Attenborough to Address the Nation on Climate Change Tonight

David Attenborough and a variety of scientists from around the world are to address the nation on the issue of climate change tonight, as the BBC prepares to take ownership of the debate around the menace formerly known as global warming and make everyone believe it's real via a programme it calls Climate Change – The Facts. Attenborough's doing it. It's serious. You'll want the Blu-ray of it. Read More >>

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In Live Address Delivered 400 Feet Underwater, Seychelles President Calls on Humanity to Protect the Oceans

Some speeches happen at podiums. Others are better held in submersibles. Yes, underwater. Read More >>

Guinness Magically Holds Fours Beers Together Without Plastic

Guinness brand owner Diageo no longer wants its products to be associated with garroting exotic wildlife on deserted overseas beaches, and is about to usher in a new, entirely cardboard era of holding together four cans of the famous Irish export. Read More >>

Amazon Is Aggressively Pursuing Big Oil as It Stalls Out on Clean Energy

In 2014, Amazon announced that it would power its rapidly expanding fleet of data centres with 100 per cent renewable energy. Apple, Facebook, and Google made similar pledges two years before that, and pressure from consumers and environmental groups drove Amazon to follow suit. For the next two years, the tech giant made admirable strides toward achieving its goal, bankrolling large solar plants and wind farms. Then, it stopped. Read More >>

Singapore Officials Set Horrifying Record, Busting 14-Tonne Shipment of Smuggled Pangolin Scales

Authorities in Singapore have seized more than 14 tonnes of scales of pangolin scales bound for Vietnam in what Paul Thomson of the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Pangolin Specialist Group described as the largest single such shipment on record, the New York Times reported on Monday. Thomson told the paper that the IUCN estimated around 36,000 pangolins were killed to harvest the scales, which is forbidden by international law. Read More >>

Turtle Returns to Beach to Lay Eggs, But Garbage Humans Have Paved it Over With a Runway

Sea turtles are famous for returning to the exact spot they were born to lay their eggs. That’s exactly what this green sea turtle tried to do on Tuesday, only to find her beachy home had been turned into a runway. Read More >>

Attenborough May Have Saved the Sea With Plastic Horror Stories

The people of the UK have taken heed of the sad stories of seals with beer can things around their necks and whales that have got confused and eaten bin liners they thought were jellyfish, and we are, as a nation, making personal efforts to reduce the amount of plastic we lick out the salty contents of, then bin or flush down the toilet, each day. Read More >>

The People Demand Climate Change Labelling on Products

Research carried out on behalf of the Carbon Trust has found that we'd all appreciate being told if our purchases are particularly good or bad for the environment, hence the above concept labelling that may tell us if people have had meetings about a thing to decide upon its environmental credentials. Read More >>

Streaming Music Shamed for its Inadvertent Carbon Output

Just when you think you're doing the right thing by not buying lumps of plastic that say "Foo Fighters" on them, it turns out that modern streaming is every bit as polluting as legacy forms of physical music. Read More >>

473 Bin Bags of Wet Wipes Removed From Thames Shoreline

Some Londoners who own wellies had a fun day out on the Thames in March, where they spent an enjoyable day mudlarking for... wet wipes and sanitary products. The Romans left pipes and pots. We're leaving a reef of plastic fibres because we think the toilet is a bin. Read More >>

Tesla Pays Out £66,000 in Settlement Over Hazardous Waste and Air Pollution

The US Environmental Protection Agency slapped electric car manufacturer Tesla with an $86,000 (£65,575) settlement for violating “hazardous-waste and air-emissions standards” at its Fremont, California-based production facility, the San Francisco Chronicle reported on Monday. Read More >>

Alarming Study Concludes Frogs Are Undergoing a ‘Catastrophic’ Global Die Off 

Scientists aren’t known for being alarmists. And that’s exactly what makes a new study released Thursday on amphibians so, well, alarming. Read More >>

Greenhouse Gases Are Down for the Sixth Year in a Row

Greenhouse gas emissions in Britain have fallen by another 2.5 per cent, totalling a whopping 43.5 per cent reduction since 1990. Read More >>

Liverpool Chooses Hydrogen to Alt-Fuel Eco Bus Fleet

A futuristic hum is on its way to Liverpool, as the city centre is about to host as many as 25 alternatively fuelled demonstration buses. Read More >>

Greenland’s Most Imperiled Glacier Has Stopped Retreating – For Now

When scientists talk about Greenland losing ice, they are talking, in no small part, about Jakobshavn glacier. A frozen river that drains roughly 7 percent of the Greenland Ice Sheet along the west coast, Jakobshavn has been thinning and retreating in a dramatic fashion for about 20 years, and is the single largest contribution to the ice sheet’s climate change-driven slim down. But in 2016, the glacier did an about-face. Read More >>