MPs Tell Carmakers to Pay to Clean up the Air

A joint report by loads of government committees had a big old groupthink about air quality issues, and decided it's mostly the problem of the motor industry, and would like some future "Clean Air Act" legislation to force carmakers to help fund the nation's various air quality initiatives. Read More >>

boaty mcboatface
Boaty McBoatface Has Returned From Its Most Perilous Mission Yet

Our favourite autonomous underwater vehicle, Boaty McBoatface, has completed a two-month mission in which it explored a massive ice shelf in Antarctica’s southern Weddell Sea. Swimming nearly a kilometre beneath the surface, and without any human assistance or oversight, Boaty spent over 50 hours directly beneath the Antarctic ice. Read More >>

Government Ministers Aren’t So Sure About This Whole ‘Latte Levy’ Idea

Thing back to the long distance past of two months ago, and you might remember that a government report from the Environment Audit Committee suggested a 'latte levy' that would see customers pay 25p every time they bought a hot drink in a disposable cup. A fine for buying something in a cup that is hard to recycle, basically, in an effort to cut down on waste. Read More >>

Trump Administration, Which Said It Would Keep African Elephant Trophy Ban, Changes Its Mind

After months of back and forth on the subject, President Donald Trump’s administration has done what everyone pretty much knew it would do the whole time and has lifted a ban on the importation of some African elephant trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia. Read More >>

The UK’s Carbon Emissions are Declining, But Car Emissions are On the Rise

The UK's carbon emissions are on the decline, to the point where they're at the same level now as they were back in 1890. But while emissions as a whole are on the decline, the amount of carbon being pumped out by cars is actually on the rise. Read More >>

These Adorable Critters Are Making Life Hard For Brazilian Farmers

A wide assortment of charming-but-destructive animals are making life difficult for Brazilian farmers in the Amazon, according to a team of researchers recently published in the Journal of Wildlife Management. And they’ve got the photos to prove it. Read More >>

Fourth Man Confirmed to Have Died in Hunt For the Rocky Mountains’ Possibly Fictional Treasure

The myth of a treasure hoard hidden somewhere in the Rocky Mountains has lured a fourth person to their death, the BBC reported. Read More >>

Pret Pioneers its Own Bottle Deposit Scheme

Sandwich and crisps specialist Pret a Manger is leading the charge to reintroduce a bottle return deposit to the UK, with a small number of its stores about to test public appetite for bringing empty plastic water bottles back to the shop for recycling. Read More >>

Lego Promises to Start Using Sustainable Plant-Based Plastics This Year

Lego is finally planning to start doing something about the masses of plastic it introduces to the lovely old world each year, with 2018 set to see the first "sustainable" Lego pieces brought into its sets. Read More >>

PG Tips Removes Plastic Endoskeletons From Bags for Guilt-Free Tea

Joining the Co-op in raging against tiny amounts of polypropylene in our tea bags is PG Tips, which is about to launch a 100 per cent, fully biodegradable tea bag in the UK. Cheers, Sir Attenborough. Read More >>

climate change
Threat of Climate Change Is Forcing Norway to Drop Millions on Its Doomsday Vault

Today’s addition of 70,000 new seeds to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault brings the total number of crops stored at the Arctic facility to over one million. It’s an important milestone—but to keep the vault running, and to protect it from the effects of climate change, the Norwegian government is going to have to spend upwards of £9 million in upgrades. Read More >>

Oil on Japanese Beaches Linked to Last Month’s Sanchi Tanker Spill

As feared, oil from a sunken Iranian tanker has reached the shores of over a dozen southern Japanese islands, Japanese Coast Guard officials have now confirmed to Reuters and AFP. Read More >>

Amateur Astronomer Spots Supernova Right as It Begins

Amateur astronomer Victor Buso was testing his camera-telescope setup in Argentina back in September 2016, pointing his Newtonian telescope at a spiral galaxy called NGC613. He collected light from the galaxy for the next hour and a half, taking short exposures to keep out the Santa Fe city lights. When he looked at his images, he realised he’d captured a potential supernova—an enormous flash of light and energy bursting off of a distant star. Read More >>

To Keep Making Phones, Apple and Samsung Must Grapple With the World’s Dirtiest Industry

Apple may finally be fed up with some of the unethical supply chains that leave the company open to possible shortages. According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple “is in talks to buy long-term supplies of cobalt directly from miners for the first time.” If this report is true, Apple would begin working directly with the mines, which are primarily located in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and which have previously been accused of significant human rights violations, including the use of child labour. Read More >>

Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung Volcano Erupted Today and the Photos Are Spooky as Hell

The photos and video emerging from the Indonesian island of Sumatra right now are absolutely terrifying. Thankfully, no one has been hurt, but the smoke and ash bubbling from Mount Sinabung after an eruption earlier today is like watching some kind of mythical monster slowly taking over the sky. Read More >>