New Study Explores How Dogs Understand Human Language

If you’re a dog person who has suspected that your four-legged friend may know exactly what you mean when you use certain words or phrases – for example “toy,” or “car,” or maybe even “who’s the good boy?” (he is) – you may be correct. Read More >>

Brilliant Staircase Design Stores Extra Energy to Make It Easier to Climb Later

Do you deliberately avoid visiting friends who live in multi-story buildings without a lift? No one would fault you—having to climb even just a single flight of stairs is like being forced to workout against your will. But thanks to engineers at Georgia Tech and Emory University, stairs might one day do all the hard work for you. Read More >>

Ebola Has No Escape From Emory University’s Isolation Ward

The Ebola virus has made landfall in the United States with patients popping up in both Dallas, Texas and New York City. To help contain the outbreak, the CDC relies on a handful of biocontainment isolation units to quarantine these highly infectious folks. Read More >>