Bob Mansfield’s Back at Apple Because Everyone Hated Scott Forstall

Apple's former senior vice president of Hardware Engineering Bob Mansfield has pulled a Michael Jordan and come out of retirement, just after Scott Forstall was pushed out. Coincidental timing? Not a chance, says AllThingsD. Read More >>

Apple May Be Using Retail Store Employees to Fix Their Crap Maps

Mac Rumors claims that Apple is "turning to select Retail Store employees to help improve Maps for iOS 6." What a genius idea! Read More >>

Foxconn Shuts Factory After 2,000-Employee Brawl Breaks Out

Foxconn has had to close down a factory in Taiyuan, China, which employs 79,000 people after a massive brawl broke out amongst 2,000 of its workers. Bloomberg is reporting that the fight left 40 people hospitalised and some employees arrested. Read More >>

Apple Reverses Store Staffing Changes After Blue-Shirts Sob Tears of Confusion

Apple's John Browett, the company's senior vice president of retail, has admitted to getting things a bit wrong recently, after ordering changes to staffing rotas and shift patterns that left some Apple Stores undermanned and employees demoralised and in fear for their jobs. Read More >>

Apple Had an Official In-House “F**kchop” Staff Position

A long-time Apple employee had the honour of being abused by Steve Jobs in a rather amusing and graphic style, with the rude nickname eventually being approved for use on the chap's official Apple business cards. Read More >>