-just-happened were as well. Read More >>

Chinese Tourists Accused of Carving Emoji Into Sunflowers

It turns out that emoji aren't just destroying humanity's ability to communicate fluently - they're also destroying the environment too. Read More >>

The Slightly Smiling Emoji Conveys the Complex Tragedy and Joy of Human Existence

Dead eyes, half-smile. Inhale deeply. Let it out. It’s all going to be OK. Read More >>

Emojimovie: Express Yourself REALLY IS a Real Film About Emoji

T.J. Miller, who people who spend their time watching US TV will know as a man from HBO tech comedy Silicon Valley, has landed a new job. He would appear to be proud about and happy to be openly associated with the forthcoming production Emojimovie: Express Yourself -- an actual real film based on the seemingly uncomplicated behind the scenes life of emojis. Read More >>

Who Made the Rifle Emoji Disappear?

Unicode 9.0, which will be out June 21st, is one of the most highly anticipated releases in emoji history. Finally you will avail yourself of the need to type out the letters for avocado, bacon, selfie, face palm, and pregnant. But last month, one controversial emoji was removed from the lineup: Rifle. Read More >>