How Would You Feel Having Your Emoji Messages Read Out in Court?

Our online conversations are riddled with emoji, and while the amusing characters can be a creative way to express certain concepts between friends, how they’re interpreted can be a giant legal headache. Read More >>

Facebook Bans Feeling Fat

Had an extra helping at dinner? Downed a pint of ice cream for desert? Inhaled entire sticks of butter to fill the emptiness inside? You probably want a little sympathy for the fact that you now feel terrible. For the love of god, pull yourself together. Facebook doesn't want to hear it. Read More >>

Tell Us About Your Cross-Platform Emoji Miscommunication

Half the time I send an emoticon I have no idea what the person on the other end is actually seeing. Which may seem pretty trivial, but is not entirely trivial! A lot of care goes into crafting a chat or text so as to relay tone and intention without body language. The emoji is real. And out of control. Read More >>

The Silk Road Trial Lawyers are Fighting Over Emoticons :O

Is there a difference between "Yep" and "Yep :)" when you chat online? Seems like an odd quibble to focus on during the biggest drug trial of the decade, but it's not trivial. The meaning of internet-speak cuts to the heart of the Silk Road trial. Read More >>

You’re About to Have More Options Than “White Emoji” and “Racist Emoji”

Racial diversity amongst our emoji has been an issue for a while now, especially as more teens regress into a wordless lifestyle. Thankfully, it sounds like the Unicode Consortium has heard our cries: diverse emoji are coming. And not the racist kind. Read More >>

Microsoft Tests 0.5-inch Smiley-Face Picco Desktop Screen

A miniature display just 0.5 of an inch across is being designed by Microsoft, which sees its Picco device as a animated beacon that's able to display status updates, messages and drawings of genitals from friends. Read More >>

Was This the World’s First Emoticon?

The emoticon might be older than we thought. This passage of text, which includes a cheeky smiley, is taken from Robert Herrick's 1648 poem To Fortune—and it might be the first ever use of an emoticon. Read More >>

These Smiley Face Screws are Wildly Impractical but Utterly Adorable

If ever there was a product designed to bring joy but ultimately destined to frustrate, it is these smiley face screws. They look beautiful, adorable, fun even. But you will shout and swear and stamp your feet every time you need to tighten them up. Read More >>

Emoticons are Reshaping Our Brains: We Now Process :-) as a Human Face

When we first broached the Great Smiley Debate a few weeks ago, the question was whether or not a dash-as-nose was appropriate, necessary, or a bastardisation of the simple purity of two dots paired with a gentle curve. But a new, equally contentious controversy has emerged: should the parenthesis open towards the left or the right? Read More >>

Should Smilies Have Noses: The Great Emoticon Debate

Recently, the dating website Zoosk conducted a study of 4,000 singles to see which online dating habits were the most conducive to finding yourself your very own sex friend. One of the most peculiar bits of info gleaned from the study, though, is that fact that profiles that used the emoticon ":-)" racked up a 13 percent net increase in replies while the ":)" would send you into a 66 percent decline. Never underestimate the power of a nose. Read More >>

Smiley Face Emoticon Tweet Earns Policeman a Disciplinary

Whoever was left in charge of the Sussex Police Twitter account this week won themselves an unfortunate bollocking, after they dared to respond to a sarcastic question about corruption within the force with a simple smiley-face emoticon. Read More >>

The First Emoticons Were Used in 1881

=) -_- T_T =P ;) Oh, the emoticon. Depending on who you're talking to (or I guess texting to? messaging to?) at the moment, emoticons can be as common as some words. When did they first start showing up? Did people write letters with smileys and frowny faces? Were typewriters used to express emotion through symbols? Maybe. Apparently, the first emoticons were used in 1881. Read More >>

Are Sane Adults Allowed to Ever Use ;) ?

You probably haven't regularly used smileys since your middle school days, when modems screeched and President Clinton rained ordnance against Bosnian war criminals. You've grown up since then, but the ;) has remained inert, a relic of type. In our new modern age, is it ever okay to drop a smiley? Read More >>

Charles Darwin Is Helping Solve One of Mankind’s Greatest Problems: Reinventing the Emoticon

Emoticons are ingratiated into modern language. Tweens communicate in nothing but nonsensical strings of emojis, and artists use them to create entire tales. But even with widespread use, emoticons' emotions have remained relatively 1-dimensional since their inception. Read More >>

You Can Use Emoticons In Facebook Comments Now T_T

Oh noes. Facebook has activated emoticons in the comments. That means that now your Facebook page will get full of all kinds of smileys. And, for some reason, sharks. Read More >>