900 Acre Solar Farm Agreed for Kent Coast

The government has given a controversial plan for a solar farm the go ahead, with the mammoth 900 acre site set to be the country's largest array of panels by some margin; and requiring the biggest battery we've ever seen too. Read More >>

Gas Distributor Prepares for Hydrogen Home Heating Trial

Energy supplier SGN has chosen the towns within the Levenmouth region to be the first in the world to host a hydrogen-based home heating network, and hopes to have the trialists plumbed in to the new energy source in three years' time. Read More >>

We’ve Gone an Entire Month Without Coal-Powered Electricity

The ovens at Greggs all being switched off has had a hell of an impact on the nation's power grid, as for the first time since everything electrical was invented we've not required any coal power to run the country for 30 days. Read More >>

Tesla Applies to Become a UK Energy Provider

Documents seen by the Telegraph show that Tesla has applied for a licence to start calling itself an electricity utility in the UK, with the carmaker apparently keen to start selling power under an own-brand label. Read More >>

These 5 Charts Show How the Coronavirus Is Affecting Global Energy Demand and Emissions

As the global economy comes to a standstill amid the coronavirus, energy demand is set to drop a record amount. Read More >>

UK Sort of Cheats to 18-Day Coal-Free Electricity Record

Our laptops being on at home a bit more than usual is not balancing out the drop in power demand caused by the shutdown of the country's schools and offices, funnily enough, as power need is so low that we've hit another coal-off generation milestone. Read More >>

Energy Companies Shamed for Threatening Customers With Bailiffs

A basket of energy supply companies are still using the old threat-of-the-bailiff technique to enforce non-payment, even though part of the government's Covid-19 action plan says they absolutely should not cut off the supplies of customers while the country is shut for nationwide disinfection. Read More >>

Renewable Energy Set a Major Record in 2019

Globally, renewable energy sectors including wind, solar, and hydropower are booming. The world is using more renewable energy than ever before. Over one third of the world’s electricity comes from renewable sources, according to data released by the International Renewable Energy Agency, or Irena, on Monday. Read More >>

The Promise and Peril of Nuclear Power

Temperatures are rising, the Antarctic is melting, and a million animal and plant species face the risk of extinction, all driven by the climate crisis. To save us from the coming climate catastrophe, we need an energy hero, boasting limitless power and no greenhouse gas emissions (or nearly none). Read More >>

Fracked Up: Drilling Pollutant Could Mess With Testosterone

New research offers another potential downside of fracking: an increased risk of impotence and fertility problems in men, at least according to findings from cells in the lab. Read More >>

We Can Increase Life Expectancy Without Fossil Fuels

Oil and gas companies love to tell us how much we need their products. Read More >>

Yearly Oil Demand Is Now Projected to Drop for the First Time in a Decade Due to COVID-19

The worsening global crisis wrought by COVID-19 is leading to cancelled international negotiations and wasteful “ghost” flights. And now it’s projected to lead to the first drop in oil demand in more than a decade. Read More >>

Onshore Wind Farms are a Thing Again, After Being Looked Over for Their Noise and Looks

After being relegated to the sea, where we put everything we don't like, the UK government is reneging on its arrangement to keep the landscape free of giant windmills and is welcoming them back with open arms. Read More >>

UK Fracking Companies Exploit Loophole to Continue Their “Exploratory” Works

Companies covered by the UK's apparent moratorium of fracking operations haven't exactly sent all their staff home for the rest of the year and put a pallet board over the holes they made, as any site works they can declare merely "exploratory" may continue apace – a loophole some MPs are now asking to have closed. Read More >>

Tidal Lagoon Power Efforts Switch to the River Mersey

The Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon plan may have flopped due to money issues a couple of years back, but now there's fresh impetus behind a new scheme to deliver power from reliable daily tidal action and an all-new potential location: Merseyside. Read More >>