Dairy Crest’s Cheesy Stink Awakens Cornish Villagers

A Cornish creamery conducting cheese-related dairy business near the Cornish village of Davidstow has been kicking up a literal stink, with residents complaining that some odd nighttime process is making the air smell so bad it's waking them up, making them feel ill, and stopping them getting back to sleep. Read More >>

Remnants of Earth’s Oldest Dirt May Have Been Found in Greenland

Earth’s oldest soil could be tucked away in an ancient rock outcrop in Greenland, according to new research. Dating back some 3.7 billion years, the suspected soil — exposed underneath a retreating ice cap — could potentially contain fossilised traces of primordial life. Read More >>

Video Shows the Terrifying Drive to Escape Massive Fire in America

The so-called Camp Fire has essentially destroyed an entire town in the US state of California, forcing well over 50,000 people to evacuate. But the fire has moved so quickly that some people have barely escaped—like Brynn Parrott Chatfield from the town of Paradise, who posted this video to social media showing her family’s terrifying drive through the flames yesterday. Read More >>

How an Earthquake in Japan Triggered an Algae Invasion in the Pacific Northwest

In 2011, a colossal tsunami set off by a magnitude 9.0 earthquake slammed into the eastern shores of Japan. Not long afterwards, some of the 1.5 million tonnes of floating debris created by the waves, from buoys and boats to entire fishing docks, began washing up along America’s northwest Pacific coast. Read More >>

Just Five Countries Control Most of the World’s Remaining Wilderness

There are few corners of the planet humanity has yet to occupy or change. Truly wild areas are rarities, and a new map has carefully identified where exactly the last ones are. Read More >>

Human Carbon Emissions Are Dissolving the Ocean Floor

It seems humanity isn’t just content to screw up the surface of the planet. We’re going to do the deep ocean, too. Read More >>

Has Haiti Lost Nearly All of Its Forest? It’s Complicated

The cloud forests of Haiti’s Macaya National Park are believed to carry the world’s largest concentration of endemic amphibians. Island ecosystems are hotspots for biodiversity, and historically, Haiti was no different. Read More >>

Manky Toothbrushes Join the Terracycle Postal Recycling Push

Toothbrushes! They're big lumps of plastic too, aren't they? That's what Colgate has suddenly realised, and before everyone gets angry with it for not recycling toothbrushes and letting toothbrushes clog up the landfills for millennia it has... started recycling toothbrushes. Read More >>

The Amazon Rainforest Faces ‘Genocide’ Under Brazil’s New Far-Right President

It is not hyperbole to wonder if the outcome of Sunday’s presidential election in Brazil is a planetary game over when it comes to climate change. Read More >>

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A Massive Iceberg Just Popped off West Antarctica

While the internet was obsessing over that rectangular iceberg, some more disconcerting icy behaviour went down on the other side of the Antarctic. Read More >>

Y Combinator Is Funding Some Seriously Wild Ideas For Sucking Carbon Out of the Air 

It’s increasingly clear that we can’t maintain a stable climate without pulling carbon out of the air. But the technologies for doing so are are completely unproven at the scale needed. Which is why Y Combinator, a startup accelerator that’s invested in Airbnb, Stripe, Dropbox and other wildly successful companies, is now looking to fund carbon capture companies working on some pretty outlandish ideas. Read More >>

Health Experts Want Petrol and Diesel Cars Off Sale by 2030

A super-hero troupe consisting of members of many of the UK's highest medical professions has waded into the air pollution debate, with this bunch of surgical-mask-wearing vigilantes demanding that the deadline to end sales of petrol and diesel cars is brought forward to 2030. Read More >>

Pringles For Lunch is Environmentally Sound Now

We've learned two things in a very short time today: Pringles tubes can be recycled now, and the Pringles brand is owned by Kellogg's in the UK, which could – we emphasise could – mean that Pringles might be an acceptable breakfast going forwards. Read More >>

The Sailors Who Hunt Garbage for Science

Emily Penn had a mission: To find a piece of trash in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch large enough to stick a satellite transmitter on so that researchers back on shore could track it until a vessel came to pick it up. Read More >>

Frack Quakes Take Lancashire Site Offline After Only a Week

Lancashire's potential as a fracking world leader has been called into doubt, as miniature earthquakes have pulled the site offline only a week after the controversial gas extraction operations were restarted after governmental approval. Read More >>