Sweet, One Less Reason to Buy a SNES Classic

Last year, people went nuts trying to find Nintendo’s NES and SNES Classic consoles, but it looks like the games those nostalgia-machines offered will soon be available right on your Switch. Data miners claim to have discovered a list of 22 SNES titles and possibly two mystery emulators in the code for Nintendo Switch Online. Read More >>

These Cute, Pixelated Puppers Will Devour You in This Wolfenstein 3D Mod

You might love Wolfenstein, but I’m not one who can stomach much violence, even when it’s in service of destroying Nazis in all their forms. As a result, I’ve never played more than a few minutes of any Wolfenstein game. That’s why Return to Castle Woofenstein (aka Woof3d), a mod that turns every enemy Nazi into a lovable doggo, is right up my alley. Read More >>

Here’s How to Get Android Apps Running on Your Laptop

It makes more sense than ever to put some Android apps on you laptop. As well as giving you access to apps that have no desktop or web equivalent (like Snapchat), it’s great for playing games on the big screen—we got Alto’s Adventure up and running on the Pixelbook with no problems, and plenty of other games would benefit from the extra screen space too. Read More >>

12 Ways to Build Your Own Retro Game Machine

With some 30 years of video gaming history now behind us, there’s never been a greater choice of retro games to dig back into, whether it’s on your smartphone or a classic console rebooted for modern times. For the more serious seekers of gaming nostalgia, there are plenty of hands-on projects you can attempt yourself, and these are some of the best we’ve found. So prep your wallet, brush up on your coding and handyman skills, and get ready to build. Read More >>

Where to Go to Play Game Boy, PC and Other Classic Games in Your Browser

You know this big machine thing you only ever use to look at the internet on? Well, here's a thing. It's got more power inside it than is really necessary to just use to F5 your favourite and least favourite internet sources all day. You can play things on it. Proper things from the olden days, too, not rubbish new things that always force you to be part of a war (on a team, too). Read More >>

Play Android Games on Your PC Using Nox App Player

If you want to get Android up and running on a Windows laptop or desktop, there are several different ways to go about it—but few are as straightforward as Nox App Player. Once the emulator is up and running on your PC, you’ll have access to an Android 4.4.2 tablet right on your desktop screen. The emulator capable of playing any Android app—including games like Angry Birds and Monument Valley. Read More >>

Smartwatches Fulfil Their True Destiny With a Game Boy Emulator

Google and Apple can pitch them as productivity tools all they want, but the real reason anyone would strap a smartwatch to their wrist is as a more covert way to kill time and avoid boredom. So it's good to know that when your Twitter and Facebook feeds run dry, you can always boot up a Game Boy emulator on your Android Wear watch to stay distracted. Read More >>

New SNES Emulator Offers Gaming Greats on iOS 8 Without Jailbreaking

SNES emulator SiOS has the power to unlock Nintendo classics on iPhone 6, with only the slightest bit of layman-level fiddling required to get it running. Read More >>

Here’s a Game Boy Emulator Your Can Download on Any iPhone Without Jailbreaking

A developer has built a fully functional Game Boy Advance emulator for iPhone and iPad, and has managed to get it working in such a way that it can be installed directly through a web browser link -- with no jailbreak action required. Read More >>

The Raspberry Pi Promises to Be the Ultimate Retro Gaming System as This ZX Spectrum Emulator Port Shows

There are loads of things you can do with your Raspberry Pi, once you’ve actually got it in your hands that is. You could turn it into a media centre; use it as a mini web server; build a NAS for streaming media with it, or even pack it full of emulators for the ultimate all-in-one retro-gaming machine. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Read More >>

Bluestacks App Player Brings Android App Support to Windows

Bluestacks has launched an alpha test version of its App Player software, which integrates Android support right into Windows. You can have Android apps on your desktop right now, for free. Read More >>