Solar Power Levels Reach Record Highs in the UK Thanks to Summer Not Being Rubbish

Hooray for sources of energy that don't completely fuck up our planet! Clearly, the oh so wise people of Britain have been listening to those eco-conscious fairies on their shoulders, because levels of solar power reached new highs in the UK this week. Read More >>

Australian Climate Expert Says Pain-in-the-Arse America Should Just Ditch the Paris Agreement Already

Sometimes, the only way to fix an unhappy relationship is to end it. Since former president Obama (remember that guy?) left office in January, the United States has done an about-face on the Paris climate agreement—they’ve gone from being an leader on climate action to a rogue state that can’t decide whether it wants to keep a seat at the international table. Read More >>

The Doomsday Vault Isn’t Flooded But We’re All Still Going to Die

It was a story that was too good to pass up. The Svalbard ‘doomsday’ seed vault had flooded because of global warming-induced high temperatures melting the surrounding permafrost. But according to one of the vault’s creators, the reports are pretty overblown and everything’s fine. Well, the vault’s fine. The apocalypse is still ticking along nicely. Read More >>

Britain’s First Hay Fever Map Could Help You Keep the Sniffles at Bay

If you’re blighted by allergies, summertime – regardless of how brief the British variant is – can suck. Around 10 per cent of the British public suffer from asthma, and 80 per cent of those people are also likely to be affected by a pollen allergy. So it’s good news the intrepid science-y folk over at the University of Exeter have produced a series of maps highlighting areas in the UK where common allergenic vegetation grows. In basic terms, a bunch of super detailed hay fever maps.  Read More >>

Flat Earthers Won’t Believe This News on Antarctica’s Climate

The Arctic is the fastest-warming place on our overheated planet, but so far, its polar opposite has managed to stay pretty cool. Why is Antarctica warming so slowly compared with the Arctic? The answer is complicated, but a new study suggests we’re overlooking a basic reality of geometry. Read More >>

Forget Bottle Lids, Pringles and Lucozade are the Real Nemeses of Recycling Centre

Some councils can be notoriously fussy about what can and can not go into the recycling bins. Especially mine, which doesn't allow glass or plastic packaging. But now we know who the real villains of your local recycling centre: Pringles cans and Lucozade Sport bottles. Read More >>

Lego Just Smashed Its 100% Renewable Energy Goal

Lego has invested $1 billion (£768.1 million) over the last four years to balance 100 per cent of its energy use with that from renewable sources, and now that goal has been achieved - three years early. Read More >>

We All Live On Garbage Island

You might think you were born in Didcot, or Durham, or some sleepy suburb outside Birmingham—but let me tell you, friend, you’re wrong. In a sense, we were all spawned on a tiny island full of rubbish, floating miserably far, far out there. Only now are we beginning to understand the horrifying gravity of what our garbage species hath wrought. Read More >>

We Asked Jacques Cousteau’s Grandson About SpongeBob, The Life Aquatic, and Pooping Underwater

You might think space is the final frontier, but there’s an entire alien world beneath the sea. Exploring the deepest abysses even looks a lot like exploring outer space. So, we set up some time with Fabien Cousteau, aquanaut, Jacques Cousteau’s grandson, and arguably the ocean’s biggest fan, to chat about what it’s like. Cousteau organised a 31-day mission underwater to the Aquarius lab back in 2014. Read More >>

Demand Free Water to End Plastic Pollution

We are apparently all too polite and embarrassed to be seen as poor freeloaders to ask for tap water in pubs and restaurants, hence we pay way too much money for bottled water, with the empty plastic vessels then embarking on a one-way mission into the stomach of a sea lion or whale. Read More >>

God Has Second Thoughts About Deleting Beach

God has decided that the beach in the Irish village of Dooagh on Achill Island looks better with sand, so, with a wave of a hand, he scattered a few thousand tonnes of sand back over the rocks and now the people have a beach for it always to be too cold to sit on again. Read More >>

The American Midwest Looks Absolutely Drenched in This New Image From Space

Several states across the American Midwest are experiencing intensive flooding in the wake of unusually vigorous storm system that passed through earlier in the week. Images taken from above and on the ground show the extent of the record-breaking floods, which now threaten areas downstream. Read More >>

Farms Could Be Changing the Climate in Ways You’d Never Expect

Back on a crisp January day in 2016, I slipped around on a frozen lake in Wisconsin to ask a bunch of portly men in grey hoodies and trucker hats how the fishing had been compared to when they were kids. Secretly, I wanted to know what they thought about the changing climate. The men had various backgrounds, many of them in agriculture, and nearly all noticed fewer ice fishing days than when they were kids. They detailed their thoughts in gruff what-is-this-kid-doing-here Wisconsin accents from folding chairs beside flopping future fillets. Read More >>

A Second Giant Crack Has Appeared on Antarctica’s Larsen C Ice Shelf

A 80-mile-long crack along Antarctica’s Larsen C Ice Shelf has remained stable since February, but scientists have now detected a new branch, one that’s extending about six miles from the main rift. It seems like only a matter of time before the 2,000 square mile ice shelf plunges into the sea. Read More >>