Donald Trump’s Administration to Reverse Ban on Some African Elephant Trophies [Updated]

President Donald Trump’s administration is preparing to reverse a Barack Obama-era ban on the importation of elephant trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia to the U.S., ABC News reported on Wednesday, in a remarkably petty attack on rules intended to protect species registered under the Endangered Species Act. Read More >>

How Bad Is Your Council At Recycling? Check Out These Depressing New Figures

I make no secret about how shitty my local council is at recycling. Basically if it's not cardboard or a plastic bottle, they won't take it. They won't even recycle glass, for crying out loud. I've always wondered how it compares to the rest of the country, and now someone actually crunched the numbers to find out. Read More >>

NASA Captures Stunning Close-Up Photos of Antarctica’s Massive Iceberg

Back in July, satellite images showed a trillion-tonne iceberg calving and drifting away from Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf. Well, it’s summertime now in Antarctica, which means scientists are finally able to view this behemoth from up close—and the pictures are just as spectacular as we imagined. Read More >>

‘Harmless’ Radioactive Cloud Drifts Over Europe Following Mysterious Nuclear Accident

The cloud of radiation that swept through Europe in recent weeks originated at a nuclear facility in either Russia or Kazakhstan, according to a report put out by France’s nuclear safety institute. The levels of radiation were never dangerous—at least for Europeans living outside of the immediate area affected—but the exact cause of the incident is still unknown. Read More >>

north korea
Report: Hundreds Feared Killed Following Tunnel Collapse at North Korean Nuclear Test Site

As many as 200 workers were killed after a tunnel collapsed at North Korea’s underground nuclear test site, according to unconfirmed reports by Japanese broadcaster TV Asahi. The accident is presumed to have happened in early September following the country’s most recent test of a hydrogen bomb, which may have compromised the geological strength of the mountain. Read More >>

DVSA Says Thousands of UK Motorists are Driving Around in Diesel Cars Without Pollution Filters

Well, this doesn't sound too clever for our already pulverised environment. The UK's Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has informed the BBC that at least 1800 diesel cars have been driving around our island's roads without proper pollution filters over the past few years. Read More >>

These Endangered Wildlife Photos Are Artistic Masterpieces 

Human’s impact on nature is unmistakeable, from vast swaths of lost forest to heaps of trash on beaches. Looking at these images might be upsetting, but still demonstrate what we’ve done. They don’t demonstrate what we might lose. Read More >>

Geostorm’s Weather Control Tech Is Exceptionally Wrong, Scientists Explain

For a movie about a global weather apocalypse, Geostorm is disastrously boring, but its weather control technology deserves your brief attention. It is uniquely ridiculous! Read More >>

This Storm Chaser Captures Monsoon Footage Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Meteorologists can predict, with some degree of accuracy, whether or not it’s going to rain tomorrow. But determining the exact severity of an approaching storm isn’t quite as easy. So in order to capture the amazing time-lapse sequences in his new film, Monsoon IV, Mike Olbinski had to drive nearly 13,000 miles across the southern US to chase down these massive storms. Read More >>

Councils Burn Billions of Cartons Because Recycling is Hard

Part of the vague world of recycling has been exposed as a sham, with around 90 per cent of cardboard cartons -- the tricky ones with the foil linings designed to keep your soup as zingy fresh as the day it was glugged out by the chicken reconstitution centrifuges -- being found to be burnt rather than recycled. Read More >>

Bees Show us by Producing Less Honey

Reports from beekeepers across the country show that honey yields have collapsed over the last year, as the nation's bees have been on a sort of strike of late. Although they probably don't realise they've been doing it. Read More >>

World’s Largest Mud Flow Probably Powered By Underground Magma Tunnel

The largest mud volcano eruption has been raging in Indonesia since 29 May 2006. At its peak, 180,000 cubic metres of mud flowed daily from a site near a heavily populated region of Java, Indonesia. Almost 60,000 villagers have fled since then, and it’s still spewing 80,000 cubic metres per day. Read More >>

Why Climate Scientists Depend on Alaska’s Indigenous Communities Now More Than Ever

UTQIAĠVIK, ALASKA — Arnold Brower Jr., a 70-year-old Iñupiat whaling captain, can recall his first encounter with scientists clearly. It was 1977, and the International Whaling Commission (IWC) had just placed a moratorium on bowhead whale hunting, after a US government-led population survey determined the marine mammals’ numbers to be dangerously low. But Brower, who has been hunting in the icy Arctic waters surrounding Utqiaġvik (formerly Barrow) since he was a boy, felt certain that conclusion was wrong. Read More >>

Oxford Wants To Ban All Petrol And Diesel Vehicles By 2020

Bad news if you like burning oil to make your car move, as Oxford City Council is launching a consultation on banning petrol and diesel vehicles entirely from the city centre, as early as 2020. Read More >>

What Filthy Old Birds Can Tell Us About Air Pollution

By analysing sooty birds housed in museum collections, scientists have been able to track patterns of air pollution over the last 135 years. As the new study shows, air at the turn of the 20th century was even dirtier than we thought—a finding that will now be used to improve our climate models. Read More >>