An Engineer Commissioned This Incredible Mausoleum for Himself

It's a rare kind of person who has the foresight (and cash) to hire an architect to design their own funeral mausoleum. But this engineer in Mucia, Spain, did just that—commissioning this incredible structure for when he shuffles off this mortal coil. Read More >>

What Happens When a Hardcore Rock Band Doesn’t Pay Its Sound Engineer?

This song is supposed to be a hardcore rock song. And though it has the punching anger throat sounds of any respectable hardcore rock song, it so obviously doesn't have anything else that quite resemble the music of core hards. Instead, the song is mixed with an EDM dance track. That's because the band didn't pay its engineer. Read More >>

Making Edison’s Batteries Charge 1000 Times Faster

Over a century ago, Thomas Edison developed a rechargeable nickel-iron battery, designed to power cars. Remarkably, the technology is still used by some people to store energy from solar panels and wind turbines—but now, Stanford engineers have tweaked it to charge 1000 times faster. Read More >>

Death to the Dock Connector Is Imminent, Suggests Apple Job Opening

Apple has posted on their jobs pages a job opening at Cupertino for a Connector Design Engineer, which only strengthens the growing speculation that the 30-prong dock connector we've all grown accustomed to is on its way out the door. Read More >>

Apple Was Working On Porting OS X to ARM Processors

Apple seems to be doing very well with its own processors. But a recently published academic paper reveals that Apple was, at one point, attempting to port its operating system to work with ARM processors. Read More >>