Pine Martens are Being Reestablished in England After Almost Becoming Extinct in the Country

A project to bolster the pine marten population is kicking off in the southwest of England with the release of 18 of the animals in the Forest of Dean. Read More >>

Population of Critically Endangered Vaquita Porpoises Now Less Than 19 Individuals

There are now less than 19 individual vaquita porpoises left in the wild, according to an alarming new survey. Scientists say immediate measures are now required to save this enigmatic species from extinction. Read More >>

These Beloved Penguins May Be Doomed

It seems like everything on this trash planet is doomed to go extinct before humans do, much to my chagrin. The woeful tale of New Zealand’s yellow-eyed penguin is no different: the adorable bird—which even makes an appearance on the country’s currency — is dangerously close to extinction, at least at one well-monitored mainland breeding ground. And it’s (probably) all our fault. Read More >>