Ford’s Cooked Up an Emoji Jacket for Cyclists to Help People ‘Share the Road’

In a bid to stop people killing cyclists - through terrible accidents or mere frustration - Ford has designed a snazzy jacket capable of displaying emoji as well as road signals. Read More >>

What Does the New Emoji Sign Say?

More than 100 new emoji were officially announced on Wednesday, among them more inclusive emoji, a “pinched fingers emoji,” and a dodo bird. But one emoji in particular – the newly introduced placard – confounded Gizmodo staffers, all of whom read radically different wording on the sign. Read More >>

Emoji We Lost

Who doesn’t love a good Google blob? From 2013-2017, these doughy emoji served a special role in the digital universe. They represented humans in the form of blobs and gum drop faces, with actual personalities. Often transformed by the type of gloves, hats, and wigs they wore, they spread joy over Android operating systems. But in 2017, Google wiped these guys from messages and emails and replaced them with more conventional emoji shapes – circles for faces, humans for humans. Similarly, between 2008 and 2018, Apple morphed their creepy evil twins with bunny ears into bland, happy dancers with bunny ears and a expressive rendering of two wing-shaped egg shells hovering over an egg into an ordinary frying pan. Boring. Read More >>

The Dreadmoji

When asked to be interviewed for this blog, a team of emoji designers for a major emoji platform requested to see the text of the article before publication, for fear of violating their company’s contract. This isn’t rare; media representatives and other employees potentially facing reprisal do this all the time (and our answer is no, but fair to ask in the latter case). But I was stupidly taken aback that we might have to consult a contract before discussing emoji. In the digital eons since Apple’s 2011 global unveiling of the emoji keyboard, I’d naively accepted that emoji belonged to everyone, segmental symbols as old as the cuneiform writing system. No media representative on Earth can stop you from discussing the letter A. But no: As with every other online creative medium, terms and conditions apply. Read More >>

Facebook’s Updated Community Standards Accused of Targeting Sex Workers

In its updated Community Standards, Facebook has cracked down on the use of its platform by users soliciting sex and sexual activities. Read More >>

Vagina Emoji Proposal Misses the Entire Point of Everything It’s Trying to Challenge

I don't know about you, but I often lament about the lack of emojis out there representing my vagina. It's devastating, frankly, and has taken a huge toll on my very soul, but I don't have to worry anymore. Read More >>

Ford Secretly Created the New Pickup Emoji Because Nothing Is Sacred

Yesterday, 17 July, was World Emoji Day, a fake but harmless holiday created by the founder of Emojipedia. To celebrate this year, Ford slyly revealed that it has succeeded in surreptitiously creating the pickup emoji. The company hired a marketing firm and a technology company to pitch the Unicode Consortium of the pickup truck emoji concept. Unicode apparently did not know that Ford was behind the campaign. And next year, the pickup emoji (sponsored by Ford) should be coming to smartphones and computers around the world. Read More >>

Apple Adds More Disability Emoji To iOS 13

It's World Emoji Day and Apple has taken the opportunity to unveil some of the new emoji that it announced at WWDC last month. Read More >>

Google Is Releasing More Than 50 New Gender-Inclusive Emoji

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, emoji have become a key part of the way that many of us communicate, and that makes representation vitally important to the way they’re designed. With this in mind, Google is releasing 53 new emoji that work to be more gender inclusive. Read More >>

How Would You Feel Having Your Emoji Messages Read Out in Court?

Our online conversations are riddled with emoji, and while the amusing characters can be a creative way to express certain concepts between friends, how they’re interpreted can be a giant legal headache. Read More >>

Aquarium Sasses Apple About Its Terrible Squid Emoji

We're pretty sure we've never used the term "sassy aquarium" before, but in these social media times, anyone can be snarky to anyone. And the Monterey Bay Aquarium has chosen to direct its meme-filled disdain at Apple for its distinctly unanatomically-correct squid emoji. Read More >>

This Online Emoji Maker Is a Legitimately Fun Way to Kill 5 Minutes

Sometimes words aren’t enough, and that’s where emojis come in. But even then, there are times you just can’t find the perfect little pictograph that encapsulates your exact mood. Even the slightly more expressive kaomoji can fail you when you need them most. Read More >>

Twitter Evens Character Count for Emojis, Ending Race and Gender Penalties

Twitter has made a subtle, but not insignificant change to the way it counts emoji in its 280-character limit. Moving forward, all of its natively supported emoji will count as two characters. Previously, adding skin tone and gender modifiers to an emoji unintentionally penalised users and many likely didn’t even realise it. Read More >>

These 3,800-Year-Old Peruvian Carvings Look Like Modern Emoji

Archaeologists in Peru have uncovered an ancient wall relief dating back to the Caral civilisation – the oldest known civilisation in the New World. Though whimsical in appearance, these ancient symbols held very serious meaning. Read More >>

The Smiley Face Emoji Is Clearly Full of Shit

Look, I’m no emoji expert, but there’s one thing I do know: The basic smiley emoji is a goddamn liar. And using it makes you a liar, too. Read More >>