CES 2018: This Roku Sound Bar Is Part Smart Speaker and Part Remote Control

If the term “smart sound bar” seems unusual, that’s because it’s brand new. TCL just announced the first in a new class of gadgets that act a little bit like a smart speaker and a little bit like a remote control that’s powered by your voice. As the name implies, the new TCL Roku Smart Sound Bar is powered by the newly announced Roku Entertainment Assistant. Suddenly, everybody’s favourite set-top box company does a lot more than make set-top boxes. Read More >>

Johnny Depp Will Play John McAfee in a New Movie, But Will There Be Bath Salts?

Film fans rejoice! The obvious cinematic tale of John McAfee allegedly doing drugs, having sex, and going out of his mind in Belize will become a movie. Johnny Depp will play John McAfee, an obvious choice. But how will the A-lister manage to look as decrepit as the anti-virus software mogul? Bath salts, probably. Read More >>

George R.R. Martin’s Idea for a Game of Thrones/Westworld Crossover Makes a Lot of Sense

Actually, George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones/Westworld crossover plan makes more sense than the actual show. His idea is that there’s a Game of ThronesWorld next to the Westworld park. And there should be one. Because we all know, with the state of creative capitalism being what it is, that the first totally immersive, android-populated theme world would be based on an already existing story. Read More >>

Valerian is The Film That Luc Besson Has Waited His Whole Life to Make

At New York Comic Con, superstar director Luc Besson admitted that the first woman he fell in love with was a comic book character. So when heroine Laureline comes to life next summer in Valerian and The City of a Thousand Planets, it’ll be the culmination of a lifelong dream for the French film-maker. Read More >>

Universal and Microsoft are Moving Ahead With a Gears of War Movie

Making a film out of the hit video game Gears of War has always sounded like a no-brainer. However, despite multiple attempts over the past decade, it’s never come to fruition. Now, Universal and Microsoft have announced they’re once again going to try and bring the sci-fi action franchise to the big screen. Read More >>

Seven Things We Loved About Luke Cage and Two We Didn’t

For the most part, Luke Cage stands apart from the majority of other Marvel superhero adaptations. Created and executive produced by Cheo Hodari Coker, it uses its setting and its main character as a conduit to a specific cultural history and a set of experiences, and that makes Luke Cage unique among all of Marvel’s live-action properties. It’s one of the series’ biggest strengths. Here are seven more things we loved about the show, and a couple we weren't so keen on. Read More >>

Disney is Remaking the Lion King

Disney’s putting a “reimagining” of The Lion King in the hands of Jon Favreau, following his version of The Jungle Book raking in piles and piles of money. This trend of Disney remaking its own hits forever and ever is great. A live-actionFrozen movie has to be coming soon, right? Read More >>

star trek
Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy Was the True Heart of Star Trek

When most people think of Star Trek, they of course think of Kirk and Spock. This isn’t surprising, as they were the star and the break-out character of the series, but it’s easy to forget that they were two members of a triumvirate that made up the essence of the show. Ship’s doctor Leonard “Bones” McCoy was the third, and just as integral in making Star Trek a joy to watch. Read More >>

star trek
What’s Your Favourite Thing About Star Trek?

Today marks half a century since the first episode of Star Trek aired on TV. So, what is your favourite thing about the franchise as whole? Or your least favourite thing? Or your best memory tangentially related to Star Trek? Really, just treat this as a place to talk about anything Star Trek-related. For example, who’s dressing up as a salt vampire today to honour the episode that started it all 50 years ago? Read More >>

star trek
A Brief History of Star Trek’s ‘Number Ones’

A lot of times in Star Trek, we tend to focus on the captains. After all, it’s their ship, right? Everyone else is just following orders. But I think it’s high time the second-in-commands got their day in the captain’s chair — after all, the heroine of the newest Star Trek TV series will be among their ranks. Read More >>

star trek
Star Trek is My Best Love

After you’ve spent enough time in the company of geeks and nerds, someone will eventually ask the inevitable question: Star Wars or Star Trek? And I always give the same answer: Star Wars was my first love, but Star Trek is my best love. Read More >>

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The Voice of Star Trek’s Computers Could Be Coming to Both Discovery and Your Phone

As an actress, Majel Barrett's most recognisable role didn’t have her actually appear on camera. She was the wife of Star Trek’s creator Gene Roddenberry, and she provided the voice of the ship’s computer on The Next Generation and subsequent films and TV series. And although Barrett passed away in 2008, her voice may live on in future Trek series and possibly also your smartphone. Read More >>

Negan Lays Out Some Rules in a New Walking Dead Promo

We’re only a few weeks away from finding out who Negan killed at the end of last season of The Walking Dead. Before that, though, a new commercial gives us an idea of what the character will bring to the show beyond murder and a barbwire baseball bat. Read More >>

Reports: WB Wants to Make a Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Movie Trilogy

The sky is blue. Water is wet. And Warner Bros., the same studio that turned The Hobbit into a trilogy of epic-length movies, allegedly would like to make the new Harry Potter play into a film trilogy of its own, while also chasing down Daniel Radcliffe to get him to return as the bespectacled wizard. Shocking! Read More >>

Terminator 2 Will Get a 3D Re-Release in 2017, Check Out the Poster

August 29th is a big day in the Terminator mythology. It’s Judgement Day — the day Skynet became self-aware and blew the world to hell. To celebrate this year’s anniversary, the franchise announced that Terminator 2: Judgment Day will get a 3D theatrical release in 2017. Read More >>