quantum mechanics
You Won’t See Quantum Internet Coming

The quantum internet is coming sooner than you think – even sooner than quantum computing itself. When things change over, you might not even notice. But when they do, new rules will protect your data against attacks from computers that don’t even exist yet. Read More >>

Bizarre Sponsored Talk on ‘Time AI’ Encryption Tech Mocked at Black Hat Conference

Attendees at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, booed and ridiculed a sponsored talk on Thursday called “The 2019 Discovery of Quasi-Prime Numbers: What Does This Mean For Encryption?” that touted a bizarre technology called “Time AI”, Motherboard reported on Saturday, with the conference even going so far as to delete material on the talk from its website. Read More >>

Our Dipshit Government is Going After Encrypted Messaging Apps Again

So as of last week we have a new Prime Minister, in the form of Boris Johnson. That means we also have a new government, because a big chunk of the last one resigned in protest over that laughing stock of a man being in charge of the country. But things aren't changing a whole lot. The Brexit situation is still at a standstill, nobody knows what's really going on, and the government still wants to undermine encryption for reasons that still show it doesn't understand a damn thing about technology. Read More >>

Bletchley Park Plans Cracked D-Day Comms Reenactment

A unique insight into the unfolding horror of D-Day from the perspective of the baddies will be offered by today's curators of Bletchley Park, who are planning to live-tweet the intercepted and cracked messages of the German command as realisation gradually dawned that the Allies were throwing everything and everyone at the Normandy coastline. Read More >>

Silicon Valley and the FBI Take Their Encryption Fight Behind Closed Doors

The encryption war is quiet now, but the murky back-and-forth between Silicon Valley and Washington, DC is far from over. Read More >>

GCHQ Wants To Add Spies To Your Chat Threads

Not everyone thinks the FaceTime messaging bug is a bad thing, apparently. The Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) quite fancies making a permanent feature that would do something similar, only for its benefit rather than your prankster mates'. Read More >>

Netflix Has Reportedly Signed a ‘Best Practices’ Code in India to Avoid State Censorship

Netflix and eight other streaming services including pending Disney acquisition Hotstar and Jio Cinema have signed a “code of best practices” stating they will voluntarily self-regulate their content in India, CNN Business reported on Friday. According to CNN, the agreement (posted to Indian tech site MediaNama) includes provisions targeting content that “disrespects the national emblem or national flag,” “intends to outrage religious sentiments,” or “encourages terrorism or other forms of violence against the State.” Read More >>

Australia Says G’Day To Backdoors in Encrypted Messages

The Australian government has been arguing for some time that it needs a backdoor into people's messages, including ones encrypted by services like WhatsApp, and now it looks like it's going to happen. Read More >>

Dutch Police Bust Encrypted Chat Service, Gain Access to Over 258,000 Messages

Dutch police say they have “decrypted more than 258,000 messages” sent using an expensive chat service, Ars Technica reported on Wednesday, citing a National Police Corps statement that claimed authorities in the Netherlands have achieved a “breakthrough in the interception and decryption of encrypted communication between criminals.” Read More >>

Apple Reportedly Blocked Police iPhone Hacking Tool and Nobody Knows How

Apple’s latest iteration of iOS has reportedly turned the GrayKey hacking device into an expensive doorstop. Law enforcement around the world has taken to using GrayKey to break into locked iPhones but it appears Apple has finally got ahead of the device’s crafty manufacturers. For now. Read More >>

Facebook Reportedly Defeats US Government Demand to Wiretap Messenger Calls

A joint US federal-state task force tracking the MS-13 gang tried and failed to force Facebook to help it wiretap calls made through its Messenger app, Reuters reported on Friday, even launching an unsuccessful attempt to hold the social media titan in contempt of court for refusing to do so. Read More >>

UK One of Five Countries Calling for Backdoors in Encrypted Messaging, and I Can’t Believe We Still Need to Discuss This

Governments of the world have a testy relationship with encrypted messaging services, to say the least. They don't like the fact that they can't snoop at our private messages remotely, and have been demanding tech companies install backdoors for what seems like forever. If you thought they were quietening down about that topic, you were sadly mistaken, because the Five Eyes intelligence alliance (which includes the UK) have renewed demands that such services install backdoors for government snooping. Read More >>

Proposed Australia Law Threatens Companies With £5.6 Million Fines Because it Doesn’t Understand Encryption

Remember last year when the Australian Attorney General declared that the laws of mathematics were somehow subservient to the laws of Australia? Now there's a baffling new law being proposed that would hit tech companies with a $10 million AUD (£5.6 million) fine for failing to hand over encrypted data when presented with a warrant. Read More >>

Apple’s New iOS Police-Blocking Feature Has a Pesky ‘Workaround,’ Security Firm Says

Apple’s latest version of iOS, released yesterday, includes USB Restricted Mode, a security measure that seems designed to prevent unwanted decryption of iPhones by both bad actors and law enforcement using passcode cracking tools. Read More >>

Adidas Says ‘Unauthorised Party’ Maybe Got Millions of Logins, Reminds Us to Never, Ever Reuse Passwords

On Thursday, Adidas revealed a “potential data security incident” that possibly left the contact and login info of millions of Adidas customers in the hands of an “unauthorised party.” As many as “a few million” customers who used the Adidas US website may have been affected by a breach, the Wall Street Journal reports. Read More >>