For £50 This Handheld Console Isn’t Perfect But It Gets the Important Things Right

If you assumed that Nintendo was the only company still making handheld gaming devices, you’re missing out on some excellent hardware coming out of China. The New Pocket Go might not be as polished as the Switch or the 3DS, but for its price, it’s a fantastic little handheld that puts decades worth of emulated gaming in your pocket. Read More >>

This Nintendo Switch Emulator for the PC Might Finally Be as Good as the Actual Console

For whatever reason you turn to them, emulators have always offered a gaming experience that was almost as good as the real thing, although not quite perfect. But the developers of Yuzu, a Nintendo Switch emulator for the PC, recently released an update that allows games like Super Mario Odyssey to run at a full 60 frames per second, which is the same performance as you’ll get on the actual Switch hardware. Read More >>

TVAddons Reports That Kodi 18 ‘Leia’ Is Adding Built-in Video Game ROM Emulation

Uh-oh - it looks like modified Kodi boxes may not just be a menace to the film and TV industries - but the platform could soon be upsetting the games industry too. Read More >>

Why Nintendo 3DS SNES Game Downloads Only Work on the New 3DS

Not for the first time, Nintendo has found itself amid a storm of hardware controversy and confusion, thanks to a seemingly baffling decision to lock some 3DS owners out of officially emulating SNES games -- only the most-wanted feature for every Nintendo fan in the world, ever. Read More >>

Wii U Emulator Promises Zelda HD at a Handful of Frames Per Second

The newly launched Cemu emulator promises Nintendo enthusiasts the dream of being able to play Wii U titles on PC. As long as they have a good PC. And don't mind things being three-quarters-broken at the moment. Read More >>

Man Hacks Backlit Keyboard to play Snake

A very clever use of a Cooler Master keyboard's lighting system, but get back to us when you've hacked it to play GTA V or something we're not already extremely bored of. [YouTube via Independent] Read More >>

Relive the ’80s and Run Windows 1.01 in Your Browser

In these smartphone-studded days, it's easy to forget how computers worked. Once you had to run programs off of floppy disks and wait ages for everything to load. Luckily for your nostalgia, some bored developers are keeping the past alive with full-featured emulators that run in your browser. Read More >>

Next-Gen Home Consoles Ditching Backwards Compatibility, Says EA Man

Speaking about the game giant's general plans for selling us shooty/sporty games in the distant future, an Electronic Arts man said the next generation of home consoles "will most likely not be backwards compatible." Read More >>

Full-Fledged Windows Apps Could Be Coming Soon To Your Android Phone

If you've ever messed around with Linux, you're probably familiar with a little program called "Wine," WINdows Emulator/Wine Is Not an Emulator. With its magic, you can run Windows applications on your Linux box, and soon, Wine could be running them on your Android phone as well. Read More >>

You Can Run Android 4.0 In Its Entirety Right on Your PC

Running certain Android apps on your desktop is nothing new with Bluestacks, but now you can get the whole dang OS running on your PC as a native application thanks to a little program called WindowsAndroid. Read More >>