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Star Trek: Discovery’s Version of the Enterprise Had to Be Modified for Legal Reasons

The finale of Star Trek: Discovery gave us a short glimpse at the most legendary ship in the entire Starfleet: the Enterprise, ten years before the original Star Trek television show. Befitting the different visual style of Discovery, the ship looks a little different than we remembered, but that apparently wasn’t just for creative reasons. Read More >>

The Original Starship Enterprise Has Been Restored to Its Former Glory

The original on-screen model for Star Trek’s USS Enterprise is back in action—as much as being on display in a museum can be “action” for a spaceship. But after a long process of restoration, the ship has finally been made available for public viewing again, just in time for the show’s 50th anniversary. Read More >>

Office 365 Customers Can Finally Get Outlook for Mac

Good news Microsoft Office power users! You can finally use the new and improved Outlook for Mac. That's good news, because the new Outlook for Mac looks pretty awesome. Read More >>

The Starship Enterprise Looks Great Decked Out in Mid-Century Design

Subterranean captains' chairs, rounded counters for flight-monitoring, perfectly-pastels in the crew's uniforms: Midcentury Herman Miller and Eames furnishings look perfect on the Starship Enterprise. Take a minute to check out these throwback posters and you'll be daydreaming a Captain Kirk shaking you an out-of-this-world gin martini. [MattWileyArt via Retroist] Read More >>

Cut-Away Enterprise Model Makes It Way Easier To Build Your Own Starship

If you've tried and failed to build your own starship to explore the universe, it's maybe because you just didn't have a thorough understanding of how a craft like the U.S.S. Enterprise worked. So if you've got it in you to try one more time, this cutaway model of Kirk's pride and joy should give you all the insight you need to build a ship capable of traveling at the speed of light. Read More >>

How Big Is the New Enterprise Compared to the Old One?

725.35 metres. A whoppumental 2,379.75 feet. That's how big the new super-sized Enterprise is. Here you can see it compared against the Galactica, the good old Enterprise, the Blockade Runner, and the ISS. Read More >>

Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains Why the Original Star Trek’s Enterprise is the Best. Starship. Ever.

Acclaimed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson was in attendance at the most recent Starship Smackdown — an anual end-of-Comic-Con tradition wherein a posse of high-profile in-the-know space nerds debate one another of the best starship of all time. Read More >>

The Starship Enterprise Was Properly Huge

Ever wondered how our real life spacecraft like the recently announced Excalibur Almaz, and the SpaceX Dragon size up against the most famous of sci-fi spaceships? They're puny, truly puny. Even NASA's venerable Space Shuttle looks like a bug on the windshield of Star Trek's Enterprise. Read More >>

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The Prometheus Space Ship Is Meant to Look Like an Insect

The release of the sure-to-be-astounding Prometheus is so close I can almost taste it. Just three more days before you can plunk yourself in your cinema seats for what's bound to be the summer blockbuster. In the meantime, check out this new featurette talking up the design of the soon-to-be famous ship. Read More >>

USS Enterprise Coffee Table Is Furniture’s Final Frontier

When I was a in middle school, I built the bridge of the Enterprise in my parents' basement out of old computer parts. It wasn't this cool, but I was pretty proud of my level of Trek fandom. Now, Inhabitat found something that tops that level of Trekkie swag: a coffee table modelled after the USS Enterprise. Read More >>

RIM Announces BlackBerry Mobile Fusion For Multi-Platform Smartphone and Tablet Management

Looks like RIM's trying to maintain its enterprise strangle-hold, announcing its 'next-generation' device management system. BlackBerry Mobile Fusion will cover BlackBerrys, Android and iOS phones, as well as tablets, with one solution. Read More >>