IFA 2019: The Energizer Phones Are Back Baby

The massive Energizer phone that debuted at MWC earlier this year didn't do so well when it came to crowdfunding. But that doesn't mean that it's game over for the brand in the mobile space. Read More >>

MWC 2019: Energizer Unveils 5G Foldable Phone, Handset with ENORMOUS Battery

If you're forever running out of smartphone juice and you don't care if your handset is the size of a brick, Energizer's new phone might be the one for you. Read More >>

Even Energizer Is Making A Foldable Phone

February is Smartphone Month, because Mobile World Congress at the end of the month means we get a glut of new releases, leaks, rumours and general nerdery all month. Read More >>

Energizer Is Finally Making AA Batteries Using Recycled Materials

Once the use of toxic mercury in household batteries was eliminated a couple of decades ago, it finally became safe to just toss dead AAs in the bin. But if deep down you actually felt guilty about not being able to recycle them, Energizer's here to help your conscious with its upcoming EcoAdvanced AAs made with 4% recycled battery material. Read More >>