A Brief History of Endeavour – NASA’s Space Shuttle Built from Spares

Fifteen years ago today NASA launched the space shuttle Endeavour on a mission to take the highly detailed images of the Earth's surface. It was the company's final, and most advanced space shuttle. Read More >>

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The Ultimate Photobomb

I love this image. Two kids playing basketball while NASA's space shuttle Endeavour peeks from a corner on the background. It's like, "Sup boys? No interest in f*cking science or what?" Read More >>

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Is This the Most Stunning Shuttle Flyover Ever?

I don't know if it's the most stunning or not — NYC was pretty awesome — but Endeavour looks absolutely magnificent flying over Los Angeles en route to LAX. The sense of scale is absolutely fantastic. What a beautiful shot. Click to see the ultra-HD version. [APOD] Read More >>

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The Spectacular Last Flight of Space Shuttle Endeavour In Ultra-HD Video

Famed cinematographer and Gizmodo friend, Vincent Laforet, went to Los Angeles International Airport to capture the last flight of space shuttle Endeavour using a RED Epic camera at 5K resolution with Canon 800mm 5.6 lens in slow motion—-96 frames per second. Read More >>

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How NASA Mounts a Space Shuttle on an Airplane

The Space Shuttle Endeavour just completed its final flight around California today and if you were wondering how a freaking space shuttle ends up on top of a 747, well, watch the video above. It's a mounting process that's not unlike strapping a few bikes to your car's roof (only a wee bit more complicated). Read More >>