Apple Probably Owes Some of Its Retail Employees a Lot of Money

The California Supreme Court sided with Apple Store employees in a ruling yesterday, stating that unpaid mandatory bag or iPhone searches at the end of retail workers’ shifts are a violation of state law. The class-action suit in question represents more than 12,000 workers employed at the company’s retail locations from mid-2009 onward. Read More >>

Apple Details Alarming Labour Issues In Latest Supply Chain Report

Apple released its annual Supplier Responsibility Progress Report on Wednesday, detailing the ways in which the company is trying to improve the state of its supply chain. It’s an important practice given Apple has come under fire in the not-so-distant past for its factory workers’ hellish working conditions. Read More >>

The Government’s Revealed How It’ll Boost Rights for Gig Economy Workers

The issue over the rights of workers in the gig economy have been disputed for some time, with the companies themselves insisting that workers are self-employed contractors and not entitled to rights like holiday pay or sick leave. The workers themselves, along with other organisations have issues with this for a long list of compelling reasons. Read More >>

Ex-Google Employee’s Memo Says Executives Shut Down Pro-Diversity Discussions

A memo written by a former Google engineer claims that the company’s human resources department and a senior vice president pressured him to stop discussing diversity initiatives on company forums, interactions that ultimately motivated him to leave the company. Read More >>

Google Maps No Longer Lets You Post Negative Reviews About Your Crappy Job

Google has updated its Maps policies to ban certain business reviews left by former employees. In a new section of the Google Maps “User Contributed Content Policy,” Google now labels reviews “about a current or former employment experience” as a “conflict of interest.” Originally, only current employees were barred under the policy. The new rules, quoted below, went into effect on 14th December [emphasis ours]. Read More >>

Engineers Own the Future — and Maybe Even Us

Technology is at the heart of everything we do. But as mechanical, electrical and computational systems have become increasingly complex, the control of every day life is increasingly in the hands of those that build it: the engineers. Read More >>

This Top-Secret Design Will Get Your CV Into The Right Hands

Most CV designs — two pages of 12-point blah — don't exactly scream, "Giz us a job!" Especially if you're in the design business. That's why Norwegian designer Vidar Olufsen put all his details in a folder styled like a top-secret document dossier. Everyone wants to know about the hidden stuff. Read More >>

Robots Could Have a Third of UK Jobs Away in Next 20 Years

Consider this your weekly Skynet warning. According to a new study carried out by the employment research superteam of academics from Oxford University and accountants from Deloitte, more than a third of UK jobs are at "high risk" of being automated by our computer-operated pals in the next 20 years. Read More >>

So You’ve Landed a New Job, But Life Hasn’t Finished Kicking You in the Groin Just Yet

For young people these days, finding a job you've spent your whole life preparing yourself for is comparable to winning a lottery. For the past 11 months I have endured misery most of you will never know, and something I will not wish on anyone. Read More >>

Are You Self-Employed and Hating it Like 450,000 Others in the UK?

The supposedly relaxing life of the self-employed modern worker isn't working out well for some, with stats suggesting around 450,000 of the UK's newly self-employed population would rather have normal regular jobs. Jobs where someone else does the bloody taxes and fixes your computer. Read More >>

The Seven Companies Microsoft Won’t Let Its Ex-Windows Chief Work For

Late last year, Microsoft booted out booted out its head of Windows, Steve Sinofsky. Now, a few more details have come out about his departure — including who Microsoft have banned him from working for. Read More >>

I’m Not Unemployed, I’m a “Recent Graduate”

There's a strange mix of emotions when leaving University: joy, pride, exhaustion, but above all else -- fear. If you're one of the students that failed to secure a work placement before handing in your final assessment, it's time to start sweating, because competition for entry-level jobs is fierce, with an estimated 600,000 leavers joining the job market this summer. Read More >>

Former HTC Product Manager Urges Staff to Quit the Company and be “Happier”

Poor old HTC would appear to be in a bit of internal turmoil, despite the stacks of praise heaped upon its recent HTC One model. Several high-profile staff have left the mobile maker, with one taking to Twitter to urge his mates still left at the business to walk out. Read More >>

Google to Axe 10 Per Cent More of Motorola’s Staff

Ever since Google acquired Motorola Mobility it's been making cuts — but sadly it's still having to lay people off. The Wall Street Journal reports that Google is getting rid of a further 10 per cent of Moto's staff. Read More >>