irn bru
Genius Scotsman Reverse-Engineers His Own Full-Sugar Irn Bru

News that the sugar in Irn Bru was being cut in half did not go down well in Scotland, where it's the best-selling drink – above even Coca-Cola products, which win in most territories. But an enterprising Scotsman reckons he's come up with a homebrew recipe that tastes the same as the old version. Read More >>

Man Contracts Severe Hepatitis After Binging on Energy Drinks For Three Weeks

A 50-year-old construction worker who consumed four to five energy drinks a day for three weeks was recently diagnosed with acute hepatitis, a disease of the liver that causes inflammation. While not the first case of its kind, the incident points the largely ignored dangers of excess niacin consumption. Read More >>

lightning review
Red Bull Editions Lightning Review: Sweet Energy Drink, Dude!

Red Bull has always tasted suspiciously like found bubble gum—whatever, you don't drink it for the taste, you drink it for the pulse-racing amounts of caffeine and B-Vitamins stored in each can. Until now, that is. Red Bull's just rolled out three new flavour editions of its energy drink and we've got to warn you, they're delicious. At least, compared to what you're used to. Read More >>

Blackmailers Are Threatening Red Bull With Poop-Tainted Cans

Downing an ice cold Red Bull for your morning pick-me-up? Swallow now. Because apparently, your energy drink of choice has found itself the victim of some good, old-fashioned poop extortion. Read More >>

Tesco’s 25p Red Bull Rival Means Jägerbombs are Now Even Cheaper

Tesco has recently launched a 25p energy drink that can't possibly be worse than anything it currently stocks on its shelves. Hailing from Poland and dubbed N-Gine Blue, it even sounds pretty vile, but hey, cheaper Jägerbombs are better for everyone, right? Read More >>