We Can Increase Life Expectancy Without Fossil Fuels

Oil and gas companies love to tell us how much we need their products. Read More >>

A Newly Discovered Microbe Feasts on a Particularly Problematic Plastic

Like other forms of discarded plastic, polyurethane waste threatens the environment and human health. In an encouraging new development, European scientists have stumbled upon a hardy strain of bacteria that appears to thrive off the stuff. Read More >>

These Award-Winning Wildlife Photos Will Calm Your Stressed Spirits

Right now, just about everything feels awful. A pandemic is ongoing. People are self-isolating at home to prevent the novel coronavirus from spreading further. Businesses are closed, leaving countless workers without employment. And to top it all off, the climate crisis continues to threaten humanity’s existence. Read More >>

Electric Car Co2 Emissions Myth ‘Busted’ to Jeremy Clarkson’s Presumed Disbelief

The age-old debate about if the manufacture and charging of electric cars ends makes them worse for the environment than your dad's '02 diesel Volvo that he's planning on driving until he's buried in it has been ended, hopefully, with researchers finding that in 95 per cent of cases EVs are indeed greener over their entire lifespans; even taking into account the days there's no wind or sun and they're charged by a northern coal plant being lit and stoked up by some old bloke come out of retirement for the day. Read More >>

This New Species Is Named After the Plastic Inside It

Some species are named after beloved teen activists or Lady Gaga. Others are named after plastic. Before science even discovered this deep-sea crustacean, plastic had infiltrated its stomach. So scientists named it accordingly. Meet Eurythenes plasticus. Read More >>

A Second Dust Bowl Could Threaten Global Food Security

A new study paints a scary reality: one where climate change pushes another Dust Bowl-like event to take over the Great Plains, throwing global food security into uncertainty. Read More >>

Five of the World’s Largest Banks Are Pouring Billions Into the Amazon’s Destruction

These days, investment in planetary destruction is gauche. In recent months, major companies from Amazon to Microsoft have pledged to prioritise sustainability (though their plans to do so have been problematic at best). As environmental activists have targeted financial institutions for their investment in climate-warming activities, those firms have also made commitments to clean up their act. But new research shows they’re doing a pretty shitty job at it. Read More >>

Old Refrigerators Are Keeping Us From Healing the Ozone Hole

In the 1930s, manufacturers began using chlorofluorocarbons – greenhouse gases made up of carbon, chlorine, and fluorine – as refrigerants for air conditioners, aerosol sprays, refrigerators, freezers, and more. The problem is, those chemicals depleted the ozone layer of the atmosphere, which blocks the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. That ozone depletion caused warming in the Earth’s coldest regions. In response to that growing hole in the ozone, in 1987 international leaders ratified the Montreal Protocol, pledging to stop using CFCs, so for the most part, they’re not used in production anymore, and the atmosphere is recovering slowly. Read More >>

The Truth About Bioplastic

If you’re not the type to bring a reusable bag to the shop, bioplastics have become an increasingly attractive alternative to the plastic that is slowly strangling the oceans, rivers, municipalities and the very sediment record of Earth itself. Read More >>

UK Won’t Hit Net Zero Target Because It’s Unrealistic Says New Report

If the country is to realistically hit its 2050 net zero target, extreme measures need to be taken that the public won't be on board with because it curtails basic freedom of choice. Read More >>

The Great Barrier Reef Faces Third Mass Bleaching Event in Five Years

Australia’s forests burned over the summer, but now its underwater ecosystems are in trouble, too. The Great Barrier Reef is facing some severe stress due to extreme heat and faces a “widespread bleaching event,” according to an update from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Coral Reef Watch. Read More >>

Aldi to Suppliers: Go Green or Go Home

Aldi is telling its suppliers to get on board with its drive to make everything more sustainable, or face being cut off by the retailer. Read More >>

Marginally Greener Petrol Likely to Hit UK Pumps From 2021

The government has opened up a consultation over a new blend of petrol that may vaguely help save some small part of the planet, as it's looking at doubling the amount of bioethanol that's mixed in to regular fuels. Read More >>

Your Netflix Habit Probably Isn’t Harming The Environment

Remember those reports that said the use of streaming services was generating billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide a year? A new analysis of figures suggests that they might have been out of whack – and not by a small proportion. Read More >>

M&S is Staying on the Bandwagon of Sustainability With Extended Self-Packaging Scheme

The retailer may not have been the first to make the effort to scrap unnecessary plastic packaging, but after a successful trial in a Southampton store, the self-packaging scheme is rolling out in a Manchester city centre store too. Read More >>