Rolls-Royce Bets Posh Money on Supercapacitors

Supercapacitor is the new exciting word of the future. It's a potential replacement for lithium batteries, a power storage option that offers massive benefits including thousands of times the capacity in the same footprint, vastly quicker charging times and zero potential for catching on fire. If only it was real yet. Read More >>

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This Is Why You Shouldn’t Look Directly Into a Jet Engine

We’re hoping that common sense stops the vast majority of people from trying to look into the business end of a jet engine while it’s blasting out incredibly hot exhaust. But since there are people out there intentionally eating washing powder pods, here’s a fun demonstration that shows what a running jet engine will do to your face. Read More >>

Rolls Royce Prepares Hybrid Electric Jet Engine for 2020

A three-pronged consortium made up of Rolls Royce, Airbus and Siemens is preparing to have a hybrid jet testing the electric flight concept by 2020, with an aircraft known as the E-Fan X hybrid-electric technology demonstrator hopefully ready to fly in a little more than two years. Read More >>

Jet-Powered Hearse Could Top 200mph, Says Maker

Speed and engineering enthusiast Matt Mckeown has a new project on the go. He's modifying a 1992 Ford hearse by sticking a jet engine in it, because he has a spare jet engine or two kicking about in the garage and why on earth not? Read More >>

360-Degree Video of NASA’s Powerful Rocket Blast Will Make Your Astronaut Dreams Come True

Before actually using them on what will be the world’s most powerful rocket, NASA has been thoroughly testing its new RS-25 engines. With 512,000 pounds of thrust, however, the best way to experience all of that power is through this 360-degree video that safely puts you right in the path of the immense blast. Read More >>

Blue Origin Just Teased a Photo of Its Big Ass Rocket’s Engine

Phallus-shaped aerospace manufacturer Blue Origin has finally revealed its BE-4 liquid rocket engine—an engine the company has been developing for more than four years. The BE-4s will be used in Blue Origin’s New Glenn rocket, which founder Jeff Bezos hopes will one day shuttle humans to and from the moon. In true Bezos fashion, the announcement was made without notice on his personal Twitter account. Read More >>

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Seeing the Explosion Inside a Transparent Engine Shows You How Engines Work

This particular engine we’re looking at has four strokes: the intake, the compression, the combustion (or power), and the exhaust. Smarter Every Day visited the guys of 805 Road King and their see through engine to show us exactly what’s going on in an engine when we fire it up and it’s pretty fascinating stuff. Read More >>

Super Steady Hands Built This Working V8 Engine From Paper

The real thing can weigh upwards of 250 kilos, but the V8 engine built by Aliaksei Zholner would barely register on a scale because it’s only slightly larger than a ping-pong ball and made from nothing but paper and glue. Read More >>

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Watch a Motorbike Engine Disintegrate One Millimetre At a Time

Watch as this motorbike engine gets sanded down millimetre by millimetre. This is so much cooler than seeing something poof and disappear away because we get to watch it slowly disintegrate into nothing. It’s like seeing decay of a hundred years over a few seconds. Each peeled back layer exposes something new in the engine only to get vaporised to give way to another part. Read More >>

Tiny Electric Backup Engine for Planes Kicks in When All Else Fails

A commercial airliner with multiple engines can limp to a runway if one of them fails. But a small plane, driven by just a single propeller, is in more serious trouble when its engine stops. So researchers have created a tiny electric backup that kicks in during an emergency, ensuring the craft can safely get to the ground. Read More >>

Internal Skin for Aeroplanes Could Lead to Quieter Flights

Researchers from North Carolina State University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology claim to have proven a new form of insulation for aeroplanes, one that could reduce jet engine rumble to the volume of a trickling, distant stream. Read More >>

Investigators Say Virgin’s SpaceShipTwo’s Fuel Didn’t Explode

The grim destruction of Virgin's space ambitions may not have been caused by a fuel explosion as suggested by many, with investigators said to have found the fuel tanks and engine intact on the ground. Read More >>

1960s Soviet Rocket Engine Explodes in 2014

An unmanned privately-owned rocket bringing supplies to the ISS has exploded just after launch, which isn't a huge surprise given it was using rocket engines originally manufactured in the 1960s for the aborted Soviet moonshot programme. Read More >>

How This ISS Fireball Revealed a New Type of Cool, Invisible Flame

Did you see that flame burst recorded by an astronaut aboard the ISS? Well, it wasn't just for the fireworks. In fact, that great ball of fire led to the discovery of a previously unknown type of cool-burning flame that isn't even visible to the naked eye. Read More >>